Our Routes

The following are maps of our typical walking routes.  Between us, we cover both sides of the road on each walk.  The maps are screen clips from the Garmin website and recorded by my Garmin Tracker. We used to repeat routes, but have slowly expanded and modified them.

Monday, Safeway Route about 5.5 miles

This is our oldest unmodified route. We proceed down 112th Ave NE to Juanita-Woodinville Way then down J-W Way to 100th Ave NE, back to 145th and then over Norway Hill back home.

Tuesday: Park-and-Ride Route about 5.5 miles

We proceed down 112th Ave NE to Juanita-Woodinville Way then turn north on J-W Way to the freeway and cross over into the park-and-ride. We then proceed south on J-W way to 100th Ave NE, and down to 100th Ave NE, up Simonds Road for about a block to cross over to the other side of the street and retrace our way back to 100th Ave NE and over Norway Hill back home.

Wednesday: Modified Safeway Route about 6.0 miles

Wednesday is very similar to Monday except we are slowly moving farther south on 100th groom the path toward We are continuing south down 100th Ave NE. to NE 132 Ave. This may morph into another route, but time will tell.

Thursday: Modified Park and Ride Route to 124th Ave. NE about 6 miles.

This route is very similar to the Tuesday route except we proceed to 124th Ave NE instead of turning around at the park-and-ride and proceeding to Simonds Road.

Friday: 100th Ave. NE about 6 miles.

This route is very similar to the Monday route except we do not turn around at 100th Ave NE but continue north to Simonds road and NE 145th St.

Saturday: Riverside Drive about 7.7 miles.

This route goes down the hill from our house into downtown Bothell, then back down riverside driver to the city limits. Then we backtrack to Brickyard Road to the I405. each of us takes a pair of the on/off rams of the freeway and make a multiple pass through the park-and-ride.

On a typical week, we walk 38 miles.  As of September 2021 since January 2016, we have logged nearly 29 million steps and over 12,000 miles. To bad our Garmin watch does not count the number of beer cans. However, we have logged nearly 1400 activities (Garmin walks) and probably average about 10 pounds of trash per day between the both of us. This works out to about seven tons of trash. That sounds about right. We do not typically carry all that home, we have several dumpsters and trash drop-off points that we use. So far, nobody has challenged us, including the metro bus stops.

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