A Quart Low

Monday, August 3rd, 2020 – Safeway

This week is starting out well with a money find.

A dime. That’s around ten times what we found last Monday.

Someone left more snacks for us.

We actually like these. Too bad they were opened with this Covid thing and all.

We normally leave the tossed poop bags for the end of the week.

But these two were color-coordinated and artfully arranged.

We picked up a screwdriver, if you can call it that.

It is one of those small, cheap giveaway screwdrivers and had been runover a few times. We are still deciding whether it is worthy of our Found Tool Collection. Our standards are low, but maybe not this low.

Some guy didn’t get lucky.

Actually, twice!

What are the different colors for? Flavors?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

Well, the week looks even more promising. We found more money.

A quarter and about fifteen feet away, another quarter and a dime. In a totally different area, we found a penny. That makes sixty-one cents today. Don’t get us wrong, we are doing it for the stuff we find. The money is good, but we care about the stuff.

Need we say “The Jerk” is one of our favorite movies.

Ok, we’re not fooled.

Someone’s toying with us. Firstly, this is not what we mean by folding money. Also, if you want to counterfeit quarters, you need to use a color printer. And trim it into a circle. Amateurs! Wonder if it’ll work in a parking meter?

We walked the park and ride lot today and found it had not been touched.

This mess has been here for a full week. The metro workers asked us to leave the trash for them. However, if it is here on our next pass, Thursday, we will start a grooming process to clean it up.

Today was another good day for tools.

A screwdriver bit and a small 5mm socket, both run over but useable. Across the freeway onramp, we saw something shiny. It turned out to be a utility knife in great condition, not run over at all. We have been worrying about falling behind on the latest trash-walking technology. This will help us to keep on the cutting edge.

Yet another golf ball for our collections.

Nasty slice.

The Sign Wars have escalated.

The Magic Marker guy must have escalated to a sledge hammer. Stay tuned.

We often see a motorcycle rider at the intersection of 145th and 100th.

He always does a wheelie through the intersection. Today, he held off, probably because we were there, but took off after he passed us. At least he was wearing a helmet.

We found this piece of litter.

Dad and Mom sent the kids flowers to congratulate them on their new home. How sweet. Please help us welcome the new litterers to our neighborhood.

Okay, this is a new one for us.

An EzyPizy Vomit Bag with a funnel at the top. At least it wasn’t used like most of the poop bags we find. It includes instructions with the guy barfing into the bag. And what’s with the liquid measure on the bag. Do you really want to know how much you barfed? “Doctor, I’m worried about Fred. He’s a quart. low.”

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 – Safeway

This was a beautiful morning for a walk. Clear and a bit cooler. Okay, this is getting a bit weird. We did remove a roadkill bird from the street, but we found no gloves and no poop bags. It’s been months since we have not found a single glove on our walks. And we keep finding money!

Four quarters and a penny. Three of the quarters were along the road within ten feet of each other. The penny and the other quarter were found a couple of miles away but separate from each other. We’re not complaining, but its weird. We may be in a Twilight Zone episode.

We thought we found another coin in a plastic bag.

But it was only a button. Someone knows how to push our buttons.

We saw someone sleeping on the sidewalk in front of Safeway.

We tried not to disturb him, but he rolled over and pulled a blanket over his head. Why there? A couple of feet to the left would have been softer. If he was waiting to be first in line at Safeway, he overslept. This was about 6:30 am.

Someone decided to quit smoking. Good for them.

Butt [sic] they left their cigs in the gutter for us to pick up. Thanks a lot! We really appreciate it.

We found a bag with a lot of unopened food in it.

We opened it up when we got home and it was full Chinese snacks. We should have paid more attention before tossing them in the garbage can. It would have been interesting to know what some of the items were. Or maybe we don’t want to know.

We found this to be amazing. We fed the above photo to Google Lens on our iPhone.

It found the text in the image and replaced it with the translation. Kind of. We don’t know what a Small Noodle Section is. But still, impressive.

Thursday, August 6th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

This morning Spring returned with cooler temperatures and a heavy mist that passes as light rain in Seattle. At the park-and-ride, we noticed that some of the trash had been picked up and as we walked through the lot, the Metro worker who asked us to not pick up trash in the lot parked his truck and started picking up trash. We told him that we had been leaving the trash but were harvesting the pop tabs and he thanked us.

After a roaring money week so far, we were skunked today. Not a penny. But we did remove a squirrel from the road, not a skunk.

As we approached the freeway, we started picking up pamphlets, books and other trash.

It looks like someone lost a plastic bin that got run over.

Among the trash was a Star Wars DVD.

Obviously unplayable. We’ve seen it anyway.


One if the pieces of debris we picked up from the dropped bin.

And another thing.

This was fairly heavy but it had a USB cord attached. We decided to carry it home. It turned out to be a fairly expensive 3D mouse, $130 on Amazon. Unfortunately, the USB cable had been run over and our computer wouldn’t recognize it. Ok, ok. We’ll let it go for ten dollars. As Is.

We found part of a Mercedes Benz.

It’s $13 on Amazon. Ok, ok. We’ll let it go for a dollar. As Is.

A pair of pliers.

Ok, not quite a pair. They had been destroyed by the traffic. They got recycled. They didn’t meet the requirements of our Found Tool Collection. Our standards are low, but not that low.

More unopened food.

Well, a drink. Janet is a Hazy IPA fan, but it was too early for her. It wasn’t too early for Chuck, but he is not a Hazy fan. Come on, people. Get it right.

This is a bit creepy.

A septet of baby dolls. Actually an octet. We found another after we took the photo. We have no idea.

Friday, August 7th, 2020 – Safeway

This morning’s weather was about perfect, no rain, 55° F and sunny. We found no roadkill, but did find a money.

A 1990 quarter that was really beat up. But we’ll take it. We’ve heard there is a coin shortage due to the pandemic. We have been collecting and periodically rolling the coins we have found since 2015. Many are not even in this good of condition. We’re not sure if they would be appreciated. However, our take, well over $200-worth is in a Hofbräuhaus beer stein. We’ve been to the Munich Hofbräuhaus a couple of times, but we didn’t steal this one. Really, we found it on Norway Hill. Anyway, it is very full. We may cash in the coins.

Also beat up.

A survey marker. It looks like someone beat it up with a hammer. They may be in the middle of a property dispute.

The sign war is still in progress.

Biden has been revived. Well, at least he is standing.

We found a Mutt-Mitt.

“Grab It, Turn It, Toss It.” From our experience, it should be “Grab It, Turn It, Toss It in the Bushes.”

For some reason, someone tossed a perfectly-good pair of iPhone ear buds.

We sanitized them and put them in our Goodwill box.

We found another mask sealed in a zip bag. Playing it safe, we sanitized the mask.

Probably the cost of the Lysol spray was more than the cost of the mask. Well, but it was free. We get it.

We found this toy.

We thought it was a beheaded entity, but it was Jules from Season Four of Shopkins. $3.75 on Amazon.

Saturday, August 8th, 2020 – Riverside Drive

This morning was cool with a heavy mist the entire walk which helped keep us cool. We walked 7.7 miles and were out a little over four hours and were beat when we returned home. We removed two rats from the road. They were very close together, so it could have been one big rat, but if so, it had two tails.

We had a pretty good money week, though we got skunked on Thursday. Today near the end of our walk, we picked up a plastic bag.

Inside was a bright, shiny penny. We didn’t get skunked today. That’s $1.98 for the week. Let’s see, that makes our hourly rate this week, $1.98 divided by 28 hours is… oh, never mind.

This was a weird week in gloves and dog poop bags.

Only twelve gloves and eight bags. This is way down from April when we had one week with 43 gloves and 18 bags.

We picked up two balls.

One in good condition and one not. One ended in our ball collection and one did not.

We picked up two hubcaps.

One in good condition and one not. One is headed for Goodwill and the other not.

This sign is under the freeway.

Nobody asked us to be friends. We’re doing the work and those guys are taking the credit.

Well, they did give us a large gold star on the sidewalk.

But it doesn’t have our names on it and is made of cardboard. It’ll probably blow into the street and get run over. Thanks a lot.

Some guy lost his underwear.

How does this happen. He would need to lose his pants first. Wouldn’t he notice. Wouldn’t someone notice?

We picked up a restaurant’s tap list near downtown Bothell.

Yes, we recognize which restaurant the list is from. The Top Cutter IPA is very good.

We rescued this baby blanket from over a fence.

It looks like a Bed Bath and Beyond product, about fifteen bucks worth. We’ll wash it and send it off to Goodwill.

We found a couple of bulky items this morning.

One was a cardboard box containing twelve 750ml plastic Vodka bottles and two quart-sized Coke bottles, all empty. Quite a party.

The other was a large black bag on the freeway offramp.

Neither were heavy but too bulky for us to carry. We went back later and picked them up with the car.

The bag was filled with paper. At least they put it in a bag before letting it blow out of their truck.

We found another McLitterer’s bag.

All standard including two unopened syrups and six butters.

Demonstrating the incorrect way to hook a trailer to a car.

We want to be there when they drive off.

Someone attempting to create a garden at the park and ride.

A bench and an angel. We were tempted to have a seat, but the bench was only about a foot tall. And made of plastic. The angel had a broken leg. Is this a fallen angel?

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