A Sign-ificant Failure

Monday, August 15th, 2022 – Safeway

Starting a new week, we found no money and removed two rats and a small bird. But we did find a tool.

Yes, only a socket, but this one is a rare black socket. We can ask a hundred bucks on eBay. Heck, as long as we’re asking, let’s go with five hundred bucks. With all the people on eBay, someone might bite. Maybe that Nigerian Prince we sent that money to a while back. He should be released from prison by now.

Behind some bushes, we found some needles.

Needles and some orange pills. Also, three containers of something. Two were empty but one was half full. When we got home, we checked them out. It was Sterilized water. They were probably shooting up thinking they got the special batch.

We have been looking for this for a long time.

The spot. We took the X and will come back later with tools to check it out.

More clothes.

A pair of men’s underwear and a camo scarf. The scarf was hard to see but both were in very rough condition. Into the garbage with both.

Food and drink for today.

An almost full can of whipped cream. Wait, make that whipped topping. It is from the Lucerne Farms, so exactly what is it whipped from. And why do people purchase and toss it. Yes, we know the kinky reason, but not everyone buys it for that. Or do they.

We also found a large bottle half-full of fireball cinnamon whiskey. We are not sure, but it may be related to the whipped cream topping. We poured the fireball out and got our hands sticky. Well, our gloves anyway. They are easy to toss. The gloves, not the hands.

Another water bottle with yellow liquid in it.

The water is branded Poland Spring. No, that can’t be the color of the water in Poland.

A note from last week when we found a watch on the I405 onramp.

After some research, we determined it is a twenty-dollar Chinese watch. It appears that the activation button is stuck in and, although the watch is charging, it never wakes up. We could try to fix it, but for twenty bucks, it’s not worth it. If you want it, let us know. We’ll let it go for five bucks. Cash. Hey, the battery alone is worth ten bucks.

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

We found money today.

One penny on the freeway offramp, which is why it is so beat up. You could use it in a coin toss then spend fifteen minutes arguing whether it is heads or tails.

We removed a small snake and a small rabbit from the streets.

The snake seemed unscathed except it had expired. The rabbit was run over, and the crows had just discovered it. We removed it from the road and placed it near some bushes. After we left, one crow had flown to the ground but was looking in the wrong area. We don’t know if they finally found it.

This sign was placed to warn drivers of a road closure.

We have seen it operating correctly during the day, but every morning it had malfunctioned. It even had a generator chained to it happily humming away.

On the freeway onramp at the park-and-ride, another lost lug nut.

That’s a bad place to lose one.

At the park-and-ride, someone had a hot date.

First, we need some deodorant, his and her sticks, then dinner for two. A Jack-in-the-Box full meal, no expenses spared. There was a knife left, so no time to do dishes, just toss it. So, after a romantic evening of intimate deodorizing and fine food, what’s next?

Obviously ten minutes of ecstasy and a bottle of fine water. This is a high-class park-and-ride after all.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

Well, this is more like it. A good day, we didn’t need to remove any roadkill, but found money.

Thirty-eight cents, the hard way. First, near Safeway we found a dime and a penny in great condition. Then later a beat-up penny in the middle of the street. Then a corroded quarter in the gutter followed by another penny. Based on the locations, none were related except the first dime and penny. We don’t know who throws money around like this, but we appreciate it. Of course, foldable money would be more appreciated. Just saying.

We thought we spotted another coin.

But it turned out to be a New York Islanders NHL team coin. Perhaps they flipped the coin, and it came up Kraken.

The road-closure sign was again a no-show.

Even the generator gave up.

The only other thing of interest today, and we are stretching the word “interest” was a run over hub cover.

We would have tossed it, but the logo was interesting. Google lens found it immediately, a Sparco wheel hub cover. It is going for thirty bucks, but we wouldn’t be able to get that for this one. We’ll let it go for fifty cents. Let us know.

Thursday, August 18th, 2022 – 160th to 124th Street

This morning was very warm 70°F (21°C) for our walk at 5 am. We did our usual Thursday walk but did not go over the hill because of the heat.

We found more money.

A quarter on the freeway onramp and what looked like a nickel on the overpass. When we got home and examined the nickel in greater detail and decided it was an electrical box knock-out. So, twenty-five cents and a plugged nickel.

The sign was working today!

And with no generator. Perhaps they found the OFF2ON switch.

Another key for our key collection.

This is a copy of a car key, probably because they lost one of the originals. Now they lost the copy. There’s a key lesson to be learned here.

Well, this is a first.

A used COVID rapid test kit. It looks to be a negative test, otherwise we would have left it on the sidewalk.

On the freeway overpass, another tin-can candle without any writing on it.

We saw the first one last year, shown on the right. With some research we found it was a memorial for a teenager who died from cancer. We don’t know why this is on the freeway overpass.

We found Charlie’s dog collar on the sidewalk.

On the back was the telephone number of the dog’s owner. We left it on a fire hydrant and texted the owner where it was. They responded almost immediately with a thank you. Good deed for the day.

Friday, August 19th, 2022 – 100th Ave NE

It was even warmer this morning at 74°F (23°C) but strangely started cooling during our walk. When we arrived home, it had dropped to 68°F (20°C). We did find more money this morning.

A very runover penny at the entrance to Starbucks. Then two pennies found by Janet at the Dairy Queen. Janet is fast becoming the Dairy Queen Queen. So, three cents today.

We also picked up two roadkill birds.

We could not tell what kind of birds they were, but they were about twenty feet apart, so it may have been a drive-by birding. Hopefully they were the type that mated for life and would not miss each other. We don’t want to think about the children.

Okay! The sign is still working.

After several attempts, they appear to have got their act together.

We picked up a bunch of downed signs.

Another Compass Real Estate sign pointing in a random direction.

A garage sale sign.

This was at about 5:30 in the morning, so was this put up yesterday and was for 10:00 am to 3:00 pm yesterday? Or did they get up early this morning to put up the sign for today? But there’s another option. What if the garage sale was between 10 pm yesterday and 3 am this morning? Folks need to be more specific with their signage.

And, finally, a free sign.

And, yes, we took it. It was free. We put it in our Goodwill pile. We get some strange looks from the Goodwill workers.

We found a cover for a Jeep trailer hitch receiver.

It has a loop to connect to the receiver so it doesn’t get lost. It didn’t work.

This ended up being a heavy walk.

We found a bunch of brass fittings and a heavy plate from the Country Home Products store. Among other things, they make chipper-shredders which, anybody who watched the movie “Fargo” knows what it is used for.

It’s Friday, time to check out Chuck’s vest pocket.

The letter “n”, or is it a “u”, or the Greek letter nu “ν”? An empty pill pouch marked “AM” and “Wake Up,” just in case. More hair bands. Two game cards, one Marincess Bubble Ring Trap Card and a Gift of the Woods Enchant Creature. We’re not sure, but we figure the trap card is bad and the enchant creature is good.

Then a note by someone whose boyfriend comes over and after dinner, they go to bed. She turns the fan on and covers up with a blanket. He turns the fan off because she has a blanket. They argue about it, and he goes away mad. This doesn’t sound like a very strong relationship to us.

Finally, a Starbucks gift card with no money left on it, and a 38D two-pack, obviously.

Saturday, August 20th, 2022 – Riverside Drive

Another warm morning today. We found no money, but we were in a hurry so may have missed some coins along the way. We were heading out of town for a wedding on Sunday. We did remove a roadkill rabbit, though.

A pair of disposable underwear.

Just because they are disposable doesn’t mean you should litter them. We think they were unused, but we do wear rubber gloves.

Nothing to do with litter, but we saw this truck being worked on while running an errand yesterday.

There were three people in camp chairs watching one guy working on the truck. It must have been a government job. One guy working, one guy from OSHA, one QA inspector and one from the GSA to make sure the guy doesn’t over charge his hours.

A Zing Zonic Whistling Arrow.

They are advertised to travel over 250 feet so it’s no wonder someone lost this one. A pack of ten arrows is twenty-eight dollars, making this one is worth $2.80. But the bow for it costs about thirty-five bucks, so it’s not worth it to us to keep the arrow.

A flock of geese went honking overhead this morning.

If only we had a bow for the arrow, but they were higher than 250 feet anyway. Wonder if the guy who overslept will catch up.

We found a littered plastic bag with a note.

Picked up at 5:45, courtesy call at 5:28. But what we want to know is what time they tossed it out the window.

We found a couple of tools today.

A saw blade and a garden hose splicer. When the judges saw the tools, we were told that the saw blade doesn’t count because it was worn out and the garden implements are not allowed. We think the judges make up rules as they go.

We found more stolen mail.

There was quite a bit of it. We stuffed it onto a bag and after our walk took it to the Police Station. They asked where we found it and when we told them, they asked if we had touched the mail. Well, duh, we picked it up.

The officer said there was a burglary near there last night and our fingerprints would be all over the mail. Great. It wasn’t until later that we remembered we were wearing gloves, so they can’t track us down. Oh, wait. We gave them our name and phone number.

That wraps up another walking week. Our finds this week:

  • A bunch of stolen mail.
  • 67 Cents.
  • 11 Mike’s Hard Lemonade cans.
  • 8 Roadkill including one snake.
  • 3 Articles of clothing, one disposable.
  • 1 Plugged nickel.
  • 1 Dog collar, Charlie’s.
  • 1 COVID test, used, negative.
  • 1, 38D two-pack.

Have a good week and we’ll return next week. Unless, of course, we are in jail.

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