Dodos Are Smart!?

Monday, June 15th 2020 – Safeway

Today we got rained on the entire walk and it was pretty boring. We did remove a roadkill rabbit and found some money.

A wet nickel. Nice way to start a week.

We keep finding these Coors Light cartons on 112th Ave NE and Juanita Woodinville Way.

But we never find enough empty bottles to fill them. Today we only found five empties. They’re probably hiding in the weeds awaiting the mower.

A nice ball.

It still had plenty of bounce and ended up in our ball collection. That’s the way the ball bounces.

The Angry Litterer is still active on Norway Hill.

Both with their caps on.

And, there was this.

We are on our second mayonnaise jar-full of needles and are still trying to get rid of the first. This was found near a secluded parking spot. Nearby was an empty toy car wrapper. So give your kid a toy to keep him busy in the back seat while you shoot up in the front? Wonderful.

A bag with an empty Bayer’s Aspirin box.

Yes, your littering gives us a headache too.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

The weather this morning was predicted to be rainy. No surprise there, but we expected the usual mist and didn’t wear our rain jackets. Overhead were ominous dark cloud banks that eventually dropped their dividends on us. As the walk progressed, so did the rain. We walked fast but still got wet. Such is life in Seattle.

The first thing we found at the bottom of the Tolt Pipeline was an empty condom package.

Well, it wasn’t really empty, there was a used condom and the wrapper inside. We’ll need to check, but we don’t think this meets the King County Coronavirus Phase 1.5 requirements. Perhaps we can get a judgement from Inslee.

We did find more money.

A beat-up dime. Yesterday, we found a nickel and today a dime. Is someone trying to nickel-dime us here? If so, let’s have a nickel-dime-quarter next.

We call this “Bottle Cap and Sock”

A work of art in the park-and-ride. Actually, the park-and-ride was relatively clean. The park-and-ride guy must be doing his job.



Oh, it’s only a bun.

We only found one Angry Orchard bottle.

It was dark and raining, so we may have missed one.

Someone drug the car door out of the gully.

And a can and some other bits of trash. We left the door. We’ll contact the the city.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 – 100th Ave

Finally. A partly-cloudy morning with no rain. For the first time in a long while, we didn’t need to use our flashlights. And the Summer Solstice is three days away. Weird weather.

We removed a roadkill squirrel from 112th Ave NE and found more money!

Six cents. We’ve found money now for three days in a row. We have a trifecta!

As we passed the KinderCare, four crows yelled at us.

We didn’t do anything to them, honest. At least nothing to crow about.

We found a pair of Piranha Sunglasses.

Ten bucks on the Piranha site. Well not these, but if they weren’t bent…

Two more Angry Litterer bottles.

One at the top of Norway Hill and the other at the bottom at the Tolt Pipeline.

Someone dribbled a white substance on this car parked on our route.

Wonder what the guy did to get on the wrong side of the perpetrator? Nasty stuff.

Someone lost a cushion.

We tried it out and it wasn’t that comfortable. We left it.

We did find a nice pair of shoes.

No moss growing on them or anything. If the shoe fits, wear it. Size 6Y. They didn’t and we didn’t. Another pair for Goodwill.

We looked down and found a T.

Then we looked up. Yes, we have been upportig their rsaurants. [sic] Both Lrona and The Gme.

And while we’re on the subject of signs,

This is very sloppy work. Only nine signs There is room for three of four more.

We found some fossils.

We contacted the Smithsonian but they didn’t seem very interested. Their loss.

We picked up a nice souvenir keychain from Japan.

Well, it probably was nice before it was run over several times.

Chicken Salad Kit??

Is Bumble Bee the Ikea of the food world? One spoon, six crackers and one can of chicken salad. It sure sounds like Ikea.

We came to a fork in the road.

We each took a different route and strangely ended up at the same place. Weird.

Thursday, June 18th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

We had two of our grandkids overnight for the first time since the lockdown started and it was wonderful. It also meant that Chuck walked alone. It was also wonderful. No, not because the absence of Janet, but because it was a dry, clear morning. I did remove another roadkill squirrel from 145th Ave.

We all know about Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow on Groundhog day. What happens when Chuck sees his shadow on Summer Solstice (almost).

No money for him? Well, yes, no money today. I’ll need to stop looking at my shadow.

Also, no gloves today.

But I did find a mask. These are becoming more prevalent on our walks. We can understand tossing out a paper mask. Well, not really. But this is a hand-made mask. Obviously not by the person who tossed it.

The top of Norway Hill was a mess with someone’s lunch remains and other random trash. Someone scattered stolen mail all along the top of the hill.

After this photo was taken, more was found along the route. I ended up with a shopping bag full. All from the same address and mostly junk mail. Ah, Summer Solstice marks the start of mail theft season.

It looked like a mummy escaped.

An Ace Bandage and some Band-Aids. Hopefully they didn’t leave these for me. I’m not quite in that bad of shape.

We didn’t know what this was, but Google Lens tracked it down for us.

It’s a “Silicone Face Brush Facial Scrubber Pads for Cleansing, Exfoliating, Anti-Aging Face Massager.”

How come the tiny bristles look coarse and the coarse bristles look tiny. It must be Facial Scrubber technical terminology.

Another unopened product.

A packet of pomegranate pieces. No, it says “Functional Fruit?” But also a Dietary Supplement and 100% Natural. So, is this really just pomegranate bits or a Dietary Supplement? It’s about $2.50 a packet, so it must be a Dietary Supplement.

Friday, June 19th, 2020 – Safeway

Wow, a day of warm weather made big difference in the amount and variety of trash. First off, we found more money.

Three pennies in three different locations. It makes up for none yesterday.

Then, a Wonderful Charcoal Bag.

Yes, homes have formaldehyde in them, but it doesn’t seem to be a major problem and in our opinion doesn’t deserve top billing. On the other hand, they did properly use the term adsorption instead of the incorrect absorption.

Someone lost a twenty-four pack container of Kirkland Organic Eggs.

Including some of the eggs. When they arrived at their destination without it, they must have had egg on their face. Hope it wasn’t their nest egg.

We found a big brush.

We should give it to a politician because they are always painting issues with a broad brush. But if we did, they’d probably just brush things under the carpet instead.

An appropriately-decorated drug dime-bag.

The dealers need to work on their marketing. A skull is a symbol of death. What’s the symbol for stupidity? Well, a Dodo Bird, of course.

But now “they” are claiming it wasn’t so stupid. “New study suggests we maligned the extinct animal, which was at least as smart as a pigeon.” Smart as a pigeon? That’s not saying much. How does it compare to a crow? And it is extinct. We still think dime bags should be decorated with dodo birds.

We found a wad of these along Juanita-Woodinville Way.

At first we didn’t know what it was, but later as we sat enjoying a socially-distanced beer at the Hop and Hound’s tented outdoor space, we saw them. They are called Bungee Balls and are for uses like tying tents and tarps, to support poles. Do they work on small hyperactive dogs? Inquiring minds want to know.

More unopened fruit snacks.

The Twizzlers were beat up but we don’t think they were run over because they were not flattened. Or maybe they are stronger than we think. None of these were marked as a dietary supplement like yesterday’s Functional Fruit. These are obviously dysfunctional fruit.

Another mostly-full pack of cigarettes.

We barely beat the slug to the pack. If we’d been another fifteen our twenty minutes later, the slug would have reached the cigarettes. We did him a big favor.

On Norway Hill, the Angry Litterer left us a bottle to pick up.

It had the top on.

Garbage day for part of Norway Hill.

Uh, do you think this is pushing the limits a bit?

Someone moved the discarded car door across the street.

Is this considered illegal parking?

Saturday, June 20th, 2020 – Riverside Drive

We walked in light to moderate rain today but it was also relatively warm, 63° F, so it was fine. We did find more money.

A dime and a nickel next to each other on the freeway offramp. We’ve had a pretty good week, finding money on five of our six walks. That makes thirty-nine cents for the week. That’s not much given we had to remove two roadkill squirrels and two rabbits, including another today.

On a brighter note, we have the glove and dog poop bag count for the week.

Fifteen gloves and ZERO poop bags. This must be some kind of a record since we’ve been keeping stats.

Well, this kind of offset the poop bags, a used diaper.

Another irresponsible parent unprepared to raise a child.

We found some kitchen mixer instructions.

A Philips Mixette portable mixer. We couldn’t find any mention of it on the Internet.

But by the brochure it is old.

No photos, all the illustrations are hand drawn, so probably the 1950s.

Another hint at the age is the warranty.

The mixer weighed about two pounds. The shipping and handling charge was $1.00, so about three cents an ounce. According to Wikipedia, the package postage rates were $0.03 per ounce from 1932 to 1958 when it jumped to $0.04. But the warranty was only a year, so the mixer probably quit working so the owner tossed the instructions.

Someone’s been busy.

A condom package with an open wrapper and a used condom inside. We found almost the same thing on Tuesday. The boxes are three-packs, so that’s six condoms in four days.

Guess what Dad’s getting tomorrow for Father’s Day?

NexGrill 4-burner gas grill from Home Depot. It was a gift so they needed to get rid of the price tag.

The McLitterer struck again.

The usual contents, two clean platters and unused syrup, butter and utensils. The photo shows six butters, but there as another in the brown bag.

Four Coors cans…

Three air balloons…

Two Angry Orchards…

And a partridge in a pear tree… Well, not really. And with our luck, it would have been a dodo bird.

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