Snowmageddon, for Seattle

This week has been cancelled.

We awoke Monday morning to four inches of snow and a temperature of 26F which violated two of our three no-walking rules.  It needs to be above 30F, not slippery and the wind can’t be too strong due to falling trees or branches.  Besides, we wouldn’t be able to see the trash anyway.

The temperatures continued below 30F through the week.  Then, overnight Friday/Saturday, we received another seven inches.  Snowmageddon.2019020-1Yes, we know.  We’re wimps to those where it really snows.  But this is Bothell.  We had to share our only snow shovel with a neighbor.

However, the week wasn’t a total loss.  We found a rubber glove. 2019020-2Well, it was on the floor  inside the Fred Meyer store, but it counts.


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