Home Sweet Home Plate

August 6th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

The weather was nice for this morning’s walk and we found a lot of random trash.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman for the first time in a few weeks.  He may have been on vacation.  We flung a mole, a rabbit, and,


a dragonfly.  I really need to draw the line on Janet’s flings.

Full flavor cigars.


It must not have been a very good full flavor.  We found Joshy’s stash.


More irresponsible dog owners.


The smoke drifting into the area from the wildfires creates some dramatic sunrises.


We saw two abandoned bicycles.


These are both near the apartments on 112th Ave NE.

For the second walking day in a row, we found a matching pair of gloves.


They were about a mile apart from each other.  We also found another rubber glove.


Dime Bag

Another Gatorade bottle with cigarette butts.


This one was in a ditch, not in the gulley we find most of them.

Life is beautiful…


but the road with this isn’t.

Home dust mask.


Use for relief from Common Household Dust?  How about cleaning your house?

We found some eyeglasses.


They’re not reading glasses and don’t appear to be prescription.  Just trendy, I guess.

20810806-12Go to Safeway, purchase a six-pack of Bud Light and find the nearest secluded parking spot.  Chug five of them.  Save one for the road.

I stole Home-Sweet-Home plate.


It’s destined for Goodwill.


August 7th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

Another nice day for a walk.  We found four bristles, three pennies and flung a squirrel.  As we approached the freeway, the Seattle-route bus crossed over and cleared the line of riders out of the bus stop for us.

Walking back along the sidewalk, a lady got out of her car and said there was a bunch of broken glass in the park and ride lot and asked if that was our area.  I told her we normally stay out of the park and ride but I would get it.  She followed me to the spot where there were six, Bud Light bottles and cans plus the six-pack carton.  None were broken.

The lady said it looked like someone had a party and thanked us for what we do.


Someone left a fairly nice table by the side of the road.  It looks like it would clean up well.

We found our fortune.


What is with these namby-pamby fortunes?  I want one like “You will find a $100 bill while picking up trash.”

Rock Candy



The Norway Hill Monster-Under-the-Mailbox has furniture!


Woody greeted us again today.


The McLitterers are back.


August 8, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Another beautiful day for a walk.  We found a nickel but nothing to fling.  We got a honk from our regular tan SUV and found a hubcap.


It was a generic hubcap, not a Toyota.  Just after finding the hubcap, a car stopped in the intersection.  The driver rolled down his window, said he appreciated the work we do and handed me a $30 Starbuck’s gift card.  Nice.

We found two rubber gloves.


I had my flashlight on when I went into the street to get a large plastic bag.  A guy on a bicycle rode past to a bus stop and said I could create more light with an LED in a plastic bag to diffuse it.  I said “probably” and he started talking about the LEDs on his bike.

Tesla Bike

He called it his Tesla Bike and said it had the same technology as a Tesla.  The “book rack” is a solar panel and the black canister had some rechargeable batteries from a power tool.  He was also carrying a small pack and started talking about Lego controllers for it.  Meanwhile Janet was getting way ahead, so I excused myself.  Interesting guy, but it looked like the only thing the bike had was solar-charged batteries for LEDs.

Irresponsible Dog Owner



“I threw… I mean I Lost my homework.”




August 9th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

It was a warm walk this morning and we got a honk from Mr. Handyman.  We flung a bird and a rabbit.  We found a bristle and,


five pennies in a rubber glove.  I figure that a druggie got into a fight and tried to make a “sock full of quarters” out of the rubber glove and what change he had left.

We found another rubber glove.


No pennies, though.

Out-of-control signage.


At the Park and Ride, we found a cooler someone dumped.


There were over a dozen unopened water bottles, rotting food and a baby’s bib among other things.  We tossed the food and placed the water bottles in the cooler.  Later we came back with the car and retrieved it.  The water bottles were used to water plants.  Doesn’t everyone use bottled water for their plants?


Two more lost tools.  The screw driver went into our found-tool collection.  The winch was too far gone and got recycled.

Glassless Glasses

We got a nice thank you from a passerby.


One Sweet Aromatic Cigar left.


Perhaps the smoker finally read the warning.  It did smell good, though.


August 10th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Another warm morning walk.  We waved to Salinas Construction who gave us our vests and got a thumbs up from the driver of a Costco delivery truck.  We see this truck every six weeks or so and we always get a thumbs up from him.  We flung a rabbit and found a bristle and a penny.

At the beginning of our walk, we found a baggie thrown in a bush a couple hundred feet from our house.  It had a package of Eclipse gum in it.  When we got home, we opened it.


What the… that’s not gum.


We got another rubber glove in the middle of the street and found an errant hubcap.


Nissan.  We should keep score.

We found Ashley’s credit card.


We reported it to Capital One and shredded it.  We came upon a makeup brush.


But I couldn’t make up anything to say about it. [Get it?]

We found a Vendange Lunchable in the ditch.


It was half full.  Janet and I fought over it, but she won.

On Fridays, we often play leapfrog with the Recology garbage trucks.


Today, this one stopped and asked Janet if she wanted to empty her bag in his truck.  Some days, she would have accepted, but today was fairly light.


Eight weeks here.


August 11th, 2018 – Riverside Drive.

This morning was warm but overcast with a slight breeze.  Toward the end of the walk a nice mist began.  The trash was moderately heavy, but several garbage and recycle bins were available for interim dumping.  We found a bristle and two pennies.  We flung an unidentifiable critter and a snake.


It seems we are finding more roadkill snakes this year.

We found a pair of rubber gloves and two singles.


We would like to know what the deal is with the rubber gloves.  Or maybe we don’t.  Wait, we wear rubber gloves.  Maybe we should discard our gloves near the end of our walks and pick them up the next day.

We also found a pretty-well camouflaged work glove.


We couldn’t find its mate.  It must have been better camouflaged.

Irresponsible dog owner:


Irresponsible banana eater:


Wasting time at the bus stop?


Here’s an idea.  Use it to put on your morning makeup.

Rhino 33

Rhino 33.  It makes you wonder what part of the Rhino they put in this stuff.  But, again, like last week, no headache.

It was a sad end to a Blue Angels flight.


It probably flew too low and got run over.

Anarchy at the apartments.


Can you guess which walk we are on?


Yep, Riverside Drive.  The weeds and berry bushes are getting out of control again, so the bottles are becoming harder to find.

I saw a cup behind a guard rail.


When I picked it up, I spotted a tape measure.  I had it cornered, so it is now added to my collection.  This is the eighth tape measure we’ve found since we started walking.  How does Chuck’s Used Tape Measure Emporium sound?

The McLitterers are getting McTricky.


While on our cool-down lap, Janet spotted this bag in the berry bushes behind the barriers at the end of 112th Ave NE.   It took some of Janet’s berry-bush trimming before I could reach the bag.  It contained the usual McLitterer’s trash as reported in previous blogs.  We didn’t find the two McCafe cups that usually accompany the bag.

A socket to add to our “Found Tool” collection.


I confess that if a tool is in good condition and useful, like the tape measure, it ends up in my tools.

Here is the current “Found Tools” collection.


If you see something of interest, we can make you a great deal. *

*Legal Notice:  All items have been run over and sold as-is.  All sales final.







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