Zombie Cat

Monday, October 5th, 2020 – Safeway

We had nice weather for the start of the week. We removed a roadkill bird from the street and found some money.

Two shiny pennies. And that’s our two-cents worth. But wait, there’s more! We also received a “Thank You” Starbuck’s gift card. These cards are appreciated, but a verbal “Thank You” works just as well.

We found a baseball in the street across from a playground.

The ball was very blurry, so we called it a gutter ball and tossed it back into the playground.

Another Toyota hubcap.

This one was broken as are most we find. Fortunately, we were near the 7-Eleven and left it in the recycle bin.

Another bungee cord in reasonable condition.

We really do need to open a store, “Bungees R Us.”

We picked up two masks today. One was stuck in a fence by a lanyard.

The other was clean, we assume, and in a Ziplock bag like the one we found last week. This is the fourth or fifth bagged mask we’ve found. Another mystery.

Uh-oh. There was a flag on the play.

This is embarrassing. We were penalized fifteen yards for a face mask penalty.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

This was another pleasant day for walking, cool temperatures, and some light fog. We didn’t find any money nor did we need to remove any roadkill. A fairly blah walk.

At the park-and-ride, we came to the mess we have been trying to ignore as requested by the metro worker.

We picked up a total of twenty-three Coors cans and bottles, some broken. We deposited most of them into the bus stop trash receptacle. Who hangs out in the park-and-ride drinking Coors Light? We could understand a good IPA, but Coors Light?

On 145th Street someone lost or dumped part of a sofa.

We are guessing this fell off a vehicle because of the electric weed whacker and the lack of a “free” sign. We stacked the pieces together and notified the City of Kirkland. We could have done some weed whacking, but we didn’t see any battery. Opportunities lost.

We found a freebie ruler from Home Depot.

We don’t want to stir up things, but Home Depot is shortchanging folks by five inches.

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 – Safeway

Today was a little cooler than yesterday with a light fog that got thicker as the morning wore on. We didn’t find any money and had to remove a rabbit from the road.

More appliances at the place the desk was left last week.

They set the portable cooler up on its stand and added an air purifier and one large speaker. Perfect if you want to listen to your favorite music, one track at a time.

Another gas cap on 100th Ave NE.

How hard is it to tighten your gas cap. We find an average of about a gas cap per month. We won’t lose our gas cap; we have an electric Nissan Leaf. We don’t need to spend money on gasoline. Don’t ask about our electric bill.

We’ve found one of these before.

It has a marble in the neck that is supposed to seal the beverage in the bottle using the pressure from the carbonated drink. It is called the Codd-neck bottle invented in 1872 by Hiram Codd. We’re not sure if this “Fun Marble Drink” uses the marble to seal or if it’s just a gimmick. We should purchase one to check it out. So, to reseal it, do you put your thumb over the bottle, shake it and turn it upside down?

Another random junk collection box.

The rules, people, the rules. Clothes and Shoes only – and inside the bin.

This was a first for us. As we approached the top of Norway Hill, we saw something with lights moving around a yard.

It was a robot lawnmower wandering around the yard mowing the lawn. So, why did it need lights? It was a bit eerie. It could have been a zombie cat.

Ok, this puts a whole new light on things. At the Tolt Pipeline, we came across a bunch of beer cans and bottles.

Nearby, we found some carrots.

So, is it the pesky rabbits having the keggers on Norway Hill?

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

Today was a lot like yesterday: one rabbit; no money; and fog. Each morning, we get four or five honks and lights being flashed at us, but rarely see people wave because of the darkness.

Yet another discarded mask in a Ziplock bag.

We normally find these on Juanita-Woodinville Way, but this one was on 112th Ave NE. If we knew they were clean, we could use them, but we’re not taking any chances.

We found more discarded stolen mail.

We’ll drop it off later in the week with the car. We do walk within a mile of the address, but that’s too far out of our way.

We picked up a bunch of flat-making devices.

You’re welcome.

The zombie cat was out mowing the lawn again.

We still don’t get the evil-looking headlights.

Near where the rabbits had the kegger yesterday, we found marijuana trash.

Those rabbits are on the road to perdition.

Friday, October 9th, 2020 – Safeway

Okay, this is boring. Yet another day like yesterday but without the fog. No money, one rabbit. It was a very run-over rabbit and it took three trips to remove it from the road. At the top of Norway hill, we saw the RoboMower, aka Zombie Cat mowing the lawn. It came close to the road, so we kept our distance. We’ve seen the movies; most zombies are slow and cumbersome, and you need to do something stupid or heroic to get eaten. But some are very fast and can attack in an instant. We’re not taking any chances.

Hey folks, we came to a fork in the road.

It was only plastic, but we are low in material. Wait for the punch line.

Carson at his best.

We came upon a red otter wanting a kiss.

It was a deflating balloon. We helped it on its way. We didn’t give it a kiss, but maybe we “otter.”

Saturday, October 10th, 2020 – Riverside Drive

The rain arrived this morning and we suited up in our rain jackets for the first time this season. The temperature was okay, but the medium rain soaked our pants, shoes, and socks. We removed a roadkill frog and another rabbit from the road. We’ve removed rabbits the last four days in a row. It’s probably that group drinking and smoking pot on Norway Hill. They shouldn’t try to hop under the influence (HUI).

At the Sammamish River Park parking lot, someone left some new pie pans.

Why would anyone have these at the park? Perhaps they were going to try their hand at a UFO hoax but got rained out.

Someone slept at the dumpsters in Bothell.

A more likely scenario is that someone dumped the mattress here. Dumping it here rather than down a hill like most people do is better. Marginally better.

It was dry under the freeway overpass on Riverside Drive where we found a paper doll sheet.

We were out of the rain and we carry a utility knife that could be used to cut out the dolls, but we didn’t have any glue. We recycled it.

A woven bamboo placemat with pictures of bamboo on it.

Is that redundant?

We found a nice tool.

A 15 mm ratcheting combination wrench in good condition. We’ll need to check our found-tool collection, but we may have one of these. With our luck, it’ll also be a 15 mm.

A large knife scabbard.

It is a little over fourteen inches long and the sheathe part is nine inches. Unfortunately, there was no knife. Crocodile Dundee would have met his match.

Another drug needle.

Fortunately, it had been defanged.

We found a large pair of glasses frames in bad condition.

The lenses were gone, but we think they are sunglasses designed to fit over regular prescription glasses when driving. They look very much like this pair on Amazon.

At the park-and-ride, a dropped or tossed Sony Headset.

When we got home, we disinfected and tested them. They worked great, so they were dropped, not tossed.

Nobody told us there was a parade scheduled to celebrate the connecting of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Panama Canal on this day in 1913.

Anyway, it was rained out and someone forgot their chair. The seat was filled with rainwater and there was a plastic bag attached to the armrest for the person to keep his money dry. We checked; the bag was empty.

Last Saturday, we found a nickel half embedded in some road tar in the middle of a busy lane of 160th.

However, we didn’t have anything to pry it out with.

Today we came back prepared with a small screwdriver,

and we successfully extracted it from the road tar. The harder you work, the sweeter the reward. Okay it is a nickel either way, but we did get more satisfaction from it. Well, except we do need to clean the tar off it before the bank will reward us. More work.

What the…

A Top Shelf Cannabis Shot Glass? It was made of glass, not cheap plastic. Top Shelf sells some of their products in glasses up to 16-ounce sized. Our litterer is a cheapskate for buying the small glass. Yes, we know that was a cheap Potshot.

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