End of Heart Month

February 25th, 2019 – Cancelled.

It was 29F this morning and too cold too walk.  Janet did volunteer taxes at the library all day and Chuck was too lazy to walk alone.  Enough said.


February 26th, 2019 – Park and Ride Route.

It was even colder this morning, but we walked in the afternoon when it had warmed slightly.  There were yet more Botts’ Dots to bring home, but they are thinning out.  However, there was more random trash including beer cans and bottles and food wrappers.  Some were new and some were recently-revealed by the snow melt.

At the Park and Ride we found a Target gift card and a debit card. So we notified Visa and shredded the card.  The target card has $1.59 on it.

We found these instructions from the USPS on how to clear snow for access to the mailboxes.  20190226-5We used the “NO” method.

Our walks would not be complete without finding a rubber glove. 20190226-4

Or a bag left by an irresponsible pet owner. 20190226-1

We found this left by another irresponsible person. 20190226-8We guess people need to do something to keep warm during this cold weather.

Someone lost a piece of heavy chain. 20190226-7It was added to the weight of our Botts’ Dots.

Caution tape around a blackberry bush stem. 20190226-6They do bite.

Dont eat unless your Lauen!! [sic] 20190226-9According to the Urban Dictionary, Lauen is a person who is sweet and honest and has many friends.  Well, we don’t know if that fits us, but we didn’t eat it anyway.  It didn’t look very appetizing.

Aw, you shouldn’t have. 20190226-2No, really.  You shouldn’t have.


February 27, 2019 – Safeway Route.

We took another afternoon walk today, so did not see any of our regulars.  Again, there was a lot of trash and Botts’ Dots.

As usual, we found a glove. 20190227-2

And the discarded pet bags. 20190227-6We actually found three different bags today, but we’re getting tired of taking pictures of these.

We also found two balls. 20190227-5

The tennis ball on the left was outside the KinderCare facility, so we threw it back over the fence.  The other is a Spalding High Bounce Handball.  It’s now in our found balls collection.

Also outside the KinderCare we found this. 20190227-8They need to teach the kids to not toss their empties over the fence with their toys.

We found some Laura Geller Lip Gloss. 20190227-1Nude Kisses.  I bet she would have been popular at the old kissing booths.

On Norway Hill, we found a raft. 20190227-3Is someone preparing for the rising tide due to global warming?  Come on.  You’re on Norway Hill.

Then again, we also found this on Norway Hill. 20190227-14A sea shell.  Maybe they know something.

We keep finding more e-Cig and vaping litter. 20190227-12They are actually advertising the nicotine.  This was grape flavored.

We also found the small vial. 20190227-4It’s only about an inch long and has a couple of drops of liquid left in it.  The bottom has a the word, ZONE with a registered trademark symbol.  We think it has something to do with vaping, but don’t know for sure.

We found a sweatshirt. 20190227-9It was red, sort of.  It has been behind the bushes for a while and was waterlogged, but we carried it back anyway.  If it cleans up, it will end up at Goodwill.

We came across another broken pedestrian sign. 20190227-11We came across the one on the left last week and this one today.  Someone has it out for pedestrian signs.  Certainly better than pedestrians.

Come on, have a heart. 20190227-10This is the second heart we’ve found in two days.  We would rather find hearts of gold instead of paper.

We found food.  Two steaks, one for each of us. 20190227-7But the bag was unsealed so they ended in our garbage.

However we did find some Oscar Meyer Deli Chicken that was still sealed. 20190227-13But it was a couple of days past it’s Use By date.  Oh, well.


February 28th, 2019 – Park and Ride Route.

Again, we are walking in the afternoon due to the cold mornings.  It is much more pleasant.  But no less trash.  The walk’s trash take is much closer to our normal as we get farther from the Snowmeggdon.  Today’s walk was closer to our two-hour normal.  Normal is good.

Getting our normal finds out of the way, we found a glove. 20190228-6

However, we did not come across any pet pooh bags.  But on the brighter side, 20190228-1we found sixth cents.  These coins were found a long way apart, and on Janet’s side of the road.  Someone is playing favorites here.

Well, we also found this on Janet’s side of the road. 20190228-2Obviously they don’t know Janet.   She does the Right side of the road.

We found a pair of safety/riding glasses.20190228-4They are safely in our collection.

We found more car parts.

A Range Rover emblem. 20190228-5

And we found an oh, or maybe a zero.20190228-8Maybe a yawn?  Anyway it’s not worth worrying about.

For the third time in a row, we’ve found a heart.

20190228-7Okay, we admit it is weak, but we’ll take it.

We found a Vodka bottle. 20190228-9Near the end of our walk, we found another vodka bottle.  We find a lot of these, but this one still had a swig left.  Just what we needed to make the last sprint. 

We also found a complete, we think,  e-Cig device. 20190228-3We have found a lot of parts of these devices, but this is the first time we’ve found a working one.  We activated it with the button and smoke started emanating from the seam which didn’t seem correct.   More to come.


March 1st, 2019 – Safeway Route.

We are finally out of the seventh snowiest month in the Seattle records.  There are still stubborn snow piles slowly uncovering their trash.  Today we only picked up seven of the Botts’ Dots.  Now we are addressing all the small pieces of them which are much lighter.  We did not see any of our regulars but got a few waves and a honk from a bus.  We also flung a very flat rabbit.

We found a variety of gloves. 20190301-1But no dog poop bags, for the second day in a row.  No, we are not disappointed.  Why did the glove cross the road?  Interestingly, this question has been asked several times on the Internet.  We didn’t see any answers yet. To get to the yellow line? 

Booze. 20190301-2We found an empty bottle of Handmade Vodka that we discussed in a recent blog.  Also found three empty minibottles of vodka and tequila on the street by the KinderCare.  We are really starting to wonder about that place.

We found another lost gas cap. 20190301-3It was about half way between the 7Eleven and Safeway, so we don’t know which it came from.  It was tenacious, but still ended up in our recycling.

We found a needle in a needle stack.  20190301-4No, not the type of needle we usually find, this one was a placeholder.

Our McLitterers also didn’t disappoint. 20190301-5Everything was standard except there were three sets of unused utensils, probably an error by McDonalds.

We did find a nice bracelet. 20190301-7It is made of sterling silver from Italy.  We will keep an eye out for the owner, but hopes are slim.  Also, Janet likes it.

We found this mess.  20190301-6This was all dropped together.  They obviously did not Do It Best.  The box was for an STB (Set Top Box) which gives us nightmares from our past (not retired) life.  Good bucket, anyway.

We found a key. 20190301-10We have a lot of these.  When our SSN runs out, we will start trying them in our neighbor’ homes.

After all the bad weather, someone threw in the towel. 20190301-9It wasn’t us.


March 2nd, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

We left the house later than usual at 7:15 AM and got back at about 11:00 AM.  This was a quicker and less challenging walk than last Saturday.  We flung a small bird and got a lot of friendly waves from passers by.

The main reason the walk was easier is that we are getting the Botts’ Dots under control.  We have now consolidated them in five locations near the Bothell City barricades. 20190302-9We found one company selling these for $2.65 per marker.  This is a gold mine.  Also, the State of California is not using them anymore and they will gradually go away.  Studies have shown they do not reduce traffic accidents significantly.  If California wants them removed, we know of some snow plow operators who are really good at it.

We found more gloves. 20190302-13Not near as many as last week, but still a lot.

Also dog-poop bags. 20190302-2These were stuffed in a rock retaining wall.

At the Sammamish River Park, we found another small wine bottle. 20190302-12This is a weekly event here.

This may also be a weekly event but it’s the first time we’ve found one here. 20190302-11Two beer cans and a condom.

We found a quarter. 20190302-1This one is a Northern Mariana Islands quarter which turns out to be one of the rarest of the state quarters.  So we looked up its value on the Internet and this one is worth 25 cents!

We passed the mattress again.  Someone dragged it across the street then replaced it with another. 20190302-6We really want to contact the city about this.

We found more drug evidence. 20190302-4It was just part of a hypodermic needle, though.

Kentucky Fried Chicken. 20190302-14And Tequila??  Bourbon, maybe.

We found some silverware. 20190302-8They don’t match and they’re not silver either.

Under the freeway, we found the droppings of the McLitterers. 20190302-5It had the standard contents.

Well, football season is over and the Seahawks did get into the playoffs, barely.  What to do with that Seahawks poster? 20190302-3Make an Origami Ninja Star!

At one point along the road, we spotted two big black bags that had been covered by weeds before the snow.  We dragged the large one up to the road.  The smaller one was disintegrating so we rebagged the contents into another bag.  It mostly contained beer cans with a few bottles. 20190302-7We came back later with the car to collect the stuff.  As we picked up the large bag, a small field mouse jumped out and scurried away.  Hopefully we didn’t bring any of its friends home with us.

The large bag had some cans, but mostly garbage.  It did contain an unopened pack of String Cheese sticks, but at that point, we’d lost our appetite. We got about half way through the black bag then dumped it into the garbage can.  Like always, we pulled the pop tabs off the cans. 20190302-10This was probably a record can haul for us, but we were too tired to count them.  By the way, we do rinse them off before delivering them.





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