Honey Bucket Selfie

July 8th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This started out a misty morning and about half way through the walk, the rain stopped.  Janet mentioned that it turned out to be a nice morning.  Of course, five minutes later, a heavier mist started.  We waved to Mr. Handyman but did not find any roadkill.

At the apartments on 112th Ave NE, we’ve seen this car with Montana plates.  This morning, we found someone had apparently sideswiped the car.  20190708-16The impact didn’t look too bad, but it did a lot of damage.  It probably broke the top of the strut.  This was parked on a straight street with plenty of room.  Do you think alcohol or drugs could be involved?  Nah!  Welcome to Seattle.

We found Adrienne’s credit card. 20190708-1A Mattress Firm credit card to be used for mattresses and bedding supplies.  That’s a pretty narrow market for carrying a separate credit card.  But maybe some people wear out mattresses faster than we do.

We found a ha-penny. 20190708-12Christmas is coming.

We picked up a nice retractable USB cable.20190708-5Ten bucks on Amazon.  It wasn’t run over and still retractable, so off to Goodwill.

We also picked up a tie-down strap. 20190708-11It was run over and got recycled.

We are very tired of this crap.  Literally. 20190708-17Dog owners who bag the poop because they can’t control where their dogs poop.  Then drop the bag when nobody’s around.  We don’t like it and we’re not alone. 20190708-18Unfortunately, this does not make sense to these miscreants.  And yes, they will probably procreate.

The one-armed Proctologist is still at work.  20190708-15

Another lost flag. 20190708-14It has been cleaned and will join its brother in our found stuff display.

We found two bongs today in different locations.  20190708-2The one on the left looks homemade, but it has a price tag on it.  The one on the right is a bowl for a bong and can be sold separately for about ten bucks.  Look up “bong bowl” if you are interested.  This one has a lot of residue in it.

Okay, someone out there is not playing with a full deck.  20190708-13We’re afraid a lot of people aren’t.  This card is a wheeler dealer according to this site.

We thought we found a piece of jewelry.  20190708-9But it may be a decorative handle to open something.  One of the mysteries of picking up litter.

Another fortune!  Fortunes are becoming a thing.  20190708-8“A great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can’t.”  Like LITTERING!  Someone once said that fortune cookie fortunes take on a whole new meaning when you add “in bed” after them.  You can decide.

We found a empty six-pack wine bag at a bus stop. 20190708-6It must have been a very late bus.  But a happy bus ride.

We found some unexploded firecrackers.  20190708-10They were very soggy and hard to light.  No wonder someone tossed them.

At Gatorade Gully, we saw a small white bottle.  Of course, after we went down after it, we found more litter.  20190708-4One Gatorade Butt-Bottle, four Bud Light cans and three Imodium diarrhea relief pill bottles.   Hmm, is there a connection between Bud Light and Imodium?  This site has both featured.

Well, after last week’s post, we couldn’t help ourselves.  20190708-3After all, a Honey Bucket or $1,000 are at stake.


July 9th, 2019 – Park-And-Ride Route.

Someone failed to set the alarm this morning so we got off to a 5:30 am late start.  We waved to Mr. Salinas and did not find any roadkill.  Because of our late start, we were out of sync with the buses and went past the park-and-ride bus stop with riders in line.  20190709-9One rider thanked us and said that she sees us often.  She wondered if we saw the “Rave” about us in the Seattle Times.  We didn’t ask her if she has seen all three!

We found someone had a party at the usual place at the park-and-ride.  20190709-4A six pack of empty Coors cans.  Also a soda cup.  Need to keep hydrated.

Also, near the cans on the curb was a painted rock.  20190709-3It looks like a Seattle Mariner’s trident.


Maybe the beer cans were left by some fans in mourning for the Mariner’s season and the rock was left as a lucky charm to turn the Mariners around.  We don’t think so, but just in case, we left the rock.  We’ll see.  No, it could happen.

We also found a shoe at the park-and-ride.  20190709-2It was a moccasin with cleats.  A nonskid slipper?  Is that an oxymoron?  There was only one, so it ended in the trash.

Okay, we found another rubber glove at the same bus stop.  20190709-1There is a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever is littering these gloves.  Leave information in the comments to collect your reward, but you may want to wear rubber gloves to collect your prize.

We found another bungee cord.  20190709-6It had been run over and was in marginal condition.  It has been accepted into our bungee cord collection on probation.  We’ll watch it’s performance closely.

We did find a penny in good condition.  20190709-5It almost, but not quite makes up for the bungee cord.

This is bad.  20190709-7We’re going to have a tough time putting this back together.  Is that button a 6 or a 9?


July 10th, 2019.  Road Trip.

We took time off from our Trash Walking to visit our aging and favorite Auntie Sis (Mary Ellen) in Eugene, Oregon.  We enjoyed our visit with her and subsequent dinner with our favorite cousins Jerry and Dana.  On the way back, we stopped for an evening in Olympia, Washington, our state’s capitol, mainly because we’ve never been there.  Now we can say we have.

We took some short walks in both Eugene and Olympia.  However, we did not pick up any trash.  First, we didn’t bring any rubber gloves and second, it was not our territory.  We did take some pictures, though.

Much of our exercise was at a hotel in Olympia.  We were on the sixth floor with a nice view.  But only one of the two elevators was working, so we mostly used the stairs.

This was weird to us.  201907010-5We came to a park with many folks staring at their phones.  It may have been a Pokemon event, whatever that is.

Along our walks, we did find some money. 20190709-5201907010-3Two different pennies, one in Eugene and one in Olympia.   Whoever dropped these must have been following us.

We haven’t seen one of these in a long time. 201907010-2We could have made a call, but we only had two pennies.  That thing on the bottom is a phone book.  We Googled it on our cell phone.

Even though we did not pick up trash, we still saw trash.  In Eugene, we saw a half-smoked, plastic-tipped cigar about three inches long in the gutter. 201907010-4This guy scooped it up and stuck it in his mouth without missing a step.  He wasn’t even wearing rubber gloves. 

In Olympia, we walked a path that goes out to the end of a peninsula.  Near the end of the path at the end of the peninsula, we came upon a park bench.  201907010-1On the ground were two different brands of condom wrappers.  This must be the place to bring a hot date.


July 12th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

We got a bit of a late start this morning and missed both of our regulars.  Guess we’re out of practice due to our short road trip.  It’s hard to retrain us.  We did remove a roadkill rat from the road.

On 112th Ave NE, someone dumped a full bag of garbage.  20190712-12It was partially in the travel lane, but fortunately not scattered.  We set it aside and picked it up with the car later in the day.  We’ll sort it out after our walk tomorrow.

We found a beads-in-the-grass.  20190712-13We almost missed them.  If it’d been a snake, it would have bit us.  They are probably left over from the big Bothell Mardi Gras parade where guys on the balconies tempt girls below to flash their assets with worthless beads.  Okay, we don’t have balconies, we need to use ladders.  And the girls just look at us like we’re idiots.  Well, we lied about the parade, there isn’t one.  Someone probably just tossed the worthless beads in the grass.

We did find some money.  20190712-11A quarter and a penny in two different locations.  Both were in rough condition but recognizable.  Our hourly wage today for two people times two hours was 6.5 cents per hour.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is tax free.

We picked up a wrapper for Honey Pot Swirl Organic Hemp Wraps.  20190712-2These are hemp cigarette papers for rolling-your-own marijuana smokes and include “filters” which are cardboard cylinders that keep the marijuana away from your lips.  If you   want to know more, below is a YouTube video.  It’s about 10 minutes long, so you might want to skip through it a bit.  The funny part is at the end where he smokes the joint and tries to continue the review while coughing.


Continuing with the drug theme, we pick up a lot of cigarette butts, but we also pick up a some of these. 20190712-4eButts.  eCigarette butts.  Here is an article about recycling eButts, which the person who tossed this did not read.

Repeat dog poop bag offender. 20190712-3We have reported on this person several times.  They always leave the bag by a specific sign post on Norway Hill.  They probably think they are doing their civic duty by leaving it where we expect to find it.

Someone’s working without a net.  20190712-15Okay, it’s a hair net, but still.

We found some toys today.  20190712-6Another Wiffle baseball.  It was outside a backyard fence, so we tossed it back.  Wonder how many people think, “Wonder how this ball got in our back yard?”

A deflated Baskin Robins balloon.  20190712-8Wait, “Stranger Things are happening at Baskin Robbins.”  Maybe that’s not a balloon?

At the KinderCare in Kirkland, we saw a toy shovel trying to escape.  20190712-7It was close to making it under the fence, but we don’t think it’ll make it past the tower guards.

We found a business card. 20190712-14Kings of Club Fitting.  So, what club are we talking about?  The Maori War Club?  The Sioux War Club?  The Nightclub?  Nope, it’s a mundane Golf Club.  Okay, mundane to us because we are not golfers.  But, hey, they are Certified Fitters, you’ve gotta give them that.

Uh oh.  The Montessori School had an accident.  20190712-5“Declan was leaving the bathroom and slammed the door on his left hand.”  Was he excused from the Door Safety Class at the time?

We found, surprise, gloves!  20190712-10A nice pair of light work gloves about 100 feet apart on Juanita Woodinville way NE.  They were in good condition.  We may give them to Goodwill.

We also found a single glove. 20190712-9Vulcan Defender.  Obviously, this was dropped by a Master Welder from the Starship Enterprise, NX-01.  Mr. Spock has multiple skills.  Yes, we were pseudo Trekkies at one time.   

We’re thinking this guy is going to have a bad day.  20190712-1


July 13th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

There was relatively light trash for a Saturday.  We did remove two roadkill rabbits from the road.  We could have removed a third but the crows got to it first.  20190713-13Crows at breakfast.  They could use some hash browns on the side.

We did find some more money. 20190713-5A brand new penny and a dime.  Will Abe or Franklin win the stare down?

We also found a two rubber gloves.  20190713-14They looked like they match, but were about a mile apart.

Someone lost their notepad.  20190713-1It is full of care facility names and contacts.  It was used as an appointment book and has schedules through the end of this month.   Wonder if they had this backed up to the cloud?

Discarded printer ink cartridges.  20190713-7These had been refilled by the Eco Cartridge Store in Kirkland.  Why wouldn’t someone who buys refilled ink cartridges, toss them instead of turning them in to be refilled again.  We will.

At 6:20 am we passed a house with a bonfire in the back yard with two lawn chairs.  20190713-16S’mores for breakfast?  Or another roadkill rabbit?

Someone lost their sole. 20190713-4The shoe, not the fish.  We checked, it wasn’t ours.

We found an abnormal number of minibottles and marijuana containers.  20190713-2All empty.  Hope they weren’t all dropped by the same person.

We found a small blue ball. 20190713-6It measured about eight-tenths of an inch in diameter and didn’t bounce very well.  It’s in our ball collection anyway.

We picked up a hubcap.  20190713-8It was in poor condition and is now in someone’s recycle bin.

Another person not playing with a full deck. 20190713-10This time it’s a three of diamonds.  According to the Cards-of-Life site, this person has trouble deciding what they value.  Obviously not this card.

We found someone’s Planet Fitness ID card.  20190713-15We would try to use it for ourselves, but we’re too tired after our walks.

Draft Latte? 20190713-12By definition, draft is from a keg or cask, not a can or bottle.  “Nitrous-Infused Milk.”  We think this means milk infused with Nitrous Oxide, laughing gas.  Cheers!

Pop Play Eat. 20190713-11And litter.

We’ve talked about this trailer before.  20190713-9Someone is living in it.  He left his boots on top of the trailer.  It’s a good thing it didn’t rain last night.  If it had, we wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.































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