Return of the McLitterers

July 15th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

With the warm weather, our pace seems to be slowing.  Or maybe we are just generally slowing down.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and waved to the Costco delivery guy who we see once in a while.  He always gives us a thumbs up.  At least we think it’s his thumb.  We also got a honk from a Metro Bus.  A while back we had a bus driver who routinely gave us a honk.  Maybe he’s back.  We also removed a rabbit off the road.  It’d been there a few days.

There was a lot of trash today, mostly minor stuff.  We found a Coors Six-Pack carton then found five individual empties along the route.  We must have missed one.  At another point, we found a bunch of trash along a short section of our route.  20190715-7We picked up twelve bottles, cups and cans here.

Near Safeway, we found someone’s shopping list.  20190715-10“Let’s see, Onion – check, Celery – check, Fresh Thyme – check, Chicken broth – check, Blaby, no, make that Baby Spinach – check.  Now, what should I do with this list?”

Someone left us breakfast.  20190715-5It looked like cheese-covered oatmeal.  Thanks, but we’ll pass.

We found this wrapper and tried to figure out what it was. 20190715-11According to the package, it is a cream container.  It also told us what and what not to do with it.  After our walk, we were able to determine that “Recipiente para creme hidratante” is Portuguese for “Container for moisturizing cream.”  So, this was a three-pack of containers for moisturizing cream but no cream.  People buy empty bottles of moisturizing cream?  We find lots of empty bottles.

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep and didn’t know where to find them.  20190715-9She also lost her damn ticket.  Probably gave it to one of her sheep for safe keeping.

King County put out some insect traps.  20190715-1Gypsy Moth Detection Trap.  What happens when it detects one?  According to the websiteEach year dozens of trappers set up 20,000 – 30,000 traps throughout the state to monitor for gypsy moth introductions.  There’s no data yet for 2019, but for 2018, it appears they trapped a total of 52 moths.  That’s not a very good trap rate. Maybe they need better traps.  The breakdown was 51 European Gypsy Moths and 1 Asian Gypsy Moth.  They are probably in a detention center somewhere awaiting deportation.  We’ll begin monitoring this trap.

A small bungee cord.  20190715-12This is only about six inches long.  We carry these small cords to wrap up bulky trash.  This one has a lot of walking miles left in it.

Someone had fun over the weekend.  20190715-13Fortunately, we only found the box.  No premium Lubricant or anything.

We found another American Spirit cigarette package.  20190715-14Their marketing focus is on environmental issues.  Their Earth Day promise to the planet.  They need to put their litterers on their packages.   That’s the American Spirit.

We found the number 2. 20190715-6

We felt like we were on Sesame Street.

While walking up Norway Hill, we found a McDonald’s teacup.  Could it be?  Our hopes were raised, but we were wary.  Then, we found another teacup and the Adrenalin began pulsing through our veins.  A couple hundred feet later, we saw it.  20190715-3A McLitterer’s bag trying to camouflage itself in the bushes.  After observing it’s habitat and taking notes, we grabbed it.  It had unopened condiments, 5 butters, 2 syrups, two sets of unused utensils.

We did find some more money. 20190715-8Another shiny new penny.  Our hourly wage is dropping.

We hope you enjoy the beauty of this handmade card.  20190715-4Obviously, they didn’t.  The paper states, Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. Hummingbirds open our eyes to the wonder of the world and inspire us to open our hearts to loved ones and friends.  We wondered what legend this is from.  The earliest citation on the Internet is a Pinterest entry from about 2001.  It’s a photo of a Papyrus card.  We think they made up the “Legend.”

We found this interesting package for some dope. 20190715-2The package states that they are celebrating Graffiti Artists who illegally deface other peoples property without permission.  They commissioned (payed) these people to design their packaging.  “Okay, now that we are rewarding the graffiti and tagging, what should we name our product?  Here’s an idea: Arson!”


July 16th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

Today was a warm walk and we timed the bus that clears out the Park-and-Ride passengers perfectly.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and an enthusiastic honk from a white van that we meet once in a blue moon.    We removed a very small bird and a rare opossum from the roads.

We saw an outdated sign.  20190716-9It’s been two weeks.  CARE to pick up you sign?  No, we have no illusions.  We will end up harvesting it.  They are recyclable.

Then we saw this sign.  20190716-4Okay, we don’t know what Space has to do with film-making.  We may be being judgmental here, but what do filmmakers know about the limitations of space.  Nobody seems to really know; it depends on the theory you subscribe to.  The sign should state “Space is Limited or Not.”

We found another Fourth-of-July leftover.  20190716-7Maybe it was carried by the opossum we removed from the road.

Some people need to learn about crows and trash.  20190716-11As we were approaching this, two crows were picking away at the garbage.  People overfill the cans and the crows reach in and pick away at it making a mess.  This has happened at this spot several times and we always say we should leave it to teach them a lesson.  But we always clean it up.  Okay, who’s the smart one here?

We found another gas cap.  20190716-8This one was not near any gas station, so it must of hung along for a long time.  Or maybe it was drug along by the traffic.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s in the recycle bin.

We found a pink turtle. 20190716-2It should have been a pink elephant, but an elephant would look silly with a shell.  It didn’t appeal to us, so we threw it back into the yard it probably came from.

Someone put this on the curb, presumably for free.  20190716-3We considered riding it home, but it looks pretty slow.  Is a stationary bike an oxymoron?  This will probably sit here a long time.  This stair-stepper has been here for several months.  20190716-12

Then again, we saw this patio set. 20190716-1It looked to be in good condition.  One of our neighbors expressed interest in it but when we went back later in the afternoon, it was gone.  The people that took this set probably got more exercise than whoever might take the exercise equipment.

Washington State Lottery. 20190716-6Instant Fun.  Instant Loss.

Our local paper published an article with a recipe. 20190716-10This could come in handy.  We find a lot of rabbits.  Wonder if you can substitute an opossum?


July 17th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

The morning started with a slight mist and proceeded to turn in to a moderate rain during the walk.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman but didn’t find any money.  However, we did have a first for us.  We found and removed a roadkill, long-tailed weasel from the street.  We don’t publish roadkill pictures directly in the blog, but if you are so inclined, the photo can be found here.  Interestingly, a bicyclist found one and did publish the picture.

Whoa! 20190717-12Someone picked up the stationary bicycle from yesterday.  It didn’t have a “free” sign on it.  Maybe the person who took it thought they were getting away with something.  Well, they did.

We found these gloves close to each other. 20190717-8So they were probably not the work of the one-armed proctologist.   Then again, he may have had back-to-back appointments.  [groan] 

We found a meal from Safeway.  20190717-1But someone ate most of it.  It didn’t look too appetizing at this point, but at $7.49 maybe it was really good.

This looked more appetizing. 20190717-11But it was empty.  Get your meat on?  Taken out of context this could be an iffy slogan.  However, it’s all over the Internet.

Another adage.  20190717-9Well, unless you can trip them.  By the way, the top of what?  We walk to the top of Norway Hill every day and have yet to step on anyone.  We do occasionally stumble over each other.

Someone lost a day.  20190717-2We know how that feels.  If it weren’t for this blog, we would lose whole weeks.

We found a package from China with an empty booze bottle in it.  20190717-6That’s one way to sneak your alcohol into the country.  The declared value was $1.00.  That seems to be the standard for international shipping.

We found two more McLitterer’s teacups today.  20190717-5But we didn’t find the bag.  It must have seen us yesterday and hid better.

Do these things do any good.  20190717-4We’re sure teenagers target these.  No, we never did.  At least as far as we can remember, which isn’t very far these days.  It’s probably a blessing.

We did check the insect trap today.  20190717-3No Gypsy Moths.  There was a piece of a leaf in there.  Is there a Gypsy Leaf we need to be worried about?

But we did find an insect.  20190717-7This looks like a key chain, but the bee is about six inches high.  We might be able to get the bee in our bonnet, but it will never fit in our pocket.  [groan.]  This is a first.  Two groans in one day.  You’re welcome.


July 18th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

This morning we got a honk from Mr. Handyman and waved to Salinas Construction.  We did not find any money or any roadkill.

At the Park-and-Ride, we found an umbrella.  20190718-5It was in good condition.  Fortunately, as we started our walk there was a slight mist which we enjoy in the summer because it keeps us cool.  Unfortunately, the rain got heavier as we walked.  Fortunately, we had the umbrella.  Unfortunately, we forgot we were carrying it.

We picked up a single baby’s sock.  20190718-1But we did not find its mate, so it ended up in the trash.

This happened last year.  20190718-7At a storm water catch basin, King County cleared the brush and left the trash.  We reported it to them last year, but the weeds grew up and covered it again before it was cleaned up.  Again, this year, the weeds were chopped but the same trash was uncovered and left.  We will again report it but check back next July.  Don’t hold your breath.

Another rubber glove at the bus stop.  20190718-3The one-armed proctologist is back.

We found a dead Gypsy Moth.  20190718-2It was a female.  We also checked the Gypsy Moth Detection Trap and it was still empty.  Maybe we should have picked this moth up and put it in the trap.

20190718-6A 13/32nds socket.  We probably have a few more of these 32nds sockets.  So, we might be needing 20 or 25 more for our collection.

We also found our first wooden mallet. 20190718-4Maybe we can use this to drive our message home:  “Do Not Litter!” BONK!”  Okay, we may get some complaints, but it would be very satisfying.  


July 19th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Although it had rained last night, we were not rained on and by the end of the walk, it was partly cloudy.  We did get a honk from Mr. Handyman and removed a very strung-out roadkill rabbit from the street.

We found a banana peel with two slugs attached to it.  20190719-9We suppose they were Banana Slugs?  We wanted a better picture of it but someone prematurely tossed it in the bushes claiming an eew! factor.

We did find another sock.  20190719-1Again, only one, so no good to Goodwill.

There must have been an uprising and riot at the KinderCare.  20190719-7We counted 11 toys we tossed back over the fence.  We hope the little imps are in solitary now.

Another rubber glove.  20190719-4Not near a bus stop, so probably just litter.

“How’s your fern?”  20190719-3Not well, unfortunately.  We are dating ourselves, but this was one of Steve Allen’s catch phrases.   Okay, now you are asking who Steve Allen is.

We found a couple of these candy packages that had a “Surprise Inside.” 20190719-5Evidently, they either didn’t want the toys or couldn’t follow the instructions.  We couldn’t, either.  Well, there were a few parts missing. 

We saw an abandoned bicycle.  20190719-6It was probably stolen.  We should have ridden it home, but over Norway Hill?  Nah!  

We found a McLitterer’s teacup and in plain sight, the McLitterer bag.  Not well camouflaged.   20190719-2The bag was right by the side of the road.  The second cup was found about a quarter mile farther along.  The bag contained the standard McLitterer items.

We found a Safeway shopping cart at an intersection.  20190719-10We feel self-conscientious with these because we push them back to Safeway and feel like homeless people, which we are not.  This morning we were ahead of schedule and happened to meet with a bus rider that we often see at the bus stop across the street.  He chatted with us and said we had inspired him to pick up trash on his street.  We thanked him for that.


July 20th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

Today was a beautiful day for our walk.  It was cool and clear, and we only needed our flashlights for a short while.  We had a banner day for roadkill.  It started out with a large raccoon on Riverside Drive.  It is only the third raccoon since we have been keeping a record.  There followed two rabbits and a bird.  One rabbit took three trips to remove it, but we’ll only count it once.  We didn’t find any money.

We did find this coin, though. 20190720-1.pngIt had been run over and bent in half.  When we got it home, we unfolded it and found it was Seattle Seafair Pirates’ coin.  Inside the coin was the logo and name of Albrecht Birkenbuel Concrete company, a sponsor of the Pirates.  One of the company owners is Jay Albrecht who also happens to be, you guessed it, a Seafair Pirate.

Someone had a busy night. 20190720-16The tatters of a 12-pack condom box.

By the apartments on 112th Ave NE, we found another dog poop bag.  20190720-5Last week we left it and ended up picking it up on Monday.  Today we just picked it up.  Have we mentioned how irresponsible these people are?

We found a couple of Wiffle golf balls next to each other. 20190720-6Someone has a bad slice.  But consistent.

We found rubber gloves, a sock and a woman’s top. 20190720-1720190720-8The sock was another infant’s sock.  both the sock and the top were in bad shape so ended in the trash.

Some good citizens dumped major junk in three different places, all near the apartments on Woodinville Drive.  20190720-9We’ll contact the City of Bothell.

Under the freeway.  20190720-10Another McLitterer’s bag.  That is the fourth this week.  All with the same contents.

We found a tool for our Found Tool collection.  20190720-7It was a foldable lug wrench.  Someone put too much pressure on it.  Nearby, we found a lug nut with the sheared-off stud still in it.  20190720-13Perhaps someone was trying to remove it and was turning the wrong way?  Righty tighty, lefty loosey. 


In the hedge by our favorite trailer park, someone dumped a bicycle.  20190720-11It’s probably stolen and abandoned and has been there for a couple of weeks.  If it’s still there next week, we’ll pull it out so it is in plain view so someone else can steal it.

Near Bothell, we picked up some architectural plans for a five-unit Row House in Seattle. 20190720-14Later, we went to the address in Google maps.  20190720-18This image was captured in July of last year, so it would be interesting to see the progress.  The plans were heavy and ended up in a recycle bin.  [Update.]  We were travelling within a couple of blocks of the site so went by and took a picture.  20190721-1Construction is well underway.  But now they lost their plans.

On the last leg of our walk about a block ahead, we saw a man smoking, not in a leisurely manner.  He finished his cigarette and got in his car.  As he drove by, he gave us a wave.  When we got to here he was standing, we found this. 20190720-4It was still lit.  We thought it was a friendly wave.  But it was a “I left something for you.” wave.  

We found a Bothell P.D. Bail Book. 20190720-15It’s a summary of all the infractions and the associated penalty.  We saw there was a Litter Control section.  Unfortunately, the booklet was waterlogged.

When we got home, we let it dry and checked out the section on littering.  20190720-19Littering more than one cubic foot but less than a cubic yard is a misdemeanor requiring a court appearance.  Littering more than a cubic yard is a gross misdemeanor requiring a court appearance.

Wait.  What about littering less than a cubic foot?  It turns out that, for whatever reason, it is covered under traffic infractions.  20190720-20Littering less than a cubic foot is a $103 fine.  But littering a lit cigarette is a $1,062 fine.  Boy, that guy who left us the smoking cigarette sure dodged the bullet.  It was laying there like a smoking, well, cigarette. 























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