Butt Why?

In May, 2015, I retired and my wife and I started walking for exercise.  While walking, we saw a lot of trash, cigarette butts and McDonald’s droppings.  We started carrying plastic bags and picking up trash.  Cleaning up our neighborhood has given our walking a secondary purpose and proven to be very rewarding.  In fact, picking up trash has become the driving force for our walks.  We feel responsible for our turf and appreciate all the acknowledgements we receive from passersby.

We have always been early risers and typically walk in the early morning, leaving the house by 5:30 am.  This minimizes the traffic and the summer heat.  On the other side of the coin, it maximizes the winter cold and dark.  We don’t walk if it is below 30°F, the roads are slippery, or it is very windy.

In July, 2017, I started keeping a hit-and-miss log of our walks.  The background can be found here.  Our walking routes can be seen here.

Our goal is to create a new blog each week unless we are traveling or if we have something better to do.

In the News

We get a lot of waves, honks and headlight blinks and we really appreciate them.  However the people who take the time to submit these, whoever you are, are special to us.  Thank you.

Seattle times Rant & Rave #1


What do they mean, “older couple?’  What older couple is encroaching on our turf?

Seattle Times Rant & Rave #2


Seattle Times Rant & Rave #3


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