Mating Season

May 13th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Today was mild with moderate temperatures.  This was our first walk on this route in two plus weeks and we paid for it.  There was a lot of small trash and the walk lasted three hours instead of our normal two.  We did not see any of our normal honkers, though got a lot of waves.

We found two more McLitterer’s bags buried near each other in the ever-growing weeds. 20190513-2Both bags contained the standard-issue McLitterer items.  We didn’t find the tea cups, though.

We found an offer from Chase for up to $600. 20190513-17It’s the “up to” that gets you.  For us, “up to” probably means a $1.32.  Then again, we did just return from Italy where we left a lot of Euros.  We should look into this.

This will be entered into our Litter-of-the-Year contest in the most wasteful category. 20190513-16This is always a difficult category to judge, but this has an untouched breakfast including eggs, potatoes, foil and Styrofoam container.  Loses points for the biodegradable eggs and potatoes, but gains points for the long-lasting Styrofoam and foil.  Also, big points for the full one-inch of napkins, unopened condiments and unused plasticware.  Still, they will have stiff competition with the McLitterers who have been very consistent.  It will be up to the Russian Judges to decide.

During our walk, we found three dog poop bags, two of them not even tied.  20190513-18We should add a poop category in our Litter-of-the-Year contest, but we would have trouble getting judges.  We don’t even to think about the color commentary.

We spotted a Goodwill cart. 20190513-8Inside, there was a gum wrapper and, what? another dog poop bag.  Wonder what Goodwill charges for them?

Then we found yet another doggie bag. 20190513-9This was an Amazon bag, obviously stolen and then dumped when they found it contained dog chews.  Ten bucks worth.  It’s the most expensive doggie bag we’ve found.

Rubber glove. 20190513-4

Half a snack. 20190513-6Half a bottle of Sprite and half a box of Wheat Thins.  We emptied the bottle and scattered the Wheat Thins in the bushes for the critters.

You hear a lot about people cutting the cord. 20190513-3This guy not only cut the cord but also destroyed the remote control.

We found two similar balls. 20190513-12One obviously came from someone’s back yard so we returned it over the fence.  The other is now in our ball collection.

Taco Time Trash. 20190513-7

Washington’s Lottery. 20190513-14Give us a dollar and we will give you this five-cent pencil.

We wish you a tiny Happy Birthday.  20190513-10This is the smallest Mylar balloon we’ve found.

We found two more bungee cords. 20190513-11Both were in pretty good condition.

Naked Sour Sweet. 20190513-15Vaping fluid.  It was still about a quarter full.  Must not be very good.

We’ve seen people at airports having a drink in the bar to calm down before getting on the airplane. 20190513-5But needing a drink to get on a bus?  This was also about a quarter full.


May 14th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

Today, rain was predicted, but it held off until we returned home.  We got a honk from a brown van that we see sporadically.  We also flung a squirrel.

At the party corner in the park-and-ride, we found a nine-pack carton of Coors Light. 20190514-6We also found all the 16-ounce cans that were in it.  Plus a Red Bull can because, after drinking all the beer, you need some energy to drive.

More rubber gloves. 20190514-5

And more irresponsible pet owners. 20190514-9

We found this odd-shaped cloth bag. 20190514-1We are not sure what it was fit for, but it fit in the bottom of our trash can.

A hula hoop escaped from someone’s back yard.  20190514-2We returned it to the yard without trying it out.  We didn’t want to disrupt the traffic flow.

We found a shiny nickel. 20190514-3

and a Ball Cake wrapper. 20190514-4We don’t want to know what a ball cake is made of.

Drugs. 20190514-7These were found together at the park-and-ride.  They are safely in our plastic mayonnaise jar for storing found needles.  20190514-10We should find a place to turn these in.

We found these next to each other on Juanita-Woodinville Way.  Another Rubber-Glove? 20190514-8Teddy Roosevelt was probably not thinking along these lines when he adopted the slogan work hard, play hard.

Maybe this guy was a boy scout.  Be Prepared.

If you can think of a better caption, please leave it in a comment.


May 15th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This was another mild, dry morning and we got a honk from Mr. Handyman.  Along 145th, we picked up a plastic bag that appeared to have a small animal in it.  At the top of the pipeline trail, we opened it and emptied a baby rabbit into the bushes.  We also flung a rat.

We found someone’s wallet. 20190515-1

It contained several cards including credit cards and an Oregon drivers license.  Nearby was a truck with Oregon plates.  It was early so we left it next to the garage door of the house.

Two breath mints were dropped on our path. 20190515-3Is someone trying to tell us something?

We found four separate rubber gloves. 20190515-10

We got a child’s sock. 20190515-6It was deemed “too cute” to be thrown away.  It’s destined for Goodwill.

We have picked up many losing lotto tickets.  We finally found a winner. 20190515-5One dollar!  This person got their ticket money back.  Good job!

We ventured down into Gatorade Gully.  The weeds are now two to three feet tall so we may not have retrieved all of the items. 20190515-2No Gatorade Butt-Bottles!  The two Monster Muscle bottles did contain cigarette butts.  Our perpetrator may have changed his M.O.

We found a Sea Shell. 20190515-7

And a .40 caliber shell. 20190515-8This was found near the apartments on 112th Ave NE.

We found a pair of underwear in the bushes.  20190515-4Hanes.  They were stiff, so they have probably been there a while.  At least we hope that’s why they are stiff.


May 16th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

Today was a mild morning with some fog.  We waved to Salinas Construction but got no honks.

We found a snake. 20190516-10It looked like a real dead snake, but was a rubber toy snake.

Some old photos. 20190516-11It looks like they are teaching the kids so smoke.

Someone left us a Bag ‘O Bagels.  20190516-8The bag also contained some Simply Balanced Fruit Strips and a couple of Band-Aids.  We don’t get the reason for the Band-Aids.  Paper cuts from the fruit strip packages?

A lock nut that didn’t. 20190516-12

Near the Park-and-Ride, we saw a girl riding her bicycle up the sidewalk with what looked like a large dog running beside her. 20190516-6The “dog” was actually a young buck.  It ran a short way into the bushes and ignored us.

At the Park-and-Ride there was a car with a heavy-duty bumper for the intensive off-roading. 20190516-9It looks like the Park-and-Ride is about as far off the road as it has been.

Another bungee cord in very good condition. 20190516-7Hardly run-over at all.

Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood. 20190516-4Black Tea.  Is this really why Bob Marley is mellow?

We found another CD. 20190516-5This one was in good condition and playable.

Not our cup of tea.  Perhaps we will try Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood.

We’ve been seeing Bud Light cans build up in a deep gully.  20190516-3There were several cans and a plastic bag, denoted by the red circle.

20190516-2Eight Bud Lights and one Steel Reserve can for variety.

The white bag was a Burlington Coat Factory bag, but contained purchases from Spencer’s in the Alderwood Mall. 20190516-1The bag contained an empty “kit” box, a deck of “Sexy Playing Cards” (included in the kit) and an unopened bottle of “Toy Cleaner”.  According to the receipt, the “kit” was $25 and the cleaner was $5.  Obviously the guy was not satisfied with it.  Maybe he also needed some of Sergio’s mood music.

If you want more “kit” details, look it up on the Internet.  We don’t.


May 17th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Yesterday, we were thinking that since we returned from Italy, we had not been rained upon.  So this morning it drizzled for our entire walk, but traffic was light.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and flung a rat.

A work glove in the middle of the street. 20190517-5Tried it on and it fit, well, like a glove.

Another sign of Spring. 20190517-1

Money! 20190517-2A quarter.  Keep tossing it out there, folks.  We’ll keep picking it up.

Another dog poop bag. 20190517-3Yep.  We’ll keep picking it up.

Bandit Wine. 20190517-4They should make Litterer Wine.

Sadly, we found a dead birdie. 20190517-6It’s okay, go ahead and groan.


May 18th, 2019.  Riverside Drive.

This morning was a very nice morning.  Mild with no rain.  It was also a quick walk for Saturday since the rain yesterday washed a lot of the cigarette butts into the ocean.  It was not a very nice morning for the two birds and a very flat rabbit we flung.

One of the first things we found this morning was a very muddy and waterlogged McLitterer’s bag. 20190518-11It contained the usual contents.  No tea cups, though.

These two came up the hill to greet us this morning. 20190518-10If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…

Between the time we left on our walk and returned, this was deposited near our house. 20190518-1Someone had screwdrivers for breakfast.

Hopefully they didn’t have this also. 20190518-2

More money! 20190518-6A dollar and a quarter were found close to each other.  A very worn penny was found in another area.  We’re not sure a bank would accept the penny.  But we can use it in one of those souvenir machines.

Gloves. 20190518-3A very dirty work glove and a rubber glove.

A serial irresponsible dog owner. 20190518-4All were found within 50 feet in front of the apartments on NE Woodinville Drive.

We found a bunch of beer bottles near the Bothell city limits. 20190518-7There was discussion about moving them across the line into Woodinville, but in the end we left them.  We will pick them up later with the car.

We found this under the freeway.  20190518-9Instructions in both English and Spanish.

Then, a little farther along.  20190518-8A condom kit from Planned Parenthood with a used condom inside.  Wonder if the cigarette is part of the kit?  Bootyful?  Really?



still farther along. 20190518-5This guy’s a fast learner.  Or maybe just fast.

















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