Christmas Vacation

December 24th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Traffic today was very light as was the trash.  We didn’t receive any honks but did fling an animal.  We had a discussion as to what it was, either a large rat or a small squirrel.  We settled on a squirrel since the tail was fuzzy.

We thought we’d found another women’s thong. 20181224-1But it was just some black tape.

We found yet another rubber glove. 20181224-4

And another ball. 20181224-2This one was in some bushes behind a house so we tossed it over the fence.

We found a loose socket in the gutter. 20181224-3It is now in our found tools collection.

Some fine citizen dumped a mattress on Norway Hill. 20181224-5We will contact Bothell City.


December 25th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

Merry Christmas!  Our walk this morning was quiet with very little traffic and very little trash.  There was the occasional car, but no cars passed us in either direction on Norway Hill.

20181225-2The park and ride bus stop was empty.

We did harvest one of these signs that had fallen over. 20181225-11Some googling showed what we all thought, that this is a scam.  We may break our rule of not harvesting signs that are still standing.

We found a ball for our ball collection.20181225-5

We also found two hats.20181225-4A kids knit cap.

And a red baseball cap.20181225-6This is a cap made by New Era.  We don’t know what the M stands for and they make thousands of different caps.  Both are headed for Goodwill.

We saw this tablecloth. 20181225-1We decided to leave it since it was just hanging by a thread anyway.


December 26th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

This morning’s traffic was a bit more than yesterday, but still very light.  This results in less trash out there.  At the beginning of our walk at the first intersection, there was a spill of sewage on the road.  No picture, you’re welcome.  It looked like it was from an RV or House Trailer.  When we reached the apartments on 112th, we noticed the trailer that appeared on Saturday was gone.  Our theory is they moved in the last 24 hours and had a spill as they turned the corner to head over Norway Hill.  Fortunately, we did not see any other evidence of spills over the hill.  Later, we noticed a Bothell street sweeper heading up the hill, so someone may have called it in.

We found a husked coconut used for a drink. 20181226-1This is kind of disturbing after last week’s post.  I think it’s the first coconut we have found.

We found a soccer cone at the top of Norway Hill. 20181226-4Months ago, we found several cones at this same place.  This may be one that we missed and someone else discovered.

Near Safeway, we found some groceries under a tree. 20181226-2Some Quaker Oats Oatmeal, a box of Minute Rice & Quinoa and a box of Ancient Harvest Inca Red Quinoa.  There was a shopping cart nearby.  We suspect someone grabbed a shopper’s cart, took what they wanted and dumped the rest.

We found two pennies along the road about fifty feet apart. 20181226-3And that’s our two cents worth.

December 27th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

Today we got rained on even though neither of our weather apps predicted it.  We wear our rain jackets in cold weather anyway.  Traffic is still light and so is the trash.  We did get a honk from Mr. Handyman.

Someone lost part of their Hummer. 20181227-1Bummer!  Half of a hubcap?

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we found a pear today. 20181227-2The guy kept the tree and the partridge.


December 28th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

Traffic and trash were light again which made for a quick and boring walk.  We got no honks and found nothing to fling and no money.

The most interesting thing we found was this. 20181228-1Our first thought was Coffee, Milk and Tea?  Add some alcohol and they might have something.  After some research, it should be interpreted Coffee-flavored Milk Tea from Assam.  Not being a big tea drinker, I didn’t know there was something called Milk Tea which as a combination of, you guessed it, milk and tea.  This was manufactured in Taiwan by Tea5 and comes in other flavors like strawberry, melon and chocolate.  No rum flavor, though.

Loser. 20181228-2This is no way to make money to pay off your Christmas debt.

A guy just can’t have any fun. 20181228-3Hey, we told you it was a slow day.


December 29th, 2018 – Riverside Drive.

This morning the temperature was a balmy 49F.  It was breezy but with no rain.  We saw two roadkill rabbits, but one was already off the road so didn’t need flinging.

Unlike last week’s five-hour slog, today we made the walk in a three and a half hours.  Yesterday there was a lot of rain, so many of the cigarette butts were washed down the storm drains.  Also, unlike last Saturday, we didn’t find any freshly-painted, heavy vinyl or stashes of McLitterers’ trash to clean up.

However, we did find more McLitterers leavings. 20181229-1The first was dropped by the road on our property.  They are taunting us.  The second was a bag dropped off Riverside Drive near the freeway interchange.  We checked the location where we found five bags last week, but there were no new ones.

This is the time of year the car-reindeer start shedding their antlers. 20181229-7We find two or three of these each season.

Free Energy Booster! 20181229-3For $1.29, that is.

We found a plant with a strange root structure. 20181229-8It doesn’t taste like a carrot.

We found two more Butt-Bottles located a couple hundred feet apart. 20181229-6Not Gatorade bottles, though.

Another rubber glove, 20181229-9pink this time.

Christmas is over, where should I store my book of Christmas Carols? 20181229-2I know, I’ll just leave it on the street and pick it up next year.

20181229-5Still trying to pay off the Christmas bills.

Whew!  That was close. 20181229-10We were both getting hungry, too.

More LimeBikes.  20181229-4We passed these bikes yesterday while running some errands and they were symmetrically lined up next to each other.  This morning, two were knocked over by the wind.  So we knocked this one down next to the others.


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