Signs of Irresponsibility

July 22nd, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This morning was warmer and got a bit uncomfortable in the later part of our walk.  We didn’t see any of our regular honkers but we did get a loud (friendly) honk from a Metro bus driver.  We didn’t find any money but we removed a roadkill rabbit from the road.  We did see another raccoon, but this one was very much alive.  20190722-20It was on a corner looking like it wanted to cross the street, which would not have been a good idea.  As we approached, it climbed the tree and kept a wary eye on us.  20190722-6We used our phone camera flash that made it look like an alien raccoon.

Someone had a yard sale and plastered the area with signs and, of course, didn’t remove them.  20190722-10We removed eight of them on our walk this morning.  More to come.

We found a Slurpee sign, and nowhere near 7Eleven.   20190722-19Slur Pee?  It doesn’t sound too appetizing to us.

Someone had a fender bender on Juanita Woodinville Way.  20190722-16We picked up several pieces of plastic and this light.  It was heavy and left in a recycle dumpster.

The McLitterers were busy over the weekend.  20190722-4Two separate bags with identical contents.  Two clean plastic platters, unused utensils, two syrups and four butters in each.

Big-time loser! 20190722-5A $30 ticket.  According to the website, there are three top prizes of $2M  still unclaimed.  Maybe if we find $30 on our walk, we’ll invest in one.  Nah.

Another cigarette butt.  20190722-2eCigarette butt.

The permanent garage sale sign. 20190722-14It isn’t so permanent.   You need better tape.  

We found a shell.  20190722-8The gun kind, not the sea kind.  It had been discharged and run-over.  It’s kind of worrisome to find these.

Also these.  20190722-7At least the user replaced the cap.  Then again, they left it on the sidewalk where a kid might find it.

We found another fortune.  20190722-11Be prepared to receive something special.  This is a real fortune, not the usual adage.  So, we prepared ourselves.

Then we found a Hobby Lobby gift card.  This might be special.    20190722-12But it was empty.

We found a work of art that was pretty special.  20190722-17But it was from Sadie to Lydia, not us.

Oh, hell no.  20190722-15Not a dog-poop bag?  Really?

Oh, by the way, we checked.  20190722-1No Gypsy Moths, yet.


July 23rd, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

The weather today was similar to yesterday, dry and a little warm.  We didn’t remove any roadkill, though we may have seen a Gypsy Moth (male) on the road, but we’re not sure.  We did check the trap today and it is still empty.  Waved to Salinas Construction but didn’t see Mr. Handyman again.  We did get an enthusiastic honk from a white jeep.  20190723-13

By the apartments on 112th, another irresponsible dog owner dropped a bag of poop. 20190723-12We don’t know.  They should be able to put it directly in the dumpsters.  Maybe the apartments charges extra to dispose of poop bags.

Perhaps the same person tossed this leash.  20190723-7It hadn’t been run over but was a cheap give-away from Raleigh Hills Veterinary Clinic in Portland.  It must be old.  Who publishes telephone numbers without area codes any more.

We did find rubber gloves in two different places.  20190723-5One was by the Proctologist’s bus stop.  Maybe he performs the curbside exams for bus fare?

More yard sale signs.  20190723-11Five more today.  We’ve cleaned out most of them from our territory except for Riverside Drive on Saturday.

We found another used condom.  20190723-8It was in bad shape.  Must have been a rough night.

The apartment parking wars are still active.  20190723-10Obviously the parker didn’t care much as they tossed the note.  If they cared, they would have put it on their refrigerator at home as a reminder.

After a long drought, we found a nickel.  20190723-9It’s been about a week since we found any money.  Come on you cheapskates.  Give!

We also found a hubcap.  20190723-3At least it’s part of a hubcap.  Google Lens thinks it’s a broken CD, but it was made of metal.  It could be part of a crashed flying saucer.  We should take a closer look at the area tomorrow.

We found two JUUL vaping devices.  20190723-2We find several discarded JUULPods, the black module on the top one, every week.  But we’ve never found the main devices and we found these two in different places.  According to their website, their starter kit is $50.  If this is someone’s attempt to give up vaping, if it’s anything like cigarettes, it is going to get expensive.  We know people who’ve quit smoking many times.

Since we found these, perhaps we should take up vaping.  We would need two USB Charging Docks, $12, and one, or possibly two of the JUULPods, $16 each.  We probably won’t.  At the rate people toss money out for us to collect, it would be a net drain on our income.  We won’t talk about beer.

Continuing with drugs, we found this.  20190723-4It was a Higher Leaf shopping bag  with some trash in it.  They were probably using the product and forgot it’s illegal to litter.  Most of the contents were wrappers from their purchases.  So what did they buy.  They left the receipt.


  • A Ghost Train Haze Vape Cartridge $32
  • Watermelon Cooler Cantina Vape Cartridge $35
  • Battery Charger Bundle $10
  • Total $77

That seems like a lot, but we don’t know how long a cartridge lasts.  Also, this may not be for JUUL, but on the JUUL website, you get the device, a charging dock and four cartridges for $50.  Perhaps just buy starter packs.  Sounds like HP printers.  When you run out of ink, buy a new printer.

Also in the bag was daughter Lauren’s swimming scorecard. 20190723-14We are assuming Lauren is a daughter and not the purchaser.  Okay, now this all makes sense.  Not Woodlands Pool, but High Woodlands Pool.  

Looking for links between marijuana and swimming, we found several sites including this one that pointed out many negative factors of marijuana use in athletic swimming.  The only comment was from Kate:  “I swim so much better high then [sic] sober. So explain that to me.”  We think you already have.


July 24th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Another warm, dry day in Bothell.  There was very light trash and made for a quick, relatively uneventful walk.  We removed a roadkill rat from the road and got waves from several passersby including Salinas Construction.

Overall,we found nothing surprising, including this doggie poop bag.   20190724-2.pngWe expect nothing less from our irresponsible neighbors at the Willina Ranch Apartments on 112th Ave NE.

We found more of these.  20190724-1But now from yesterday’s newfound knowledge we know it is a JUULPod,  about $16 apiece.   That’s a lot of money up in smoke.

We found a part of a toy. 20190724-3This is more of the toy we found found a few days ago.  Oh, well, not Toys for Tots this time.  Perhaps here?  20190724-9But no, these were from the KinderCare.  We threw them back over the fence.   

We found a dropped caster in good condition. 20190724-6We picked it up but kept moving because we were on a roll.  Get it?  Okay, quit rolling your eyes.

Another rubber glove.  20190724-4This one was not near the Proctologist’s bus stop.  We can understand using disposable rubber gloves, we do.  But if you’re so concerned with cleanliness, why toss them by the side of the road.  And no, we didn’t do it.

Someone threw in the towel. 20190724-7It’s in good condition.  Shame to toss out a perfectly good towel.

Someone lost their trip itinerary.  20190724-8

  • Bourg-en-Bresse, France
  • Brussels, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Dijon Ville, France
  • Gare de Lille Flandres, France

And well, yes, Europe.  Duh.

Someone dumped their prescription receipt and bag near the Safeway parking lot.  20190724-5The Opioid, Oxycodone.  The doctor is in Kirkland and the Safeway is in Kirkland, but the address is in Auburn, WA.  When we looked up the address with Google Maps, it shows to be a UPS Store in an Auburn shopping center.  20190724-12It sounds suspicious to us.

We saw a free lamp sitting atop a mailbox.    20190724-11Someone should take the mailbox and leave the lamp.

Well, this sucks! 20190724-10They lost part of their vacuum cleaner.


July 25th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

It could have been a little cooler, but otherwise this was a great day to walk.  Again, we didn’t see Mr. Handyman but did get a wave from Salinas Construction.  We also got a random honk from a pickup truck and a Mercedes sports car.  We didn’t find any money but did remove a roadkill rabbit.  We also found a tied-up plastic bag by the side of the road.  20190725-1.pngIt was heavier than expected.  We have found several bags like this before.  We opened it and found a dead squirrel.  We gave it a proper resting place and put the bag in the garbage.  People, it isn’t that hard.

As we suggested, King County must have started charging for the party corner at the park-and-ride.  20190725-5The partyers moved to a different spot in the park-and-ride.  The King County Council just approved allowing people to rent a parking spot at a park-and-ride because it is becoming difficult to find parking places.  Maybe they need to do the same with party places.

We found a nice ped. 20190725-4But only one, not much use, so into the trash.

We did find two more rubber gloves. 20190725-2In different places and not near the Proctologist’s bus stop.

We found a black rubber strap labelled Spare Fuse.  20190725-3This doesn’t look remotely like a fuse.  Probably why it was thrown out.

A lock fell off a vehicle near the freeway on-ramp.  20190725-6It looks like a Kryptonite padlock that had been run over a few times, but was still in relatively good condition, but without keys. We could probably spend the time and effort to get keys made for it, but the lock is only about $10 new.  We’re cheap, but not that cheap.


July 26th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

We did another quick walk today.  This week has been a kind of death march.  One of us, we won’t say who, had a deadline.  She had meetings every morning at 8:30 am.  We did not see any of our regulars, but did get another honk from the black pickup truck.  He may become a regular.

We did find some money.  20190726-6One thin dime, one tenth of a dollar.

More toys tossed out of the KinderCare.  20190726-8We tossed them back, but hope the tossers are in solitary confinement.  Or at least in time-out.

A garage sale sign that has been up since a week ago fell down. 20190726-10We’re sorry your Mother didn’t teach you better.  We picked it up for you.  Let us know if you need us to pick up for you in the future.  

We found an unopened Rice Krispies Treat.  20190726-7

It had an expiration date code of 10309.  This was October 30th.  But it could be any year ending in 9.  2009, 2029, or 2019.  Great job of date coding Kellogg’s.  We’re guessing these were not around in 1919. We passed.

We found a Challengerware bowl sealed with saran wrap.  20190726-9The only thing sealed in was an insect.  Really?  We don’t want to think about it.  Earwig Scallopini?

We found another Washington Lottery Coin. 20190726-3We found another Washington Lottery Loser.

One bus stop was power washed.  20190726-4The guy knew his limits,  three squares left and three squares right.  Nice job, though.

Hey, I need gas.  I’ll pull in at Safeway.  Hmm, do I need a receipt? 20190726-5No.  Oh, wait, yes, I need something to toss out the window.

And today, the McLitterers did not disappoint.  20190726-2Another bag with the same contents.

Two relatively clean platters, a couple of used teabags and typical unused utensils and condiments.  20190726-1Really?  We have found way over fifty of these identical bags.  Very wasteful.


July 27th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

This morning we walked in a heavy mist/light rain which was probably a blessing since it was relatively warm at 62F.  We removed a roadkill squirrel and a snake. 20190727-7It barely made it to the fog line on the street. 

Long Live Sunshine! 20190727-8Well, not today.

We picked up three dog poop bags.  20190727-12One was laying in the gutter and the other two were in the rock wall by the apartments on Woodinville Drive where we’ve found several.  The poor person must must be too pooped out to dispose of it properly.  It’s about being a responsible citizen.  

We found a piece of fruit.  20190727-19But it was a lemon so we got rid of it.

Mary Kay single application lip gloss. 20190727-1Each packet has a single application of lip gloss and an applicator.  Its probably very convenient, but certainly not environmentally-friendly.

It was a bad week for sunglasses. 20190727-3We hope the wearer’s faired better than the glasses.  Next time they should wear rose-colored glasses.

We found JM’s glove, but only one.  20190727-20It was wet, but in great condition.  They’re about $16 per pair on Amazon.  So that makes this worth $8.  Goodwill will be so happy.

We got four more of these eyesores.  20190727-6That makes a total of 17 that we recovered.  It’s about being a responsible citizen.

Spiderman, 20190727-13The Whoopee Cushion.

This made this morning’s walk worth it.  20190727-4We found a shiny penny.  We now have a penny to our name.

The guy living in a utility trailer has his bird feeder out again.  20190727-14

Another tool for our collection.  20190727-9It’s a Craftsman screwdriver and there’s one like it on eBay for about $11.50 with shipping.  It cleaned up well, but the blade is badly rusted.  Lifetime guarantee.  Wonder if we could take it to Sears and get a new one?

Someone left us breakfast.  20190727-2Thanks, but no thanks.  We didn’t even open it.

Someone dumped two half-filled jugs of liquid in the bushes.  20190727-15They were too heavy for us to carry and we don’t know what the liquid was.  We will see if the city can pick them up.

We found a U-Nail.  20190727-5It’s for nailing into the other side of the board.

We found a Rick and Morty disposable e-Cigarette.  20190727-16The user (in two meanings of the word) followed instructions and disposed of it out his car window.  The e-Cig is probably not branded with Rick and Morty, but has a wrap that can be purchased separately.  So, the person purchased a disposable e-Cig then purchased a wrap for it and ultimately tossed both.  Smart, very smart.  Then again, he is vaping.

Near the end of our walk, we found what looks like a FitBit  watch at the bottom of the Tolt Pipeline.  20190727-21Well, the band, anyway.  We looked for the watch but didn’t see it.  It’s in perfect condition and $17 on Amazon.

As we were coming back up the hill, we spotted a McLitterer’s bag.  We climbed down and retrieved it.  20190727-11

It had the standard contents.  It also had a use-by date of April 27th, so it had been there for three months and we walked by it several times.  It must have been well-hidden.

While retrieving the bag, we also retrieved a Christmas Tree.  20190727-10We’ll probably buy a new one this Christmas.  We prefer a fuller tree.  Maybe we’ll enter it in one of the Saddest Christmas Tree contests though. #saddestchristmastree.

















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