Frisbee Fail

March 4th, 2019 – Cancelled.

It was too cold to walk in the morning.  Janet did volunteer taxes and Chuck was too lazy to walk in the afternoon.


March 5th, 2019 – Cancelled.

Again, it was too cold to walk in the morning.  We had a lunch date with our son Jim and his wife Jovana so did not walk.  However, we learned we are going to be grandparents again.  It was a wonderful surprise and certainly better than picking up trash.


March 6th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Finally, the temperature this morning was 32F so we were able to walk in the morning.  There was a lot of trash due to missing the weekend plus two days of walking.

Going down 112th Ave NE, Chuck had an easy time of it because the street sweeper was clearing the way.  20190306-6It turned around at the end of the street then swept up the side Janet had already picked up.  So it averaged out which seemed to be reasonable to Chuck.

A pair of rubber gloves next to each other. 20190306-1

Someone threw in yet another towel. 20190306-7We totally agree.  This winter is making us all throw in the towel.

Another irresponsible pet owner. 20190306-10

A small, clip-on, blinking beacon for joggers. 20190306-5And, yes, it was still blinking.  It was easy to spot.

We did find Anny Joy. 20190306-4Or is it Anni Joy?  Nice sunrise. Or sunset.  Either way, it’s a painted rock.  You might want to set your sights a little higher.

And, oh yeah, a pair of underwear with a bonus pair of socks.  20190306-3Not our serial drawer dropper.  Just a random pair.  The shorts are in the garbage and the socks are headed to Goodwill.  For those keeping score, Hanes.

Hey, Buddy, you’re breaking up. 20190306-8This is the second broken CB antenna of this brand we’ve found in the last two weeks.  Design issue?

Another out-of-bounds toy at KinderCare. 20190306-9We tossed it back.

We saw a rabbit’s scut. 20190306-12There was no sign of the rest of the rabbit.  If we were a rabbit without a scut, we would be pretty embarrassed.

We went down a hill to retrieve a Mike’s Hard Lemonade can and found a video tape. 20190306-13It was unlabeled and was waterlogged, so we couldn’t play it.  We don’t have anything to play it with anyway.

At one point, Chuck went half way down an incline into the berry bushes to get a frisbee. 20190306-11

After we took the photo of it, Janet attempted to toss it back into the yard we figured it came from.  20190306-14It hit a tree limb and landed farther down the hill next to the fence.  Her frisbee-tossing technique can be reviewed here.  It needs some work.

Someone tossed out a pregnancy kit.  Probably to test all the condoms we’ve found.  She’s been a busy girl. 20190306-2What can we say?

Keep out of reach of children?  Or keeping children out of reach?

Securely discard after first use?  What about the second use?

Either way according to the instructions, she was not pregnant.  We don’t know if this was good news or bad news to her.  To us it’s good news because it’s one less person in the world who will be taught to litter by their mother.  Especially pregnancy test kits.


March 7th, 2019 – Park and Ride route.

We started walking this morning in the rain but it quickly turned to  snow, heavy at times. 20190307-220190307-5This winter wonderland stuff is wearing thin.

Due to the snow, we didn’t find much trash, but did fine a glove. 20190307-3

We also got a bungee cord. 20190307-4This one was in good shape, not run over like most we find.

The snow didn’t stop the irresponsible pet owners.   20190307-1I’d like to bungee these to the person who dropped them.


March 8th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Yesterday’s snow mostly melted away and there was no rain.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman.  We have not seen him for awhile since we have been walking later in the day due to the cold.

Another victim of the cold weather. 20190308-3We’ve found several broken ice scrapers this winter.  Bad winter or cheap scrapers.

Someone wisecracker left us these. 20190308-1Premium Nabisco Saltine crackers.

And someone also left this. 20190308-2Hopefully, not for us.

Other than cigarette butts, we are finding more marijuana trash than cigarette trash. 20190308-4Top Strains, Plushberry and Obama Kush.


March 9th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

We walked an abbreviated route today because Janet had an appointment to get to.  We found a lot of trash along Riverside Drive especially by the apartments.  It was very disheartening.

Under the freeway, someone left an old TV, a bucket and a bottle of shower gel. 20190309-1What do these remotely have in common?  At least they didn’t toss the TV like people normally do.  The screen is unbroken.

As we approached the apartments where the mattresses were dumped, they were gone! Or so it appeared. 20190309-2Someone had dragged them off the road into the bushes.  THAT really helps.

Also by the apartments, someone has a favorite smoking spot. 20190309-3Last week we picked them all up.  Hard to see, but this week, there were over 30 new cigarette butts.  We left them.

Another poop bag in the retaining wall. 20190309-4Also at the apartments.  The apartments are the Rivercroft Apartment Homes.  We will think of a more appropriate name.

We did find a ball for our found ball collection. 20190309-5It was in better condition than it looks in the photo.  That put a little bounce in our step.

We found a discarded Career Day workbook. 20190309-6How Do I Get There?  Well, learning to write your name would help.


















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