We Like Money

June 23rd, 2019 – The Last Breakfast

Being Sunday, we did not walk.  For the last 15 years, we made it a routine to have breakfast at Steve’s Cafe in downtown Bothell.  Steve’s is a small place with a friendly staff and an inviting atmosphere.  Unfortunately, the owners, Steve and Marlene Hofer are retiring, and the cafe has closed.  Good for them! Bad for the rest of us. 20190626-1Steve and Marlene, best wishes and enjoy your well-deserved retirement.


June 24th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

A heavy mist fell during most of our walk. There was a lot of small trash which made for a long walk.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and didn’t see any roadkill.

On Saturday of last week, we didn’t find any money which broke a seven-day money-finding streak.  Today we found money.  20190624-12A total of $0.33 in four different places.  Why couldn’t one of these been on Saturday?  We like money.

On Saturday, we also didn’t find any gloves. Today? 20190624-3We found four including a matching pair.  One of the Superman gloves disappeared by the time we got home.  Perhaps as Superman, it flew away.  But we don’t care about glove-finding streaks.  We like money.

We found a paint sample. 20190624-10The photo looks like an advertisement.  A full pint for a color sample?  We could have painted our first apartment with this.

We found a graduation celebration paper plate. 20190624-6On the bottom were warnings about the plate not being for use in a microwave.  Who in this day and age would produce a paper plate that you couldn’t put in a microwave?  Also, the warning is on the bottom.  Who’s going to see it when there’s food on the plate?

We found an ovary. 20190624-7We don’t find these every day.

We’ve been watching this sign slowly sag over the last week. 20190624-4Today it was down and fair game.  We generally don’t like these signs but leave them alone until they fall.   We harvested this, and two others this morning.  We have harvesting signs down to an art.  The ribs are vertical so the wire “post” can slide into them.  Using a utility knife, we score a line about halfway down the sign across the ribs.  Then we slice the sign into about three-inch pieces along the ribs.  Each piece can be folded along the score, stacked and held together with a small bungee cord to easily fit in our bags.  They are recyclable, too.

Test for free chlorine? 20190624-11You’d think the test would always come back negative.  We’re fairly sure you have to pay for the chlorine.

We found a pair of empty vodka bottles. 20190624-2They were about twenty yards apart.

Then, just a little farther along, we found a pair of shoes. 20190624-1So, the fast drinker probably stopped for a rest and forgot his shoes.  It’ll be difficult to find someone who can drink two bottles of vodka and still walk.  These will be hard shoes to fill.

We obviously didn’t need sunglasses today. 20190624-8But we found some anyway.  $9 on Amazon.  One of the amazon ads states “Not for solar eclipses.”  Thank you, lawyers.

Then we found a value pack! 20190624-5It was empty, so the guy probably got his money’s worth.  “America’s #1 condom trusted for over 100 years.”  So, what is the history of the condom?  Well, Trojan has a short History of the Condom if you care to read it.  There are also histories of their other products that are hysterical. [You need to read them to understand].

“It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” 20190624-9Yeah, but we bet there’s litter.


June 25th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

This morning was clear and cooler, but it warmed up fast.  We waved to Salinas Construction and removed a roadkill rabbit from the road.

Today we found money at five different locations. 20190625-3.pngAnd in all common denominations.  One quarter, albeit badly run over, one dime, one nickel and two pennies.  42 cents.  Okay, we think someone is playing with us.  But, no problem, keep tossing those coins.

We found a PNE cap. 20190625-11It’s in pretty good condition.  PNE is a construction company in southern Washington.  If you lost it, head for Goodwill.

We found more gloves. 20190625-7One was a disposed disposable and the other was a long-buried work glove, so both were disposed of.

Oh, and we refound the one that escaped yesterday. 20190625-6This is such a letdown.  Superman can’t fly.

String Art. 20190625-8Someone’s kids made a complete mess and left it.  “Parents,” thank you so much for teaching your kids to live in a society where they take responsibility for their actions.  Um, sorry, we meant irresponsible actions.  No offense intended.

We received a Littering Award today. 20190625-9We had to pick it up ourselves.

We found another tool. 20190625-10A 7/16th socket.  We probably have enough of these.  Thank you, though.  Into our Found Tool Collection.

Near the park-and-ride on Juanita Woodinville Way, someone lost a snow saucer on the median.

20190625-13We retrieved it and placed it in the park-and-ride to be retrieved later.  20190625-1It was in bad shape and got recycled.  Are snow saucers a good idea?  Send your kid down the hill with no ability to control their path.  Perhaps this is positive training for our children’s future?  Don’t worry, head down the hill.  It will be all right.

Care Day. 20190625-4More like Care for five hours.  What about Care Year?  Five hours of care is more like it.

We found a detached tag for Marie Manuchehri 20190625-5Marie Manchurian.is an evidently a well-known clairvoyant in Bothell.  Did she predict we would pick up her littered name tag? 

On Norway Hill, we saw this bird. 20190625-2It looked like a red-tailed hawk.  It watched us warily while withstanding dive-bombing crows. 20190625-12Crow, you know not what you do.


June 26th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This morning’s walk was quicker than yesterday.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and removed a roadkill crow.

After all the coins we’ve found in the last two days, we struggled to fine only one cent today. 20190626-7What a penny-ante outfit.  Wish we could find a few more clams.

20190626-6But we only found a shell.

At the KinderCare we tossed back a spoon. 20190626-16Maybe the KinderCare cafeteria staff gets a recess too.

We found a dog’s ball. 20190626-13There was no obvious owner around so now it resides in our ball collection.  Maybe we should toss it into KinderCare.  All they seem to have are kitchen utensils to  play with.

We found a drawer pull. 20190626-11A drawer pull?  Is that like a wedgie?

We found a tag off some type of engine. 20190626-14Its air index is moderately high.  But it’s only applicable for California, so should be OK here.

We picked up a battery-assisted Lime Bike.  20190626-17And, yes, it threatened to call the police on us like last time.  Ingrate.

On Saturday, we found a Sunbrella container of some sort. 20190622-11

We had never heard of the company.  Today, we found a Sunbrella tag. 20190626-2This is about two miles away and on a different road of where the container was.  Perhaps the brand has always been around, and we just started noticing it?

A color-conscientious irresponsible dog owner. 20190626-3They used a grass-green poop bag so it would blend in.   Yes, we almost missed it.  Almost.

We found another tool for our tool collection. 20190626-5An eight-inch drill bit.  It seems they used it to drill through some silicon sealant.  It did clean up pretty good.

This was depressing. 20190626-4Anouk’s tongue depressor. [Groan]

Another bungee cord. 20190626-12

This one was in very bad condition, being run over many times.  It didn’t even meet our low standards.  It now sleeps with the fishes.

You know when you do laundry and there is always one sock missing? 20190626-8Well, we found it.  It’s a silly looking sock.  Oh, but it probably looks good on you, though.

General Surgery News. 20190626-10Forget the JAMA, this is where all the great surgeons get their information.

Another fortune from a cookie.  20190626-15On the surface, this sounds good.  But it could be a police detective interrogating us under a bright light for dumping trash in other’s waste bins.


June 27th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride route.

Today’s weather was a bit warmer but with some mist along the way.  We didn’t get honks from or waves from any of our regulars.  We found no roadkill to fling.  We found no money.  We should have stayed in bed.

Except for the three thank-yous we got.  Soon after we started our walk on 112th Avenue NE, we were separated by about 50 yards.  A lady stopped by each of us and verbally thanked us. 20190627-8Then, later on NE 145th Street, a driver coming toward us stopped an an intersection  and caught up with us.  20190627-9He thanked us for picking up trash.  He said he sees us on several mornings but never had time to stop.  He needed to be at work in Tacoma at 7:00 am.  It was about 6:30 am, he was not going to make it.  He was not concerned and asked if he could buy us coffee or something.  We thanked him and said his thanks was enough.  And it was.

The third thank you of the morning was anonymous. 20190627-6This is the first Thank You Post-it note we have received.  We appreciate the sentiment, but you don’t need to toss it on the ground for us to pick up, but thank you, anyway.  Or maybe it was not meant for us and was common litter?

To bring us down to earth after the wonderful thank you’s, an irresponsible dog owner. 20190627-7It is a Pet All Star bag.  $18.45 for 360 bags, presumably a year’s worth, a nickel per poop.  So do you think you are doing us a favor leaving a nickel on the ground for us to pick up.  Well, no, not in this form.  If you get a dog, you get the responsibility for the poop too.  Since you don’t understand this concept, please read this.  Um, you can read, can’t you?

Surprise!  We found gloves. 20190627-3We found a pair of work gloves, one by each of us on both sides of Juanita Woodinville Way.  We didn’t know we had a match until the end of our walk.  Goodwill will be so happy.  In the middle, a rubber glove was giving us the finger.  Same to you Mack.  Finally, we found two pair of gloves.  Two of them were wrapped around a paint brush.  At least we know what these were used for, unlike the one in the center.

Along NE 145th St, we found the remnants of a syringe. 20190627-2The plunger and the cap.  The rest was probably destroyed by the traffic.

In a ditch at the bottom of Norway Hill, we found five children’s apple juice packets.  20190627-1

Obviously, a Kid’s Litter Learning experience.  Teach your children well.

Or do not procreate.

Someone tossed a perfectly good orange by the side of the road.  20190627-4It might have lived a long and useful life if it hadn’t been impaled on a twig.  Okay, we may have eaten it.


June 28th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

The weather today was cool and partly cloudy which made for a comfortable walk.  We didn’t find any money and didn’t come across any roadkill.  We did get a honk and wave from Mr. Handyman.

Early in our walk, we saw two dog poop bags. 20190628-8They had been dropped by the sign of the Breawood Condominiums, so it may be someone left them there temporarily until they got back from walking their dog.  Either way, these are condominiums that people own, so someone will probably pick them up.  We left them.

We found five different gloves.  20190628-3All were rubber, so nothing for Goodwill.  We really find a disproportionate number of rubber gloves, especially singles.  Maybe we have a one-armed Proctologist performing curb-side exams?

More cookware outside the KinderCare. 20190628-6Those cafeteria workers must be a rowdy bunch.  We tossed it back.

This isn’t right. 20190628-2A Metallic Silver Sharpie?  Sharpies are black.  End of story.

We found another tool for our Found Tool Collection.

20190628-4OK, it was minor, but it still counts.

We found a Foo Fighters music CD.  20190628-1It was a pirated copy, maybe that’s why someone tossed it in the ditch, but it was in good condition and playable.  Concrete and Gold, 1-11 + 6.  The Concrete and Gold album had 11 tracks.  Whoever copied the CD added six more songs.  We listened to excerpts of the songs and except for five or six, they sounded much the same to us.  Maybe the six added songs were the ones that were different.

We found two different balls today. 20190628-5A golf ball and a pet’s ball, both in good condition.  The golf ball was a Bridgestone e6 Soft Yellow Golf Ball.  It’s now in our Ball Collection.  The blue dog toy got tossed back into the most likely yard.  So, the ball’s in their court. 

Janet told me she found this in the driveway of the 7-Eleven. 20190628-7But I’m not sure she’s leveling with me.  Anyway, it’s in our Found Tool Collection.


June 29th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

The weather today was great for our walk.  The walk was fairly quick for a Saturday, which is surprising due to the number of times we got sidetracked.  We removed a rabbit and a small mole from the road.  Janet removed the mole and was very proud of herself.  She made a mountain out of a mole hill.

We got a lot of waves and some verbal thanks and honks from passersby.  This guy stopped at an intersection and said he often sees us and wondered what we were doing.  20190629-23

We told him we walk for exercise and couldn’t walk by trash.  He wondered if it was part of a community service requirement for some minor crime.  We said it was our work-release program.

After two days of not finding any money, we found twenty-seven cents. 20190629-15A quarter and two pennies at three different locations.  You guys are really making us work for it.

We found some usual litter. 20190629-8

A glove, no rubber gloves, though, a ball and a spatula.  OK, we find lots of gloves and balls.  Not so many spatulas.  Wonder if they got it at Spatula City?

At the bus stop near the Northshore Senior Center, we found a Northshore Senior Center catalog of classes and activities. 20190629-19We should volunteer to teach classes in picking up trash, like this catalog left at the bus stop.

About twenty-five yards farther on, we found that the City of Bothell had cleared a lot of trees and foliage from a water holding pond. 20190629-21Before it was cleared, this area was hidden by the trees and brush, mainly blackberry bushes.  They did a great job of clearing the area of the flora.  They did a terrible job of clearing the accumulated trash.  OK, we are being overly critical of their cleaning job.  They just didn’t do it.

We spent about twenty minutes picking up bottles, beer and soda cans, a King County Library card and other miscellaneous trash, much of it floating in the green water.  We didn’t go to all the way to the end, so there is probably more, but we had all we could handle.  One of the things we found was this packet. 20190629-20Victoria’s Secret Spare Pair.  “Underwear to take with you everywhere.”  The package was unopened and measured 3-1/2 x 2 by 1/4 inches.  What kind of underwear fit in a packet like this?  Victoria’s Secret does not offer Spare Pair anymore, but does offer the V-String.  Yes, we could see how it would fit in the packet.

Those of you following us know we’ve found many pairs of underwear, so we understand the need for a “Spare Pair”.  We didn’t want to go here, but the vast majority of the found underwear were men’s.  Let’s change the subject.

Under the freeway, we found a large cover. 20190629-13It’s about three feet across and is part of a crash barrier.  There was a construction project on the ramp above, so this is probably fell from there.  Too big for us to handle, so we will contact the city.

We also found a U-bolt under the freeway.  20190629-14We don’t quite understand how this one works.

A survey stick, used to mark a “Rod & Cap” survey marker, was laying in the weeds.   20190629-17It looks like the found marker is lost again.

This stop sign has outlived its usefulness. 20190629-18At the time it was put up, it separated two dirt lots used for random parking.  Since then, both lots have been planted with lawns and the trees have grown up.  It will probably remain until it rots and falls over.  Even then, it will probably remain.

There was a Levi belt lying in the street.  20190629-4It had been run over multiple times but had a nice buckle.  The belt went into trash and the buckle into our collection.

Another fortune for us.  20190629-3Not really a fortune, more of an adage.  Good advice, though.  We would confess ours if we had any.

We find a lot of kid’s homework on our walks. 20190629-12Whoa!  We don’t remember this kind of homework when we were kids.  Maybe these weren’t invented yet?

On our Saturday walks, we pass by a small industrial park with signs advertising the businesses.  20190629-10A vehicle took out one set of signs.  On the other side of the driveway, they reinforced the existing sign.  20190629-9Good job!  That should withstand a wind of five, maybe six miles per hour.  At least they could have picked up the “Roofers Wanted” sign that has been laying there for months.

There is a large hedge that separates the road from a trailer park.  It is big enough that someone has set up a chair in it and routinely dumps trash, mainly food wrappers, water bottles and soda cans.  We have cleaned it up several times.  Today we went in again. 20190629-22Among the trash we found a thick, partially-used notebook that looked like a Dell laptop computer.  It was wet and torn up, so it got recycled.  We also found a bong. 20190629-16This is the fourth one we’ve found during our walks and is now in our drug paraphernalia collection.

For the past several weeks, there has been a large Budweiser can down a steep embankment with a large drainage ditch at the bottom with running water.  Today, Chuck went down to get an empty Coors Light carton.  Once down in the gully, he kept finding more bottles and cans, tossing them up to Janet on the road.  20190629-5At one point, Chuck tossed a can up over the guard rail and Janet tried to catch it and fumbled it back down the hill.  At another point, Chuck tossed plastic Sprite bottle, but it hit the guard rail and hit him in the head.

After five minutes down the bank, the can was successfully retrieved. 20190629-24At the cost of a few cuts and shredded gloves courtesy of the dried up blackberry bushes.

While walking, we were discussing the McLitterers.  We have not seen any activity from them in several weeks.  Then we saw this. 20190629-7It was behind a low hedge.  We opened it and the contents did not match those of the McLitterers.  This was just another random act of McLittering.  The McLitterers are still no-shows.  Is this the end of another Trashwalking Chapter?

Near the end of our walk, someone put up a sign to encourage us. 20190629-2Nice of them, but we will probably be picking it up off the ground in a few days.

Farther down the street, we saw that Cedar Park Church and School started their annual fireworks sale. 20190629-1Unfortunately, we see it as a big litter sale.

Happy Independence Day.


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