A Tale of Two Boxers

December 31st, 2018 – January 1st, 2019

Happy New Year!

We spent New Years Eve and New Years Day at Kalaloch Lodge for our third year in a row.  We saw lots of Eagles.  We also saw a little trash, but it was not our territory so we left it.  Well, we did pick up some.

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January 2nd, 2019 – Safeway Route.

We had two of our Grandkids with us overnight, so Chuck walked alone.  Traffic was back to full throttle after the Holidays and the trash was also back to normal.  I needed to empty my recycle bag half way through the walk and filled it again.  Mostly cigarette butts and beer cans.  I got a honk from Mr. Handyman, a headlight blink from a random car and a wave from a Seattle bus driver and a Costco truck driver.

I found a bicyclist’s reflective Hell Cycle arm band. 20190102-1Wait, that was Bothell Cycle.

Also found the packaging for a Gillette Simply Venus ladies razor. 20190102-2She just couldn’t resist the urge to open it and shave her legs on the way home from the store.

Found a used, orange smoke flare. 20190102-8$35 for one-minute of orange smoke.  That’s an expensive New Year’s celebration.

Found a radiator cap near the Safeway gas station. 20190102-6 Not in good shape at all.

I thought I had found someone’s marijuana stash, 20190102-5but it was only tobacco and roll-your-own papers.

I found a personalized Christmas card so friends can keep them in their thoughts all year. 20190102-4Or not.

I came across a scut. 20190102-7There is a rabbit out there without a tail.

I spent some time on the walk trying to parse this slip of paper. 20190102-3I can’t quite figure it out.  It’s probably from China, though I don’t know what they were trying to convey.


January 3rd, 2019 – Park and Ride Route.

It was warmer today with a light rain.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and waved to Salinas Construction.  Traffic and trash are back to preholiday levels.

Congratulations, irresponsible pet owner! 20190103-2You are the first of the new year.  Please contact us to pick up your prize.

We found a donut about the size of a nickel. 20190103-3It’s part of a toy set.  I’ll bet nickels to donuts this is a choking hazard.

Speaking of hazards, 20190103-4Someone must have thought this stump was a tripping hazard.

Marijuana trash. 20190103-1The one on the left is distillate at $50 per ounce.  How many pot users had a New Year’s resolution to give up marijuana, but forgot?

Someone got a toy cat. 20190103-6Kitan Club Exotic Shorthair Collectible Figure Mystery Blind Box – 1 Random Piece.  $5.99 on Amazon.  The reviews are terrible, but shipping is free.

Someone rang in the New Year at the Brickyard Park and Ride.  20190103-5Ten Coors cans and one Bud Light.  The city should rent out the park and ride for private events.


January 4th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

It was raining and a bit breezy this morning. Traffic was Friday-light and we got a honk from Mr. Handyman.

The big find today was a pair of underwear. 20190104-1Men’s boxers, not our serial underwear dropper.  We have not “heard” from him since August.  He may have dried up.

We found a glove in the gutter.  20190104-2This was a work glove, not a rubber glove.  We haven’t found any rubber gloves so far this week.

We also found a an unused car floormat, we think. 20190104-3The person probably threw it out after reading the warning labels.  Companies could save a lot of money if California would just post a sign at the ports of entry stating, California contains materials known by the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects.


January 5th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

We had a nice walk this morning with chilly temperatures and no rain.  There was a normal amount of trash, nothing overwhelming.

On the way toward downtown Bothell, we passed a lawn with a very busy mole. 20190105-1These people need a good cat, or at least practice up on Whack-A-Mole.  Whoa!  $169.00 on Amazon?

We found a unique air freshener freshening the road.  20190105-2Usually they are pine-tree shaped.

These signs have been at the Bothell Park and Ride since the November Elections.  20190105-3We contacted his office to let him know these signs are here.  And they still are.  He lost, by the way.

Heading back from downtown Bothell, we uncovered a long-buried road sign. 20190105-4We will notify the City of Bothell.

As we approached Riverside Drive, an ambulance crept up on us from behind. 20190105-15It sounded a loud whoop as it approached the intersection and almost gave us a heart attack, which would have been ironic.

Farther down Riverside Drive, we came across this mess in a ditch. 20190105-5Someone had cleaned out a bathroom and there were toothpaste tubes, a pill box, a contact lens cleaning container, and dozens of cleaning pads and Q-Tips.  We spent about ten minutes cleaning up the mess.  Fortunately, there was a garbage can about fifty feet away.

Now, for our shopping list.  From the hardware department, we found tools. 20190105-6The Craftsman screw driver was pretty beat up, but the WorkForce pliers are in good condition.  They are both in our found tool collection.

From the clothing department, we have gloves. 20190105-7One rubber glove and one work glove.  No match.

Also from clothing, 20190105-8another pair of men’s boxers.  The second pair this week.

From the Games and Toys department, we found a playing card. 20190105-9An ace of hearts from the Nisqually Red Wind Casino near Olympia. Only one card, though so it would be a very short game of War.

Also from Games and Toys, we found two balls. 20190105-16The one on the left looks like a golf ball, but it is soft rubber.  The one on the right is a ChuckIt! ball, $7.80 on Amazon.  We found another exactly like it s few months back.  Both are currently in our ball collection.

Also, from Sports, we found another baseball cap. 20190105-10It is the same brand, New Era, as the cap we found last week with the unidentified M logo.  This one is a St. Louis Cardinals cap, $38.  It was found in the blackberry bushes under the freeway overpass. The slug on the cap seemed to like it.

From the Personal Care department, Skin Softener. 20190105-11A jar of Avon Imari Perfumed Skin Softener.  On sale now for $2.99.  Cheap.

Also, from Personal Care, 20190105-12Liquid Personal Lubricant with Aloe and Vitamin E.  Sounds healthy to us.

From the Grocery Department, we found this. 20190105-13A full bottle of Gatorade Frost, Glacier Cherry.  At first, we thought it was unopened, but the seal was broken.  The person must have tasted it and decided they didn’t like it.  I don’t know, it tasted okay to me.

That’s a big shopping list and we don’t know how we’re going to pay for it. 20190105-14We only found one penny this week.






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