Walking Solo Olio

September 3rd, 2018 – Safeway Route Backwards.

Today, Janet left the house alone since Chuck is in Italy for the week.  I went over Norway Hill in the opposite direction than we normally walk.  Traffic was light since it was Labor Day – only one car was encountered on the hill

Damaged orange Ball


Into the recycle.  Sorry, not fit for the ball collection.

I smiled but never saw the flash.


Did find a job, though.


Turning onto 112th a man in a classy Audi made a U-turn, thanked me and said that he sees us every morning.


September 5th, 2018 – The Hill down to Riverside

The day before on the way up the hill from Woodinville I stopped to pick up a McLitterer bag but it was missing the cups and condiments.


Traffic seemed light so I ventured down the hill to find the missing pieces.  They were not there.  But did find enough other fast food trach to fill a bag.

Maybe Iron Man cleaned up.


Went off without our usual far-stick:


So improvised. Crooked Stick.



September 6th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Left the house at 6:45.  School is back in session so traffic on 112th was heavy.

No comment needed.


Teachers coping?


Gave up safe sex.  Teachers coping again?


Hadn’t found a glove in a couple of days.  Opened the Copenhagen can and . . . . . .


I didn’t know that rubber gloves can cause mouth cancer.  I will keep my fingers out of my mouth while wearing them.

Bat – I didn’t fling this little creature, just nudged it off the road with my toe.


More remnants of Independence Day celebration.


I also found six bristles, 27 tabs and two cents.


September 8th – Park and Ride/Semi-Safeway.

Saturday afternoon I stayed on flat ground – no Norway Hill.   Walking against traffic I started along the park n’ ride route, then continued to Safeway, back to 112th to home.

More bad luck for sore losers.


Stars are still out


We started finding this shiny confetti three months ago after a Cedar Park festivity.

Snack at the bus stop.


Someone must not have thought that it was so tasty and full of flavor.

Looks like teamwork – will wait until Monday when Chuck is back and I have my berry bush clippers.


More for our collection


It is not technically fall and the turkey basters are already out and malfunctioning.


Last time this will be recycled – went into the garbage.


A present for Baxter – a friend’s Shih Tzu.  He’ll be thrilled to have some proper poop bags.


Was hoping for some “Tighty-Whities” on skid row so I could practice selfie skills.  Watch out what you ask for – found some more of the outfit in the same area.  No socks – maybe the barefoot bandit?


Cinderella was here!?


It was free, so I took it.


Also found 5 I/2 bristles, 9 tabs; and flung a stinky squirrel.

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