Finders Keepers

Monday, April 18th, 2022 – Safeway

We didn’t walk yesterday, Easter Sunday which was clear and sunny. A beautiful day. Of course, there is that missing Easter egg…

For our walk today, it was back to overcast, but warmer. Ahh, spring in Seattle. We did not find any money but found a small roadkill rabbit.

Evidently, someone got unceremoniously evicted from their apartment.

We don’t think the landlord would do this, so perhaps a roommate? Three pillows and a plastic bag. We left it and don’t know what’s in it, and hope we’ll never know.

Okay, this week we are taking photos of the gas caps we find.

Last week, we ended up finding five, but only took photos of two because we didn’t know it was going to be a record week. We may break the record again, because gas prices seem to be continuing to rise.

In appreciation of picking up trash, someone gave Janet a flower.

Okay, it was a laminated paper flower and she had to pick it up off the road. But we are pretty sure someone tossed it out their window to thank her.

Another full pack of cigarettes.

Pall Malls. Their slogan is “Wherever Particular People Congregate.” Evidently, on Norway Hill to toss the remains of their cigarettes when they learn how bad they taste.

Also on Norway Hill, someone lost some binoculars.

They are dated, but good quality binoculars. We posted them on social media to see if we can return them to their rightful owner. We will let you know. Otherwise, there are our voyeuristic tendencies…

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

Back to colder weather. No money and we removed a roadkill frog and duck. This was only our fifth duck we have removed in nearly seven years. It was near the 7-Eleven, a very busy intersection.

At the park-and-ride, a bunch of rubber gloves and a hypodermic needle cap.

No evidence of needles, though.

Another golf ball.

A Callaway 3. It was on the side of NE 145th Street. Guess the street is the fairway and this is considered the rough. We have no idea where the green is.

When balloons tangle with blackberry bushes.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

The cold weather drags on, but it was clear this morning with a bright moon. Again, no money was found, and we removed a roadkill squirrel that did not make a crow very happy.

Today we found zip.

No, really, zip.

A four-inch zip.

By the Kindercare, several errant toys.

We tossed them back over the fence, but if this keeps up, we will need to invoice them for our labor. We’ve found no money this week and need some income.

Near the top of the Tolt Pipeline, we found a pink object with strings.

A pink object with strings which Chuck immediately imagined to some feminine hygiene product, but it turned out to be a “Tilcare Chew Chew Pencil Sensory Necklace – Best for Kids or Adults That Like Biting or Have Autism – Perfectly Textured Silicone Chewy Toys – Chewing Pendant for Boys & Girls.”

A Chew Chew Pencil? We tried drawing with it in our mouth, but got nothing. So, still zip for the day.

Extra credit. While running an errand, we spotted a mess on our Riverside Drive Saturday route. However, we will not be walking this weekend and we carry extra trash bags in the car, so decided to stop and pick it up.

And we collected a full bagful of garbage. So technically, we did not end up with zip today. Plus, we got a honk from a passing pickup truck even though we were in our civies and not our walking uniforms.

Thursday, April 21st, 2022 – 160th to 124th Street

Today was warmer but raining at the beginning of our walk and easing off toward the end. But we found some money.

Yep, one penny. But it is the first money this week and keeps us from being shut out. And we did find some roadkill.

Okay, not really roadkill, but it was in pretty bad shape, and we had to put it out of its misery. Yes, it looks fine, but we are showing you the good side. Decorum dictates we don’t show the rear end with the missing tail.

We did find a tool to add to our collection.

A 3/32nd Allen wrench socket for a ¼-inch drive, very specialized. Hope Allen appreciates it.

Continuing our streak of car parts.

Another lug nut, normal sized, battered, and rusty. Also, a lost gas cap from folks shocked at the gas prices.

We picked up three different spots like this along the eight-hundred feet of 116th Ave NE.

In all, we got two bottles and fourteen cans of 14-Hands wine. There were no food items among them, only alcohol, no evidence of food. Janet was miffed. She is always looking for left-overs.

We did find some cool stuff, though.

A cool skateboard, however it was only about three inches long.

Also, a cool DVD.

Is “White Chicks” cool? We never saw it, but it’s free. We found it mostly buried and after some minor cleanup, it failed to play. After checking the reviews, it is apparently a good movie. But four bucks? We may need to spend more time to revive the DVD. We’ll let you know. If we can revive it, we will let it go for three bucks.

Friday, April 22nd, 2022 – 100th Ave NE

Another day, another penny.

A blurry penny at that. We had to work for this one, it was embedded in the pavement in the Dairy Queen drive through.

Later, we found a screwdriver.

It would have come in handy to remove the penny from the pavement.

A lost dog treat carrier.

And the dog’s treats. Bet the owner was upset, not to mention the dog.

Another abandoned scooter.

We can see why they abandoned it. It has an obvious steering problem.

On Simonds Road, someone dumped a reusable bag with some trash in it.

One of the pieces of trash was a folded up green piece of paper.

It was Maddie’s classwork for art and chemistry classes at Inglemoor High School just up the road. Obviously, she is taking a littering class too.

This is Friday, the day we check out Chuck’s vest pocket.

Pretty boring stuff, really.

  • A Kinder Joy Treat. Well, not the treat, but the discarded plastic spoon.
  • A shimmery hair scrunchie. You only ask what this is if you don’t have a teenaged granddaughter.
  • Our hands are tied on identifying the nylon object.
  • A package of “Prosecco Transparent Circles.” They are so transparent, that you cannot even see them. We think there are 50 or so valued at about $25 apiece. Bidding starts at $800 and no bids are accepted after next Wednesday, firm.
  • Okay, continuing with cards from last week, we found a four of hearts. We don’t really remember, but this may have given us a straight flush. We are sure the casino will agree.
  • For the cards, Briana’s AAA emergency card and Eduardo’s debit card. Do we have the energy to track either of these down? No.
  • Finally, a Foster Grandparent Pin, 1965 thru 1990.

    Eight dollars on eBay, but it is sad that someone tossed this out onto the street. Someone devoted twenty-five years to this program and presumably helped many kids along the way. Obviously, the person who tossed this needed a Foster Grandparent.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 – Riverside Drive

Sorry, Saturday was cancelled. After our walk on Friday, we travelled south to Lincoln City, Oregon for a family reunion, and had a great weekend. And we did not look for trash. Well, maybe a little, but the beach was really clean.

But we did find this with our youngest grandkid.

Lincoln City puts out about three thousand glass floats along the beaches each year for several festivals and events. For Earth Day this year, for three days, April 22-24, they placed 50 floats. This was one of them. We recycled it. No, just kidding, it is safe and sound in our collection of found things.

Now, if we could only find that last Easter egg…

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