A Large Gaggle of Geese

Monday, November 16th, 2020 – Safeway

Last week it was too cold for our first walk of the week and we slept in. Today was a comfortable walk but we found very little of interest. We should have slept in again. Well, except for a very large raccoon we drug off the road.

Okay, two mediocre pictures. We saw a (surprise) downed sign.

On the back was a sticker enthusiastically stating that they make yard signs unless they run out of exclamation marks. Well, first of all, who are you? And second, why do we want a sign telling people this is our yard? Inane.

An “awe” moment for Janet, a “really?” moment for Chuck.

A baby’s shoe, but only one. It looks like baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

Today was a warm 50°F (10°C) and dry. Almost perfect walking weather. Just as we got home it started raining. Perfect timing.

We found another nondescript hubcap.

It was damaged and we couldn’t get the lug nuts loose, so we tossed it in a recycle bin.

We did find a tool, though.

A very small screwdriver bit. Stop the eye-rolling, we checked with the TrashWalking rules committee and the verdict is that it counts as a tool.

Finally something good may come out of the pandemic.

A return to good, old-fashion board games like Checkers.

Oops, maybe not. Out of business.

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 – Safeway

This morning we had a moderate rain the entire walk. For some reason as it gets darker, we seem to be getting more honks and folks flashing their lights at us. We appreciate their thanks. Then again, perhaps we are getting too close to the traffic.

We pick up a lot of cigarette trash but this one is new to us.

Carnival cigarettes from the Tobacco Ginseng Corporation of South Korea. It’s a good thing they’re not from North Korea, they would probably be the exploding kind.

We picked up an empty Monistat 7 carton.

Chuck did some research about this and wishes he hadn’t.

We found someone’s notes for an online training class of some kind.

It looks to be notes for people who work on roofs. Roof safety, railings, ladders, pulleys, etc. That’s fine, they’re moving to online training like the rest of the world. So what is CNFA? We found several acronyms for this, but the only one that makes even the remotest sense was. “Center for the Neuroscience of Fear and Anxiety” at NYU. Perhaps it is for people who fear falling off the roof?

We found a “For Sale” sign on the ground.

We automatically tore it up and put it in our recycle bag.

A short while later, we found another one.

Whoops, maybe someone is selling For Sale signs. We recycled it anyway to cover our tracks.

Thursday, November 19th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

Well, this morning we had a slight mist and moderate temperatures. No money, though (hint, hint.)

At the Park-and-Ride this morning there were more bus riders than we’ve seen in several months.

Before the pandemic, we used to see about twenty riders in the line to board the bus. Today there were five! And after we got ratcheted back down due to the COVID Serge.

For the new COVID lock-down, it specifies the bars must quit serving alcohol at 11:00 pm.

But there is no mention about when they can reopen. We found five Bud Light cans near the bus stop.

Okay, out of a six-pack, there was one for the road. Perhaps this explains the bus line. And maybe someone snuck one on the bus.

Along the way, we found the top to Tuesday’s game box.

Unfortunately, we didn’t keep the bottom and the recycle was picked up yesterday. The price tag shows the cost was one dollar. The 4 x 6-inch box contained the board, instructions and 32 wooden checkers. We’ll look for the wooden checkers, but they and the board must be really small to fit in the tin box. Perhaps it also included two pair of tweezers to move the pieces?

Friday, November 20th, 2020 – Safeway

Autumn has settled in. Another day of moderate temperatures and a light mist during our walk. No money and we removed a small opossum from the road. At first we thought it was a very large rat, but from the tail it was definitely an opossum.

We moved more roadkill off the road.

Ok, it was not on the road, it was on the sidewalk. And it was not a real animal, but a dog toy. But it looked like roadkill in the dark.

We did find clothes today. First, a bag of clothes behind a dumpster at Safeway.

They looked to be very old underwear. We left them. If they are still there next week we will dispose of them.

We also found a sweatshirt that was flung over a railing.

It was waterlogged and heavy but we carried it back home. In the light, it was a bit tattered, but we’ll wash it and send it to Goodwill.

Someone left us some breath mints.

There was only one mint in the case, so we had to break it in half. Janet could have kept it until it was half gone then given it to Chuck. However, although this is our 51st wedding anniversary, Chuck doesn’t trust her to only take half. And, eeewww!

Saturday, November 21st, 2020 – Riverside Drive

Another nice walk this morning, no rain and moderate, 45°F (7.2°C) temperature. If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed we have not found ANY money this week, threatening another shutout. However, during the week, not on our walk, we spotted some trash slightly beyond our normal walking boundary and decided to collect it. In doing so, we found some money!

Ok, it’s only a penny, but we didn’t get shut out for the week. Can you see we are getting obsessed with finding money. But, really, it’s not about the money, it’s about the stuff.

Heading down the hill to Riverside Drive, we found the McLitter had left us a present.

It had the standard contents.

However the common litterers also made their presence known.

This is the second week in a row the McLitterers showed up. There may be a McTurf war brewing. Hopefully, not a McAlliance.

Crossing the bridge into Bothell, we picked up a nice-looking earring someone lost.

It’s probably not worth much, but we’ll keep our eyes open for the lost-and-founds on social media.

In the parking lot where we found the penny, this is what we picked up.

A plastic carton with some car parts, a battery load tester and a building spotlight. We put it all in the parking lot dumpster. We could have load-tested our batteries, but we didn’t want to drain ourselves.

‘Rutinas Sonideras.’

It translates to “Sound Routines.” We have no idea what sound routines are and with the shape this CD is in, we’ll probably never know.

We pulled a soccer ball out of a ditch at the intersection of Brickyard Road and Woodinville Drive

We’ve found several balls in this location. Our theory is they get loose somewhere up the Brickyard hill and end up here. This one probably got hit by a car because there was a big gouge in it but it was still holding air. We left it at the apartments on Woodinville Drive in case someone wants to play soccer or practice running over soccer balls with their car.

We found a pair of socks and a nice shirt.

The shirt is an Oakley pull-over that sells for $75 on their website. These items will be washed and taken to Goodwill.

We saw a gaggle of Canada Geese making their pilgrimage south.

Ok, technically a gaggle of geese refers to geese not flying, so this was a flock of geese, but we like the word, “gaggle.” There were two flocks of them and we took a video of part of the last group. There were several hundred of them. Or perhaps they were making a cross-border raid on the Bothell Crow Rookery.

This was on the Freeway onramp and it took us a while to figure out what it was.

The price sticker was, “FUS PROSHIELD BASE CARTRIDGE $41.99.” However Google kept taking our searches to Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield Cartridges. Then we figured out that this is part of a vending machine that dispensed 8-cartridge packs for $42 a pack. At that price, it’s no wonder someone broke into the machine.

Um, someone emptied their car.

Who keeps all this stuff in their car? At least we know why they needed the energy drink.

We found a pot jar, “Dank Dough.”

“This dank Indica is packed with a terpy [as in turpentine?] combination of kerosene and raspberry cake batter.” That doesn’t appeal to us at all. Perhaps you need to be stoned for it to appeal to you?

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