The Angry Litterer

Sunday, June 7th, 2020 – 100th Avenue Route

It was misting during our walk today and the week started right with money!

It was a pretty penny-ante find, but at least it was not folded like the one last week. Still, some real folding money would be nice.

Be patient?

We hope the good things are folding money.

Janet found someone’s pepperoni bits.

Chuck always watches carefully that she discards them at the end of our walk. Even then he’s suspicious of the left-overs she fixes for a week or so.

Duck discrimination or duck vandalism?

You be the judge.

We found Gonzag’s license plate frame.

Gonzag the Kingslayer.” He looks like a pretty scary guy. Don’t tell him we took his frame.

“Warning. Remove Slowly.”

Or you will rip your gas cap clean off.

On Juanita-Woodinville Way, we spotted a squirrel’s tail as the squirrel climbed down a tree trunk. As we approached, the squirrel peaked around the tree.

When we got closer, the squirrel panicked and shot up the tree but lost footing at about five feet up and fell to the ground. He raced around the tree and shot across the street.

It’s the little things in life.

We found three balls today.

A dog’s ball, a whiffle golf ball and an egg? Our mistake. Guess we have egg on our face.

We found these on 100th Ave NE.

Some of our finds give us shear joy. We’ll do it for you [groan].

We picked up a “19” bracelet charm.

But 19 what? Years old? Score of your last bowling game? I.Q? Score on your last math test? It could be anything. Wait, it could be 61. That might better match our guesses.

On the hill, more Angry Orchard bottles.

This guy is persistent and evidently intent on becoming “King of the Hill.”

Yesterday, we found a Mariner’s “Refuse to Lose” t-shirt.

Today we found a kid’s Mariners cap celebrating the year the franchise started. So, we’re not big baseball fans, but did they ever refuse to lose?

During our walk, we came upon a dead squirrel. No, not the one we scared out of the tree. It was on Janet’s side of the street, so she picked it up to toss it off the road.

She didn’t realize there was a walker coming up behind her.

She tossed it but didn’t do a very good job.

He said, “Well, it’ll make a good meal for a coyote.” I told him we’re still working on her technique.

Monday, June 8th, 2020 – Safeway Route

Today was dry and, again, we found a penny.

Ok, we’ll gladly accept it. But we will be even gladder if it were folding money. 

Ok, there is a major assault on Norway Hill.

Seven Angry Orchard bottles. The two Corona bottles were down a bank under a tree, so have probably been there a while, probably sleeper cells. This is a formidable attack. We’ll see if they can keep it up.

We found a blanket and it had been raining.

Wait for it… It threw a wet blanket on our walk.

Well, it’s been five years that we have been walking and picking up trash, approaching the 10,000-mile mark. We knew this day would come. A car slowed down to thank us.

And gave us two cups of coffee.

We thanked him profusely and went on our way, each with our own cup of coffee. We appreciated it very much but hope it doesn’t become a habit.

It really is great to feel appreciated.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride Route

Another cool and wet morning. We are a third of the way through June and it is acting like early Spring. With the pandemic, we’re probably not putting enough CO2 into the atmosphere.

On 112th Ave NE, we came across a U-HAUL box.

In it were some clothes and other items. We left it. If it sits around for a day or two, we’ll pick it up with the car.

At the park-and-ride where we were asked not to pick up trash, the Coors cans we left on our Saturday walk were still there.

Plus another. There was also more trash scattered around the parking lot. We’ll see what it looks like on Thursday.

More Angry Orchard bottles on Norway Hill.

All with their caps replaced.

The City of Kirkland mowed the weeds along 145th baring to the world Janet’s failed roadkill removal on Sunday.

She was forced to try again. She did better. But she still only gets credit for one fling.

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 – 100th Avenue Route

This morning was dry, but everything was still wet and soggy. We decided to quit walking on Sundays like before the pandemic, so we switched our Wednesday walk from the Safeway route to the 100th Avenue Route.

We found money!

A whole dime this time. Nice. Keep it coming.

This is sad.

A small consignment shop went out of business, probably more pandemic fallout.

The good news was they took away the clothes collection boxes.  

The bad news is they left all the random trash people dumped next to them.

We found two balls.

A tennis ball and a whiffle golf ball. It was obvious where they came from, so we tossed them back over their respective fences.

A spoon in the road.

Someone wrote a book about it. “Spoon in the Road.” It has five stars on Amazon, but only two reviews. The author and his wife?

More clothes.

A sweatshirt in good condition. It’ll be washed and sent off to Goodwill.

We found one ear bud.

The operative word here is one. Not of much use.

The hill was visited by the McLitterers.

We did find the second teacup a little farther up the hill. They disappeared for a long time then started showing up sporadically over the last few of months. They always have the same items in the bag.

We arrived home with quite a load.

We also emptied our bags at convenient trash bins along the way. The Amazon box had some package wrappings in it and the large white had random post-party trash, we’re thinking probably a wedding shower. Both the box and the bag were dropped on Norway Hill.

In the trash was a fortune cookie.

“Focus on your long-term goal.” Your long-term goal should be a long and happy marriage, not covering Norway Hill with your garbage.

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride Route

On 112th Ave NE, we removed a roadkill squirrel from the street. We seem to be finding more squirrels than rabbits this year.

The Coors cans we left at the park-and-ride on Saturday, were gone.

However, there was more trash around the parking lot.

We kept it a lot cleaner. We respected their wishes and left the trash.

Another Angry Orchard bottle.

But this one was on Juanita-Woodinville Way and did not have a cap on, so it may be just a random, drive-by toss.

Another orphaned ball.

It’s now in our burgeoning ball orphanage.

The City of Bothell did some more mowing along Juanita-Woodinville Way.

They removed the signs on the corner of 145th. And left them there. Evidently their job was to remove them, not replace them or haul them off. Maybe we’ll tell the Metro guy about them.

We found a twenty-five-year-old golf towel.

Kahler Glen, a new beginning. Evidently it took, it’s still there. And so’s the towel.

Uh-oh. Someone lost their trailer hitch instructions.

Hope the installation went off without a hitch. Or should we say didn’t go off without a hitch. This is like the question, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

Friday, June 12th, 2020 – Safeway Route

We had a warm, overcast walk this morning. It threatened to rain the entire walk but waited until we got home to start. The way we like it. We removed a roadkill rat from the road. With traffic increasing, roadkill seems to be picking up.

Our biggest money find of the week. A quarter.

George looks a bit worse for the wear. The quarter was even dented.

Ok, we found two more Angry Orchard bottles.

One on Norway Hill and one on Juanita-Woodinville Way. Both with the caps replaced which means the same perpetrator. Evidently he thinks he owns Norway Hill and is starting to expand his territory. He better not become too complacent. We’re still finding Mike’s Harder Lemonade cans on the hill.

We had a sighting!

Wait. That can’t be Sasquatch, it’s too clear.

That’s Sasquatch. Thanks, Photoshop.

We found a tool.

Another utility knife. This one was no longer utile and got recycled. Give us a break. If you had a utility knife, you could cut us some slack.

We find these periodically.

A discarded baby diaper. So, how does a mother who does this raise a kid? “Yes, son, when you were a baby, I tossed your diapers out the window like my mom did for me. It’s a family tradition like tossing our cigarette butts out the window. Make your mom proud.”

Congratulations, class of 2020!

What did you major in? Littering? You got a masters degree in Littering? Your mother would be proud of you too.

We found this lapel pin or tie tack on the Juanita-Woodinville Way.

Discount Tires, “60 Years, 1960 [to] 2020.” It was run over. Wonder if it caused a flat tire?

Saturday, June 13th, 2020 – Riverside Drive

Our Saturday walks are normally the most interesting, but today’s was mostly ho-hum. Well, we did remove a roadkill rabbit. During the height of the pandemic lockdown, the weekly roadkill count was one or none each week because the traffic was very light. This week, we’ve had five with the increased traffic. We should start a roadkill index to measure the recovery of the economy.

Being the last walk of the week, we review the gloves and dog poop bags.

Twenty gloves and six bags, about the same as last week. Again, pretty ho-hum. But in this category, ho-hum is good.

We found a softball.

No, not that kind of softball. This one was only about a half-inch in diameter and really soft. It may be a micro-nerf golf ball. Just guessing.

Down Norway Hill, we found more Angry Orchard bottles.

One with a cap. One that lost its cap, and one that lost its cap AND head. We need to name this guy. We’ll call him the Angry Litterer. If you have a better name, leave a comment and we’ll consider it. But decapitating one of his soldiers does sound pretty angry.

Another unopened beverage.

A Coors Light. And it was about a third full due to road damage. It you want to impress us, leave a full George Town Bodhizafa. We’ll drink it if there is only a couple of drops left.

We did find a tool.

A file handle. No file, though. Ho-hum.

On our Saturday walks, we are delving deeper into the freeway on/off ramps. Today, we probably reached the limit of our turn-around point. Among other things, we found a large piece of plastic wrap, perhaps for a mattress.

We were able to bind it into a smaller bundle and left it at the trash receptacle at the Park-and-Ride.

At the Park and Ride, we had a painful tour. As you are aware, the Metro workers have asked us to not clean up the Park-and-Ride and we came across this.

More Coors cans. There were five here and another five around the corner. We harvested the pop tabs but left the cans, and all the other trash for the Metro workers per their request.

A Medline Underpad.

We really didn’t want to pick it up, but we were wearing gloves.

Well, we also found this.

K-Y Duration Male Genital Spray. We were wearing gloves.

We found some ambidextrous flip-flops.

We couldn’t tell which was the flip or the flop. This may be the high point for week, but perhaps there was another high point. We tend to flip-flop on these issues.

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