Strange and Interesting

We have reported on some strange or interesting things we have found.

Under Where?

We periodically find underwear on our walks.  However, the weirdest incidents were men’s shorts left within a few hundred feet of one particular intersection.  We have found at least 20 pairs of these not-so-white “tighty whities”.  We have found other undergarments also.

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On our walks, we find a lot of fast-food trash.  However, we find McDonald’s trash from two specific people we have nicknamed the McLitterers.  The trash consists of a tied-up white plastic McDonalds bag with two platters and covers in it like pancakes are served in.  The platters are very clean.  The bag also contains two used tea bags and a smaller paper bag with two sets of plastic utensils, four packets of syrup, and several pats of  butter, all unopened.  Separate from the bag, we normally find two paper cups and covers used for the tea.  The bag does make a good trash collection tote.


Wine Bottles.

When we expanded our Saturday walk on Riverside Driver, we’ve found large wine bottles along one short stretch.  These are heavy, so we either come back with the car to pick them up or find recycle bins to dump them in.


Gatorade-Butt Bottles.

We periodically find plastic beverage bottles filled with water and cigarette butts.  It seems to be a favored way of storing cigarette butts when littering.  This makes the bottles nonrecyclable.

At one particular gully that we have named Gatorade Gully, we find a lot of Gatorade bottles with cigarette butts, obviously dumped by the same perpetrator.  Every so often, we climb down to clean out the gully to retrieve the Gatorade-Butt bottles and random beer cans.



We like money, and we find quite a bit of it.  Mostly we find small change, but have found larger denominations.  We keep the money we’ve found in a Hofbräuhaus beer mug that we also found.


At last count, there was about $127 in the mug, but it has increased significantly.



We often find evidence of drug use on our walks.  Marijuana use is legal in Washington State and we find so many discarded Marijuana packages that treat them as cigarette packages and rarely take pictures of them.  Mostly we record illegal drugs and paraphernalia including syringes, crack pipes and dime bags.



Here are random photos from our walks.


We rounded the corner one morning and startled a raccoon crossing the street.  It ran across a yard and scampered up this tree.  If we had been predators, we would have had raccoon stew for dinner.

CO2 or N02?

CO2 or NO2?  We didn’t check.  NO2 is used in cooking for things like whipping cream.  However, it is also used to get a little high, as in Laughing Gas.

Bud Light party.
Found on one walk.  Make up a story.
Found on one walk.


$1,100 watch, new.  Of course, not after being run over.

20181210-11We found this wedding band and spent some time trying to find the owner through social media, but no luck.


20810802-1NewtbulletsThese were found one day strewn along two-blocks of 112th.

StarbucksBong220180504-1120810616-6Record single-walk haul.

20810618-320810801-420810804-13We found all these items in one week.







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