A Scattering of Coins

Monday, 18th, 2021 – Safeway

The start of another week and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so traffic was lighter than a normal Monday. No money and no roadkill.

Since the New Year started, we’ve found an inordinate number of used condoms.

Last week, we found a total of three and today, two more, both along the road. It means they tossed it out while driving? Okay, we get it. Light traffic.

We found something interesting.

Interesting because we didn’t know what it was. It looked like a table shuffleboard puck. Fortunately, it had a website stamped on it. It’s a jack pad for a Model 3 Tesla. So, what’s a jack pad? It is a pad to protect your car chassis from scratches when your car is jacked up. Really? They are available for only a few cars, and guess what? Ford, Chevy and Toyota are not among them. Now if you have a Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Tesla, you’re in luck.

Darts anyone?

Oops, no darts. It has a price tag, $12.99 from Goodwill. Guess the darts were extra.

We passed a tree that had cracked during last week’s windstorm and was being held up by the power lines.

We reported it to the City of Kirkland. Both Bothell and Kirkland have been good at responding to our requests.

We found an unused (we think) pack of Nasacort Allergy Relief including instructions.

A two pack, one for each nostril, we assume. But they also sell three-packs… Warning, whatever you do, do not search Google for “three nostrils.”

Tuesday, 19th, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

Another cool, mundane day walking, but we did remove a roadkill squirrel along 112th Ave NE. Oh, and some money.

A quarter along NE 145th Street near a church. Hope it wasn’t someone’s offering.

We found another lost bungee cord.

Given the shape of one of the hooks, it was overstressed. We gave it a low-stress home in our bungee cord collection.

At a utility construction site, we found a lock that had been severed.

Most likely it secured some equipment that needed to be accessed for the construction work. This lock goes for $42 on Amazon. So, the question is, is it more economic to buy a new $42 lock when a system needs to be accessed or to track the keys for the locks? We don’t know, but how much is your monthly power bill?

At the park-and-ride, we found some present wrapping paper.

There was also a smashed air freshener. “Honey, thank you for another air freshener for our second anniversary. The first one lasted a whole year.” We didn’t find any used condoms nearby.

Wednesday, 20th, 2021 – Safeway

Today’s walk had a bit of drama in it. Okay “drama” may be a bit strong, but more of that later. We did not find any roadkill, but we did find more coins to add to our Trash Walking coffer.

We know it’s not much, but that’s our two-cents worth. Yes, we’ve used this pun before, but it’s worth using again.

So now for the drama. On Juanita-Woodinville Way, we found a pocketbook by the side of the road.

We figured someone placed it atop their car and forgot it. By the 7-Eleven, we also picked up a car registration and put it in our recycle bag. When we got home, we found the purse contained documents including a driver’s license and Social Security Card that matched the car registration found at the 7-Eleven. Furthermore, there were credit cards with other names. Normally, we would attempt to track down the owner, not hard with a driver’s license. In this case, we gave the articles to the Bothell Police for them to sort out.

We also found another utility knife.

Well, the blade was good, anyway.

We get a lot of empty thanks.

Yep, zero balance.

We found another hat for Goodwill.

The flower is not our style.

We don’t know if this guy will make it across the street.

We don’t think he can handle the flag.

On Monday, we reported this broken tree to Kirkland.

They responded that trees within twelve feet of power lines are the electric utilities responsibility and had notified the utility.

Fast work. Sloppy, but fast.

On Norway Hill, we got a surprise visit from the McLitterers.

We found the two cups first, tea, of course then the bag. It had the same McLitterers‘ contents. We are well over sixty of these in our Trash Walking. And we have a drawerful of McDonalds bags to prove it. They make great recycle bags. Each one lasts two or three weeks, so we won’t be needing to order any from Amazon any time soon.

This appeared nailed to a tree on Norway Hill.

Jesus is the best!!! We couldn’t agree more.

Thursday, 21st, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

Today was not a bad day, but we agreed that, for some reason it was not really enjoyable. No money, not roadkill, nothing interesting. Meh.

The first thing we found was a bungee cord of sorts.

It was totally destroyed. Meh.

Then we found some Ethernet patch cables. We can use these.

Okay, one end was Ethernet but the other was some proprietary connector. And they had been run over. Meh.

We found a tiny eight of spades.

It was only about two inches tall so would have been a task to shuffle. But we only found one, so shuffling is not a problem. But according to this website, “Eight of spades is the card of sickness. In the earlier ages this terrible card was an omen for plague, injuries and infections that were invariably fatal.” Whoops. With COVID-19, it’s a good thing we wear gloves. Then again, it was a small card, so maybe only pneumonia?

Finally, at the Tolt Pipeline on top on Norway Hill, more folks screwing around.

Oh, wait. They were cleaning their ears. Meh.

Friday, 22nd, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

Recently we opened up two new routes, yesterday’s 160th to 124th Street and today’s 100th Ave NE. Frankly, they have both been a bit of a disappointment. Today’s was also kind of blah. We may need to reroute yet again.

However, we did find more money on 100th Ave NE.

Another quarter. Although it was found on 100th Ave NE, it was a section that we cover on Tuesday, so we can’t count it as an advantage for the new route.

In fact, the only thing of interest, meaning not counting ordinary trash, was a seahorse key chain with the key chain broken off.

Yep, pretty cheesy. We searched Google for seahorse key chains to perhaps find a match. Don’t bother. Evidently a lot of folks are into seahorse keychains. This one is in our trinket collection.

We found two balls on Norway Hill.

Well, one really. A golf ball with no golf courses in the area. The other was a fishing float. Last week we joked about putting up a “No Fishing” sign at Lago Di Norway Hill.

Perhaps we should have.

In an intersection, we found a long piece of rope that we spent quite a bit of time coiling and wrapping up.

After we finished, we were at the end of our rope. Oh, come on. We can only work with the material we find.

This must be the official Corona Virus Pandemic Breakfast.

An Egg McMuffin and three Corona Hard Seltzers.

Saturday, 23rd, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

Postponed. One of our walking rules is that it must be above freezing, but we have walked when it was slightly below. However, today was 27°F (-3°C). We debated whether to walk anyway but decided to stay home. We made the right decision. When it got light out, we saw it was also foggy which makes it feel even colder and produces slick spots.

Sunday was much warmer at 37°F (+3°C) so we decided to do our Saturday trash-walking route on Sunday. And it paid off.

A total of twenty-four cents scattered along our route. This makes a total of seventy-six cents found for the week. Not bad. But not good either.

A trio of balls.

No obvious homes, so ended up in our collection.

Another McDonalds coffee cup with a Happy Meal stirrer.

A cannabis tube.

Free Plants.

It didn’t say what type, so we looked inside. It looked like a box of dirt. Perhaps they were already planted. Just add water.

Someone disposed of an umbrella in a rock wall.

It was from Evergreen Health. It should be ever-green, not ever-blue. It seemed perfectly good except for the missing handle. A few years ago, Evergreen Hospital went into lockdown when security cameras mistook an umbrella with a sword-shaped handle for a gun. Maybe they only provide umbrellas without handles now.

We find beer cans all the time, but we seldom find Heinekens.

Today we found seven along 1.3 miles of our route. We hope the vehicle had a bunch of guys from Amsterdam drinking beer rather than a single person downing them.

When the City of Bothell put up the road-crossing flags using big zip ties, we were skeptical.

And for good reason. This is the second failed one that we have seen.

This one was in May of last year. Putting these flags up were part of a huge ‘Safe Streets and Sidewalks’ tax levy. For that money, you’d think they could afford to attach the buckets better. Maybe duct tape?

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