July 30th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

It was 67 F this morning when we left the house, that made for an uncomfortable walk.  We got a drive-by honk and several waves.  We found two bristles and a quarter.  We also found, Score!


Underwear number 20.  That makes a score of underwear we’ve found at this intersection since we started walking.  Fruit of the Loom this time.

We found an Uber decal.


Perhaps the driver had a change of mind.  We also found a bunch of stolen mail strewn along 112th Ave. NE.


All of it was junk mail so got left at a nearby dumpster.

The streak continues.


Another rubber glove.  Also found a sunglass.


We travelled about a block along Juanita-Woodinville Way where someone dumped a bunch of cigarette butts.


We picked up well over one hundred of these along the gutters and in the median.


Another dime bag.

Is this what they teach the kids in school these days?


Blackmail comes to mind.

Always start your day with a good flossing and mouthwash.



July 21st, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

This morning was a bit cooler but still uncomfortable.  The mornings are getting visibly darker as we leave the house so we are using our flashlights for a longer time each morning.  I flung a small, unidentifiable roadkill and a fresh rabbit.  We picked up a lot of toilet paper (unused) and the remainder of the roll at the intersection of 145th and 100th.

We also found lost hubcap.


Yet another Toyota.


On the freeway off-ramp, we found these nail clippers along with a bunch of cigarette butts.

We found this bicycle helmet liner.


Is he a zombie?

We found a work glove,


and, of course, a rubber glove.


This keeps our rubber-glove streak alive.

12-inch Spike

We saved someone from a major flat in the Park-And-Ride lot.

Finally, I don’t know what to say about this.


It cost twelve bucks, but there’s no headache.  I wonder how much it is with the headache?  Notice the strategically-placed Samurai helmet.


August 1st, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Both traffic and trash were light today.  We got two honks, one who is becoming a regular.  We have not seen Mr. Handyman nor Salinas in a while.  The first two-thirds of our walk was pretty boring, but it picked up toward the end.  We did not find anything to fling, but found two bristles and a shiny penny.

We found another tool for our found-tool collection.


A half-inch Craftsman wrench in good condition.


These rolled-up fliers showed up about a week ago in several driveways, including ours.  We have been picking a few up every day since then.  One of their services is clean-ups.

Diet Coke and a Donut

It took three plays of Rock-Paper-Scissors, but I won.


Janet picked it up.


Some people are not responsible enough to have a dog.

Private Reserve Cannabis

Finally, our streak is still alive.


A rare black rubber glove.


August 2nd, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

We had another light traffic and trash day with nothing to fling.  Also, our rubber-glove streak was broken.  We did find a bristle and got honks from two of our drive-bys becoming regulars.  One is a tan SUV and the other a tan minivan.

While driving about a week ago, we saw a baseball cap in the freeway on-ramp intersection but it disappeared.  Today, we spotted it cleverly camouflaged.


There is now a cap-shaped gap in the line.


Glasses for people who want the suave and debonair look but don’t need glasses.

We cleaned out the “Gatorade Gully” again.

20810802-5 There were four more Gatorade bottles filled with cigarette butts over a period of three weeks.  We did not check what was in the Copenhagen snuff can.  Probably Gatorade.


August 3rd, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Today was Friday-light traffic and we got a shave-and-a-haircut honk from the tan SUV.  Again, no rubber gloves were to be seen.  Yesterday and today the weather was cooler.  Maybe that had something to do with it.



One day after cleaning out the gully, a new Gatorade bottle.


We found a jacket.  It was too small for us, so it’s headed for Goodwill.


Someone on the neighborhood blog was asking about wet-sanding.  I wonder if this is what he had in mind?

We found some pizza.


It must not have been very good.

Someone out there is not playing with a full deck.


“… playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one…”


It’s still there.


Seven weeks and counting.


August 4th, 2018 – Riverside Drive.

Today was nearly perfect for a walk, overcast and 58 F with a slight breeze.  The first part of the walk had fairly light trash, but picked up [pun] significantly after the freeway.  We flung a mole, a squirrel and a rabbit, I think.

We found a bristle and a penny.  We also found, and I think this is a first for us, two pair of matching gloves.


We found all of them separately.  We’ve had a long dry spell of two days, but today we also found a rubber glove.


Under the freeway, we found evidence that the McLitterers passed by.


Separately, we found a poker chip and a pair of socks.


A Lime-E electric bike.


This is the first I have seen in Bothell.

We found a minipackage of root beer.


The packaging must cost much more than the contents.

Of course, this being Riverside Drive,


we found big wine bottles, two this time.

California Republic

We were not sure what this was.  At first it looked like a bag, but it’s open on both ends.  After some Internet searching using Google’s reverse image search, we found it.

Face Shield

Visit the SA CO website for more information.  They show several ways to wear it, but I would not recommend walking into a bank with one on.

[Update] Janet ready to do her banking.


Attired in our “finds”, hat, glasses, shirt and gloves.

We found these railroad spikes.


They were heavy, but we hauled them home to recycle.

Lightning McQueen

Since retirement, Lightning McQueen has fallen on hard times.

For the last three days, there has been a car parked in front of the apartments on 112th Ave NE.  The first day, a guy was asleep in the fully-reclined driver’s seat with a bunch of random change scattered on the passenger seat.  The second day, the guy was reading and the third day, a girl was in the car also and said “Rise and Shine” to Janet.

Today, the car was gone, but in the bushes where it was parked, we found,


a shirt and a water bottle filled with yellow liquid.  Yes, that is what we think it is also.

We added the penny we found to our Money Mug.


We have been tossing any money we find in this Hofbrauhaus liter stein that we found early on.  We finally counted the money.  The total is,

  • 126.27 in US Dollars
  • 4.35 in Canadian Dollars
  • 1 Mexican Peso
  • 1 USSR Ruble

According to our Garmin activity trackers, we have walked a total of 990 hours.  This is somewhat low because it only counts activities and I did not start using activities for about a year.  However, using this number, our combined hourly wage is $126.25/990 hours or about 13 cents per hour.

Now, folks, this is way below the Washington State minimum wage of $11.50 per hour.  So if you want to contribute, you can toss your loose cash out the window along Juanita Woodinville Drive, 112th Ave NE and Riverside Drive and we will gladly pick up after you.





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