A Week of Change

Monday, July 25th, 2022 – Safeway

We are going into a warm spell and the temperature was 61°F (16°C). Not bad, but a bit warm for us. However, we did not need to remove any roadkill and did find some money.

At the KinderCare, Janet found a nickel. She started to toss it back over the fence, but Chuck stopped her. What was she thinking – it could be a choking hazard!? Then, we found two pennies stuck in a crack at a gas station and a lone dime along Simonds Road. A nice seventeen-cent start to the week.

We came upon a Safeway shopping cart on Juanita-Woodinville Way about a mile from the store.

It was empty and yes, we hauled it back to Safeway. This is about the tenth one we have returned. These carts cost about two-hundred dollars apiece. We should check to see if they have a finder’s fee.

We picked up an errant wheel cover.

It was obviously in bad shape and got recycled.

We found another bungee cord in the street.

It was runover, but in fairly good condition. We added it to our bungee cord collection.

Okay, this is kind of another tool

Thor’s hammer! According to Wikipedia, “Mjolnir, known more formally as Mjölnir (/ˈmjɔːlnɪər/) is a fictional magical weapon appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.” Fictional?? We found it!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

The morning temperature has warmed to 67°F (19.5°C) which makes for a very uncomfortable walk. We removed a roadkill squirrel and found a dime.

It was found on Simonds Road in nice condition. Yesterday, we were thinking we have not found any folding money for a while. Then farther along Simonds we found a wadded-up bill.

Whoa, a one-hundred-dollar bill. Then on closer inspection we found it was printed for “Motion Pictures Purposes”. That sucked. But then we found it was a “Copy.” That means it was a fake stage prop. That sucked even more. What a sick litterer.

But wait, did this guy want to atone?

A real five-dollar bill. Abe never looked so good.

We found another spent shell.

This was for a marine flare. We are nowhere near the water, there are movie scenes there the villain gets shot with a flare pistol. Maybe he was stealing some fake prop money.

We found an empty green jug in the gutter along Juanita-Woodinville Way.

It was labelled kerosene and from the smell, that is what it was. Okay, this is probably from the part of the movie where the hero burns the counterfeit money to keep the bad guys from getting it.

Another “New Driver” magnetic sign.

“That was very good, but next time try Xcelerating a bit slower.”

Yep, another Gypsy Moth trap with no one inside.

Your government taxes at work. If these things are so valuable, just import them from China. You can probably get them on Amazon.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

We removed another roadkill rabbit today and almost saw another buy it when it ran in front of a car, but narrowly escaped. We did find twenty-six cents today.

But the quarter was Canadian. Not a problem, we’ll take it. So, at today’s exchange rate, the Canadian quarter is worth nineteen and a half cents. We need to track this guy and demand another five and a half cents.

We also saw another penny. U.S, this time, so real money.

Unfortunately, it was embedded in the pavement, and we were unable to dislodge it. We are not easily deterred. We will be back.

Yet another one of these Chinese ducklings.

This one looked innocent enough, but they are the evilest.

Finally, we picked up another wallet, the thirteenth since we have been keeping track.

It had already been ransacked and the only things left in it were some credit cards, a couple of business cards and a dime and two nickels. We could have tried to track the owner down, but we turned it in to the Bothell Police. Yes, we turned in the twenty cents too. We have our scruples. Now if there had been a twenty-dollar bill…

Janet has a reputation for tossing objects we find back over fences. She throws like a girl. Today, she attempted to toss a toy over the KinderCare fence and ended up hitting herself in the head.

She earned herself a black eye.

Thursday, July 28th, 2022 – 160th to 124th Street

Another warm 67°F (19.5°C) morning that is starting to take a toll on us. If we were wearing shorts and no vest, it wouldn’t be so bad. However, that is not an option since we are often in the street and frequently wade into berry bushes. We removed a very small rabbit from the road but found a lot of change.

Okay, only twenty-nine cents, but it kept things interesting. We picked up two pennies in the park-and-ride, a quarter along Juanita-Woodinville way and two pennies on the freeway on- and off-ramps. By examination, you can tell which two pennies spent time on the freeway ramps.

We also found a tool on the freeway onramp.

A slightly used and not runover masonry drill bit. We looked around but didn’t see any fresh holes in the concrete, so we took it. We never know when we’ll have a sudden craving to drill holes in concrete.

Near a bus stop, another lug nut.

No, this does not look like it came from a bus. It now resides in our lug nut jar.

There is a homeless guy who plays a guitar for handouts by the freeway. His has signs that talk about being an out-of-work traffic flagger who will have work next week but needs some money to tide him over until payday. We figured that was his ruse. Today, we saw him walking down the street.

He was carrying a “Slow” sign in one hand and another rolled-up sign in the other hand. He may be adding to the credibility of his act or may be a real flagger. We don’t know for sure, but it seemed like a red flag to us. Not the one he was carrying, of course, just the general idea.

Today, we cut our route short. It might have been because of the heat, but it was because we were delayed. On NE 160th Street near the freeway, a Chevron station was rebuilt but the street view was heavily overgrown. Since last week, they did some mowing.

This is just a small amount of the remnants. We spent an extra thirty minutes cleaning up and only made a dent in it. We proclaimed it a “grooming area” which means we will work on it over the coming weeks until it is cleaned up. We did avail ourselves of the station’s dumpsters. We don’t think they minded.

We found another shell casing on the NE 160th Street overpass.

It had been runover. We checked the caliber, and it is a 7.62×39 round. Chuck is well aware of the 7.62 round for the M14 army rifle, but not the 7.62×39. According to Wikipedia, this round was “widely used due to the worldwide proliferation of Russian SKS and AK-47 pattern rifles.” Great, The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Friday, July 29th, 2022 – 100th Ave NE

Another warm morning. No roadkill and the money just keeps rolling in.

First, along 112th, a penny in the gutter followed by a quarter at the Safeway gas station. Then along 100th Ave NE, a dime, and another penny. Thirty-seven cents. But wait. Four weeks ago, Janet spotted some change in a crack under the Dairy Queen drive-up windows. Since then, she has tried various tools to get the coins to no avail. Today she succeeded using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Another sixteen cents making a total of fifty-three cents for the day.

Another ruined CD.

Operation: Mindcrime by the band Queensryche. We haven’t heard of either, but according to Wikipedia, they formed in 1980 and are still actively touring and recording and are considered leaders of the progressive metal scene. Probably why we have not heard of them.

We found another wallet of a sort.

A credit card holder with only one card in it. A Dave & Buster’s power card to play games. To find out how much is on the card, you need to go to the store. Not worth it to us.

There must be a story here.

These were dropped together along 100th Ave NE. A beard facial hair coloring kit and a pregnancy test kit. Someone with a beard is worried that they are pregnant? Neither a bearded man nor a bearded woman needs to worry about becoming pregnant. We’ll leave it at that.

Saturday, July 30th, 2022 – Riverside Drive

Today was again very warm, but like yesterday, we didn’t need to remove any roadkill and found more money.

On Brickyard Road was a pile of loose change and nearby another nickel. Then, at the park-and-ride and the I405 onramp, we picked up two more quarters. Ninety-eight cents! For once, somebody did not give us their two-cents worth.

We thought we found a rag, but it was a boy scout t-shirt.

On the front was a small logo for a Bothell, WA scout troop and on the back, a large logo for a Crofton, MD scout troop. So, is this like a scouting report? And is Bothell the farm team for Crofton or vice-versa?

Someone dumped a bunch of large prawns at the blocked entrance to the Sammamish River.

There seemed to be other things mixed it, so it may have been a stew of some kind. It’s a good thing it was dumped here. It was very malodourous. One would expect the crows to be all over this, but it was not on the road.

Someone already baptized the freshly-cleared ditch we cleaned out on Thursday.

An empty beer can. They just couldn’t bear it. “Hey, Zeke! Check it out, a clean ditch. Let’s go buy some beer.”

We found a nice saw blade.

Okay, it may be missing a few teeth, but still.

At the park-and-ride, a girl’s choker.

The necklace kind, not the other kind. No leash, though. Oh, stop it, we’re joking. Have we all lost our sense of humor?

We found a kid’s remote control.

It is an Infini Fun My Remote Control. It is really a noise maker with no remote-control capabilities. The marketing states “The remote features 4 game modes and triggers silly sounds and lights.” Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration. It had no remote-control features and only one light. The “game modes” refers to the four buttons on the bottom. They control what the number buttons do. In the blue mode, the buttons make random sounds. The other buttons say the button number in English, French, and Spanish. Therefore, “4 game modes.” However, it does make noise. “Timmy, Daddy’s driving, please stop punching those buttons. Timmy, stop making so much noise. Give me that damn thing.” Which is how we happened to find it in the gutter.

Well, that wraps up another week and it has been a banner one as far as our money finds. We found money every single day, which is a rarity in the best of times.

Our take this week,

  • $7.33 including a five-dollar bill.
  • 100-dollar bill motion picture prop.
  • 3 Balls, all but one sent back into random yards.
  • 2 Shell casings, one AK-47 and one flare.
  • 1 Noisy, nonremote-control.
  • 1 Choker without a leash.
  • 1 Black eye.

Have a great week and stay cool in both senses of the word.

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