Green Leg Hair??

Monday, October 18th, 2021 – Safeway

Starting our new walk week, we had nice weather and dry streets. Like last week started, we found no money but found roadkill including a relatively rare opossum, our 31st in four years compared to over 200 rabbits.

Very near our home, we found a pair of shoes on the curb.

Fancy women’s dress high heels. They had some plastic strips meant to protect the soles, probably while being tried on in the store.

We tried to find them on the Internet but failed.

Google found exactly one hit on “Oldehello” at the site of an online store based in Nigeria. “Man made?” How else would they come into existence? Nigerian Aardvarks?

We found a Nike baseball cap.

It will be cleaned and sent to Goodwill. We would put it in our collection, but we are not a big fan of Nike right now.

Okay, we noticed something today. What is wrong with this picture.

Okay, we’ve all heard of the headless horseman.

But what about the headless bicyclist??

A tiny Mason Jar.

Mason Jars have been associated with moonshine for many years. Might as well commercialize it and Ole Smoky has a lot of products based on the Mason Jar. These products are definitely not moonshine.


But these could be.


They all seem like a proper moonshine recipe, except that proper “moonshine” was illicit and hunted by the “revenuers.”

Chuck remembers his uncle Don Broadus who was a reporter in Mississippi talking about a big raid on moonshiners in the late 1950’s. Nope. Ole Smoky is not a proper moonshiner.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

Today was a bit cooler but still dry. And we found money.

A very blurry dime. We won’t mention names, but we need to give someone some photo lessons so she can take better photos of money. But we also had to remove a roadkill rabbit, so that offset the money find.

Other than that, we found the usual amount of trash but nothing of special interest.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

This morning, the weather turned on us. It rained the entire walk, but we suited up in our rain gear. At one point, one of our fans slowed and said that we were earning points in heaven by picking up trash in the rain. Okay, then why is heaven raining on us?

We found no money today but did need to remove another rabbit from the road. Our money-to-roadkill ration is not good this week.

We picked up several toys outside the KinderCare and tossed them back over the fence. However, there was a soggy kid’s notebook that was completely scribbled on every page.

We recycled it. Our kids will rue this day when this kid becomes the next Picasso.

A sure sign winter is approaching.

We found a well-worn Sunflower laying on the ground. We took the picture and left it. Later, we found a YouTube video about Sunflowers.

Now we feel bad about leaving it.

At the bus stop on 100th Ave NE that we keep cleaning up, four more beer cans.

Perhaps this guy has a fear of buses and needs some liquid courage.

We thought we found a quarter at the Shell station on Juanita-Woodinville Way NE, but it was only a token.

“Use this token to choose a conservation project.” We searched for this on the Internet and found one hit. Someone who sells tokens. It is mostly used for zoos.

In the median of Juanita-Woodinville Way NE near Safeway, we found another wallet.

Out of curiosity, we counted the number of wallets we have found since we started walking. By our reckoning, this is the twelfth wallet we have found. Some were empty, and most had no money in them. We had one exception with a wallet that had twenty-six dollars in it that we turned over the Kenmore police. Like this one, we were able to return most of them to the owners.

This person was a student at a local high school. We dropped it by the school to be returned to the owner. And there was no money in it when we picked it up anyway.

Thursday, October 21st, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

Today was a long walk for a Thursday. We did do our extra credit walk down to the extension of the Tolt pipeline into Kirkland. We did find a lot of new trash, and left it at the Chevron station dumpster, but that is not what slowed us down. What slowed us down was a bunch of signs, political and commercial. We picked up a lot of political signs like these.

There were three signs on this corner and another across the street. We keep sending the candidates emails, but there is seldom a reactionary response. After the elections, we still notify them after a period. If we end up picking them up, we make a note of it for our future voting preferences.

We did pick up a Chevy hubcap.

We saw it here for a few days while running errands, so the owner has had time to pick it up. We recycled it.

While wandering into the bushes along 160th, we found a cell phone.

From the Camera Array on the back, it appeared to be Samsung Galaxy S10. It had been run over many times and was very sleek, meaning flat. It was completely dead, so not of much use to the owner. It did have a T-Mobile SIM card in it so we dropped it by a store to let the owner know it had been found, but there was no record of the card.

Okay, at a school bus stop, we found a bit of a dollar bill. Or should we say a bite?

So, when your parents give you lunch money, don’t take it so literally.

And this is strange. Yesterday we walked over Norway Hill. Yes, the weather turned bad, but we couldn’t have missed all these.

Twelve Icehouse beer cans and nine Mike’s Harder cans. And, of course, an empty Fritos bag. You can’t drink all that alcohol on an empty stomach, duh!

Friday, October 22nd, – 100th Ave NE

Today was another nice walk, dark with no rain. Also, no money and another roadkill opossum. We have never found two opossums in one week so we expect some kind of reward. Who’s going to step up?

As a further downer, we came upon another abandoned wheel.

This is the third abandoned wheel/tire on our routes. Two are in Bothell, but one is on private property, and we talked to the worker who owns it. He said not to worry about it, okay, but it is still a visible abandoned wheel. The other two should be reported to the city, but why is it always us?

We found a flashlight.

It still works, but this is an amateur walking flashlight. It is an LED flashlight which is fine but has a single AA battery powering it and would only last about 15 minutes on the high beam. They probably dropped it and couldn’t find it because it was too dim. Get a Cree-LED flashlight with an 18650 rechargeable battery.

We found a small container with a white substance in it.

When we got it home and looked closer, it was a small food container and the substance looked like sugar or salt. And no, we did not taste it.

A barista pick-up line?

Whoever it was, they tossed the cup out the window, so must not have been impressed.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

Today was overcast and threatening rain, but we did not suit up in our rain gear. Of course, half-way through our walk, it started raining, but it was a very light rain and did not bother us. We did not find any more money today, so this week’s total is ten cents. A very pitiful take, but we did not get skunked.

We came across two early signs of the holiday season.

Actually, one sign and one car deer antler. The sign was left at this location last year before Christmas and has remained. We emailed the church to get it removed, but never received a response. This week someone mowed the area, and the sign was visible again. Then we noticed the date of Friday, December 10th. Last year, December 10th fell on a Thursday. This year it is on Friday. So, they were just advertising early. We set the sign back up.

Speaking of Christmas, we know what someone is going to be asking Santa for.

A new pair of Apple AirPods. This pair was run over.

We found another hubcap. “Off Road.”

And off the vehicle, we might add.

We found a bunch of pages out of a notebook including someone’s bucket lists.

First on the list: “Dye leg hair green.” However, on version 2.0 on the right it dropped to priority three and can be any color, apparently. On the first list, the last item is “Break at least 3 laws.” Good job! Littering is illegal, two more to go.

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