Bust Your Nuts

Monday, May 8th, 2023 – Safeway

When we left the house at 5:00am this morning, it was already twilight with sunrise at 5:39am. We are getting close to retiring our flashlights for the summer. The difference between getting suited up in the deep of winter to the bright summer is about ten minutes and five pounds.

We didn’t find any money and removed our first snake of the season. We normally remove about five snakes per year, but mainly on Riverside Drive, for some reason.

Outside the apartments on 112th Ave NE, an unopened package of Canadian Bacon.

Those whacky Canadians. This is nothing like bacon. It’s more like glorified ham that some people put on pizza with pineapple. How weird is that? We’re sure that the Italians import “bacon” from Canada and pineapples from Hawaii to make pizza. Is Canadian bacon even used on anything else?

On Juanita Woodinville Way, we found a wad of Kleenex wrapped around something. Fearing the worst, we used our picker to unwrap it.

It turned out to be a theft alert device. They must have used the Kleenex to muffle the device while they made off with the goods. There is probably a YouTube video on how to use Kleenex to bypass these devices.

Speaking of YouTube, a few weeks ago we found this combination lock on the freeway onramp.

Chuck finally got around to researching it. Since it was open, we thought it would be easy to reset the combination, but it turns out you need the right combination to reset it. After watching about a half hour of YouTubes about this lock, Chuck determined the combination in about ten minutes and reset it to 0-0-0-0. It sells for about $16 so we’ll let it go for a bargain price of $10. Oh, yeah, there is that YouTube video. Okay, $5 or best offer.

This is ridiculous.

At the KinderCare, there is a mess in the parking lot, obviously left by an employee. Do you want someone like this teaching your kid Littering 101?

Also, at the KinderCare, we found a giant die.

We decided to try our luck and our magic number was three. We look forward for what it would bring.

At a bus stop near the KinderCare was a pair of socks and a two-pack wrapper for a new pair.

So, our assumption is that there were the three pairs of socks, this used pair and the two new pair that the person acquired. There was also a bunch of food wrappers and drug leavings in the area. This three pair was probably not our lucky number.

At the covered bus stop on Juanita-Woodinville Way, it appears someone is planning a BBQ party.

Given the chaotic weather we’ve had, having the party in a sheltered area seems good. Also, the hose makes sense in case of a fire in the enclosed space. And the beer cooler is always a necessity. Wait, also access to public transportation! Wow, what planning! They just need a sign advertising a Mother’s Day BBQ.

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 – Park-and-Ride

Another nice day. We found no money and no roadkill. As we passed over the freeway to the northbound bus stop, we met a person waiting for the bus.

He asked us about the 311 bus because it was late. We wondered why he was asking us until we realized that Chuck was wearing the King County Metro cap that was given to us by some bus drivers a couple of months ago. Janet explained to the rider that Chuck was clueless. He seemed to acknowledge that was obvious.

He was trying to get to Woodinville. We pointed out that he only needed walk down Brickyard Road, turn right for a couple of blocks and he would be there. When we left him, he was headed down Brickyard Road. We have no idea if he made it.

We picked up a lot of trash in the park-and-ride and left it at the parking place the official cleaners use. We also found a tee-shirt.

“Navy Mom,” complete with an anchor tattoo on her arm. She looks like a cross between Jane Jetson and Rosie the Riveter.

Neither of them had a tattoo, though, as far as we know.

On the way up Norway Hill, we saw that someone cleared the vines off a very steep bank exposing a lot of tree roots.

This does not look like a good idea unless they are planning to replant it. Erosion could be a problem.

At the park-and-ride, an empty bottle of Max Fuel Male Enhancement Supplement.


Not on our walk, but on the NextDoor App, someone posted a picture asking what this stuff is on his shrub.

Just to be clear, this was NOT one of Chuck’s failed roadkill tosses.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

Today the skies were completely clear, so it was a little cooler until the sunrise. A beautiful morning. We removed a roadkill rabbit from Juanita-Woodinville Way and found money!

A very beat-up nickel in the gutter, a penny at the gas station, twelve cents and a dime in a parking lot, a penny in the gutter and another penny at the bus stop. A total of thirty cents the hard way. This week is looking up.

We also acquired a tool.

Another 10 mm socket for our collection. If anyone needs a replacement for a lost socket, please let us know. We probably have one.

We found a very small wind chime.

The disc is about three inches across and there’s no picture or design on it. Also, when we got it untangled, it would take a gale-force wind to get it to chime. And it didn’t chime, it kind of clanked. So, it should be called a “gale clank” not a “wind chime.” It was small, though, we’ll give it that.

Elon Musk and SpaceX are having a bad run.

Yes, we found another failed rocket. It looks like it could use some of that Max Fuel Male Enhancement Supplement we found.

In the bushes near Safeway, someone tossed an empty cloth shopping bag and a small pack.

When we got home, we checked the pack for any identification, but there was none. But there was a small trove of random items.

Starting with the top row, a packet of Sweet n’ Sour sauce, just because. An unopened, five-dollar Master Lock combination lock. However, after picking the previous combination lock, this one would be a piece of cake to pick. We will probably send it to Goodwill. Then an LED flashlight that runs on three AAA batteries. Don’t get us started on flashlights. This one is definitely headed for Goodwill.

Then, a bottle of pepper spray, an empty butane cigarette lighter refill, a small tin of Burt’s Bees lip balm and, in a plastic bag containing ninety-seven cents, score! A metro bus pass.

In the second row, we start in the drug section. First, part of a match box used for striking matches, small canisters used for the stash (empty), some cigarette papers, matches, and two half-smoked cigarettes. They saved these?? We pick up half-smoked cigarette butts up all the time. A melted dope pipe, what we think is a sewing tool, but probably drug-related.

Then, a broken mirror. We’ve seen in movies where mirrors are used to lay out cocaine, but we didn’t find any razor blades. A very nice miniature hammer, perhaps used to break the mirror? The hammer is on eBay for about fifteen dollars, so if you have need of a miniature hammer, let us know.

A very nice Gerber knife, $35 on Amazon. And, what the heck, two unopened packs of Pokémon cards and a Pokémon coin. This is the first Pokémon coin we have found, and we still don’t know how to play this game. We did find out that Pokémon is a Japanese abbreviation for “Pocket Monster” which is not exactly inviting. Still, we should figure this out.

Thursday, May 11th, 2023 – 160th to 124th Street

The weather this morning was again wonderful, and it could have been another great day. Except we went from riches to rags. No roadkill and no money. The 14-Hands wine folks seem to have reappeared. Three bottles and seven wine cans.

And obviously they are trying to impress a new girl. They added Caviar to the mix. Then there is the unopened bottle of Heinekens. Who knows? Perhaps she’s Danish, we don’t know.

We think we found a couple of tools. The first a run-over tie-down winch.

It was badly damaged and will be recycled. Also. a small drill bit.

At least it looks like a drill bit, but only has the hexagonal grip with a cylindrical “drill ” part which does not seem useful. One of the mysteries of TrashWalking.

At the park-and-ride, an apparently happy worm.

A happy worm doll seems a bit strange to give to a child, so we figured it must be based upon a children’s short story.

We asked ChatGPT if it was aware of any such story. It came back with the following,

“Once upon a time, in a lush green garden, there lived a small and cheerful worm named Wiggles. Wiggles was no ordinary worm; he had a special talent for making others happy. Every morning, he would emerge from the rich soil, his body wiggling with delight.

Wiggles loved to explore the garden and bring joy to all the creatures he encountered. He would slither through the grass, saying hello to the buzzing bees and the chirping birds. He would wriggle his way through the flower beds, spreading happiness with every inch he traveled.

One day, Wiggles came across a sad ladybug named Lila. She had lost her way and couldn’t find her friends. Wiggles, seeing her distress, approached her with a warm smile. He offered his assistance and guided her through the garden, showing her the way back to her fellow ladybugs. Lila’s sadness turned into gratitude, and she thanked Wiggles with a cheerful flutter of her wings.

Word of Wiggles’ ability to bring happiness began to spread throughout the garden. The insects, birds, and even the flowers started seeking him out whenever they felt down or needed a boost of joy. Wiggles happily obliged, using his infectious positivity to brighten everyone’s day.

One rainy day, as the garden was soaked with water, Wiggles encountered a little snail named Sammy. Sammy was feeling gloomy because he couldn’t move as fast as the other creatures. But Wiggles, with his unwavering cheerfulness, reminded Sammy that being slow had its advantages too. They explored the garden together, Wiggles celebrating each step Sammy took. Sammy soon realized that his slowness allowed him to notice the tiniest details and appreciate the beauty around him.

As time passed, Wiggles became a beloved figure in the garden, celebrated for his ability to bring happiness wherever he went. The garden flourished with laughter, gratitude, and a sense of unity, all thanks to the joyful worm named Wiggles.

And so, Wiggles continued to wiggle through the garden, spreading happiness and reminding everyone that even the smallest creatures could make a big difference in the world.”

Yeah, we should have just dumped Wiggles and left ChatGPT out of it.

Friday, May 12th, 2023 – 100th Ave NE

This was another fine day with clear skies and 51°F (10.6°C) which is about the optimum temper for us. Even better, we found no roadkill and found more money.

Two dimes at Janet’s favorite drive-thru. The money just keeps stacking up this week. Yes, in small piles, but still.

Okay, we didn’t find any real roadkill, but we did find this lizard. No, we didn’t shoot it, the hole is probably part of the molding process. Or maybe someone else shot it, but it doesn’t matter. The Judges won’t let us count it as roadkill.

There was a tool, though.

It’s a Robertson or square bit, a little rusty but still usable. Coincidently, a neighbor friend and I repaired our dryer, and we used a Phillips bit. Everything went smoothly until upon reassembly, it was necessary to drive a sheet-metal screw into an unthreaded hole in the new part. The Phillips bit failed. Then upon closer examination, we realize the screws were combination screws primarily designed to work with a Robertson bit but can work with a Phillips. Anyway, we switched to a short Robertson and the screws drove in flawlessly. During the reassembly, we used a Robertson bit but needed to use an extension for several of the screws. It would have been better If we had found this long bit yesterday. It’s like we were screwed.

We found some liquor today.

About a half bottle of Canadian Mist Whisky at a bus stop and about a third bottle of Piña Colada cocktail along the road. We could see one or the other, but not at the same time. And certainly not at 6:45 AM. Unless of course there were extenuating circumstances. Like find a $100 bill. Okay, we’ll even settle for a $50 bill.

We picked up another water-butt bottle.

We find urine bottles that we empty and recycle. We find water-butt bottles like this and mostly find a garbage can for them. To our knowledge, we have not found a urine-butt bottle. We are not sure what we would do with that, but we would hope that whoever tossed it burned his winkie producing it.

A beer cozy for a beer we have never heard of. Victoria Beer that must be out of Canada.

Wrong, Victoria Beer is another Mexican beer. We figured it was an upstart brand, but again, we were wrong. According to Wikipedia, “Victoria is a 4% abv Vienna lager first brewed in Toluca, México, in 1865 by Compañía Toluca y México. Grupo Modelo bought out Compañía Toluca y México in 1935.” So we were wrong on both counts. Well, we’ll bet they didn’t have beer cozies back then.

We found a CD that was in terrible shape.

According to what is left of the label, it is a Juniper Networks Sales Talk from 2004 by Christine Heckart who seems to have had a good career in the networking industry. According to her LinkedIn page, “Christine Heckart is the non-binary, genderfluid founder and CEO of Xapa World and has experience on both sides of the board table.”

“Please bust a NUT!!!” We found this near a local middle school.

We get the general message, but whoever put this together should look up the term, “bust a nut” before you ask everyone to nut all over their school together.

Near a KinderCare, we found a discarded Photography Report.

It has the pictures and names of all the kids in one of the classes. This is probably not something they should be so careless with.

A Venn Diagram of Brad and Grant.

Somehow, we get the feeling whoever put this together wasn’t a big fan of either. We weren’t sure until the part about them being menaces to society.

It’s Friday, time to check out Chuck’s vest pocket.

Starting with the cards on the left, a calling card for a nurse working at Evergreen Health, a local hospital. She specializes in Infomatics. A card for the Hidden Treasures Daycare that we walk by every Friday. Another card for a Leasing Consultant for a new apartment complex in Bothell. And finally, another tossed gift card. As usual, we checked if there was any money left on it. To our surprise, there was $2.86 left. The fools. They could buy a half cup of coffee, without a tip, of course. But we will count that as more money we found this week.

Another Pokémon card, a small baseball card for American League MVPs 1936 which was Lou Gehrig. A small plastic bag. We thought it might be a dime bag, but they normally have something printed on them. So, this is probably just a small plastic bag. It should at least the printed “WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children.”

Another pair of smashed glasses, a coin with the Ten Commandments on it. It was kind of small to have all ten commandments, but we checked, and they are all there. It’s a good thing there weren’t fifteen commandments.

A five-amp fuse. We didn’t check if it has been blown. A piece of plastic with Vstar on it. After some searching, we found that it is a Pokémon marker, but as we’ve said before, we don’t know how to play this game, so we don’t know what a Pokémon marker is either. An ABS hall pass, but we don’t know what ABS is, so we are not apt to visit to use it.

The toys are in the upper-right. A very small bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce. We tried to get the top off until we realized it must be a toy. A Nerf bullet, a small monster, and surfboard keychain from Hawaii. The monster may have fallen off the surfboard. A roadkill stegosaurus, and yes it was flat. A Finding Nemo toy that was not flat. Finally, a pair of unused earplugs to add to the other twenty pairs of unused earplugs we’ve found.

Saturday, May 13th, 2023 – Riverside Drive

This was the warmest of the year at 57°F (13.9°C). We are almost down to our minimal walking wear. We removed two roadkill squirrels and a snake from the streets and found more money.

In the driveway of the gun club on Woodinville Drive, four pennies. Then about fifty feet farther down, a fifth. Of course, we spent a few minutes scanning for any more, but that was it. Later, at the park-and-ride, we separately picked up a dime and a quarter. A nice money week indeed.

We found a couple of tools.

Well, sort of. The winch on the left had been run over multiple times and was recycle matter. The bungee cord on the right was bit beat up, but still quite serviceable.

We also found two pairs of underwear.

One men’s and one women’s. No, we don’t want to get into a gender discussion, just pretend it is twenty years ago. If we had found them together, we could have made up a good story, but one was found in the driveway of an office building on Brickyard Road and the other was in the park-and-ride. Too bad.

We happened to find three balls today and we normally don’t take pictures of them anymore.

But this soccer ball was at the bottom of the Brickyard Road hill, so it probably came down from there. “Dang, go get the ball, Fred.” “No way, it’s your turn, I got it last time…” Anyway, the ball was losing air. It did land in a batch of thorns after all.

We found this stick with a card on it.

This is a card from a Bingo-like Mexican game called Lotería as explained in Wikipedia. Why the “Brave” guy is stuck on a stick, we don’t know. We played this game once at a pub in Tucson. There were four of us and we each had a beer and played one game with about thirty other participants. Chuck won the five-dollar prize which he used to pay part of the bill and left. Some folks didn’t appreciate that we won and left after one beer. Perhaps that’s how this guy ended up on a stick.

As we were on our way up Brickyard Road, a van pulled into the center lane and the driver jogged toward us.

He said he sees us out here all the time. He gave us his business card and said if we ever need our roof cleaned or windows washed, he will do it for free. We really appreciate the offer, but if we have him do anything, we will pay him for it. Even though we grovel for money, we don’t really need the money.

This was unique.

On the freeway onramp, we found a Japanese fan. Okay, we didn’t check but it was probably made in China. Only the fabric and tassel remained. No sign of the geisha, either.

At the park and ride, there was another Friday-night mess.

Not only beer cans and other trash, but they left a bunch of tire marks spinning their cars in circles. Our only comforting thought is they probably burned about $200 of rubber here. Hope it was worth it.

Near the end of our walk down Juanita-Woodinville Way, we spotted something in the middle of the road.

It was the rear seat of a Kawasaki motorcycle. We hope nobody was sitting on it at the time. Under the seat was a list of about twenty items that should be checked daily. Strangely, none addressed checking the tightness of the rear seat.

With that, we wrap up our walking week with the following take.

  • $4.73. Much better this week, but it also includes the $2.86 gift card.
  • 16 Mike’s Hard Lemonade cans.
  • 13 Balls. This may be a record for a week, but we don’t keep count.
  • 5 Roadkill including two snakes.
  • 2 Pairs of undies.
  • 2 Master Locks. Both pickable.
  • 1 Pack of Canadian “Bacon”.
  • 1 Bus Stop BBQ.
  • 1 Navy Mom t-shirt with a Popeye tattoo.
  • 1 Wiggly worm with a bad story.
  • 1 Bust a Nut school note.

Have a great week and remember to keep your rear seat tight.

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