Shocks, Socks and Sockets, Oh My!

Monday, March 22nd, 2021 – Safeway

It was a relatively warm 40°F (4.4°C) today with a light mist. At the top of Norway Hill, we had an ethereal moment when it was clear and the fog started wafting in.

Yep. That’s Janet with the target on her back.

The first thing we found was a decorative wheel ring.

It was in great shape. Unfortunately, it was heavy and we were very near the 7Eleven dumpster. In this case, we determined that discretion is the better part of valor and dumped it in the dumpster.

Someone discarded a Sherman-Williams Salad.

Well, it was a salad wrapped in a Sherman-Williams Paint invoice. This must be a Sherman-Williams promo. “Buy five gallons of our Lettuce-Green Latex Paint and get a free salad.”

We found a soccer hat.

Club de Fútbol América S.A. de C.V. A soccer club based in Mexico City. It had been run over multiple times and stretched out of shape. We’ll wash it and see what happens.

This is sad. Back in January, we helped this guy across the street.

He’s fallen on hard times. Today, we found him face-down on the road.

We picked him up and placed him back in his flag perch. We try to do our part.

Hey, dessert!

Marijuana cookies, but they didn’t leave us any. We’ve heard that marijuana makes you hungry. So, if you keep eating these, do you eventually explode? Or do you care?

More personal lubricant.

This looks to be an unopened sample. “Tingly Sensation.” It has a high rating on Amazon, but you might want to turn on private/incognito mode before searching for it or you might start getting ads for some strange items.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

The temperature today was slightly cooler but not uncomfortable and, there was no rain. This was a day of pairs:

A pair of shocks.

Two shocks at the park-and-ride. “Hey, we’re parked and we need new shocks. Let’s change them. By the way, do you have any personal lubricant?”

A pair of socks.

Also at the park-and-ride. “Well, that was nice, but you weren’t supposed to put the personal lubricant on your feet.”

A pair of sockets.

We found two sockets, so maybe he used the personal lubricant on his hands and dropped the sockets. Are we overplaying the lubricant bit?

Shocks, socks and sockets. Say that ten times fast.

Finally, one of our least favorite things to find.

Another Butt Bottle filled with water and cigarette butts. It’s heavy and a recyclable bottle gets tossed in the garbage.

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 – Safeway

Today was much like yesterday but more boring. What, can it be more boring? Yes it can.

To make our point, this is the most interesting thing we found today.

A deflated bumblebee balloon. Probably cute for the adults, but terrifying to the kid who has a giant bumblebee over its head. I know they scare the heck out of us.

Okay, we did find more whipped cream cartridges (Nitrous Oxide) used by kids to get high.

They were scattered down a bank and we ended up finding 43 of them. They are sold in cartons of 24, so we probably missed 5 of 48.

Thursday, March 25th, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

Today was still warm, but with a light mist the entire walk. We removed a roadkill rat from the road. It did take two trips for the tail and entrails. Yes, TMI.

The Park-and-Ride was pretty clean, well except for the normal Coors cans.

A six-pack worth. We did pick up the plastic six-pack holder and dutifully cut it up for recycling. Otherwise animals can get caught in them.

A seagull trapped in a six-pack holder. We hope to save some seagulls this way. Now if it were a chicken…

We found another lost tool.

Surprise, a socket. That’s three this week so far; that may tie a record. We’ll check with the TrashWalking rules committee and let you know.

We also found two lost lug nuts.

A plain lug nut and a fancy, chrome, one. We find so many lug nuts but few lost wheels, fortunately. A lug nut is light, by comparison to a lost wheel, let alone two.

Friday, March 26th, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

Today was again warm at 39°F (4°C) and dry making for a very nice walk. Nice, but boring.

This was a little different. We are used to finding gas caps near service stations, but today we found a battery cover.

Or maybe it was part of a first-aid kit. Combination battery and defibulator?

We did find a tool, or two tools depending on how you look at it.

Two bungee cords. Yes, we call these tools. One was missing a hook, so this might have been 1.5 tools. We put them in our bag and after we got home and sorted out the recycling, we noticed that a second hook had disappeared. So, we really ended up with one bungee cord. We know why the owner tossed them.

A photograph.

An old Polaroid-style photo of a handsome young man looking cool, except for his blurry face, of course. We have no idea what the blue lettering means, but we were interested in how old this was.

On the back was the brand Fujifilm Instax. To our surprise, these cameras and film are still being sold and, are apparently gaining in popularity. Guess even though everyone has camera phones, there is a draw to having a physical print as shown in this how-to video. And, Yes, we did notice she TOSSED THE FILM WRAPPER ON THE GROUND!

Saturday, March 27th, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

The weather was warm at 42°F (5.5°C) and dry with clear skies. Very nice. During our walk along Riverside Drive, a police SUV passed us by and flashed his overhead lights at us.

It’s a good thing he didn’t see us dumping our recycle in someone else’s bin.

We passed a free chair.

It looked like it was in pretty good shape. Evidently someone else thought so too because it was gone by Sunday night.

We found three hubcaps today.

One-and-a half matching hubcaps were buried in the weeds across from the apartments on Riverside Drive. The one in the center was on the freeway offramp and was autographed by the tire print of the vehicle that ran over it. The half cap on the right was on the freeway overpass and was the only one we could identify.

At the park-and-ride we saw a scrap mostly covered with leaves.

Another pair of women’s underwear. How does someone lose their underwear at the park-and-ride? Stop. It was a rhetorical question. Someone probably scared the pants off her. Anyway, they were very ragged and moldy so ended up in the garbage can.

We came to this car on Woodinville Drive.

It looked beat up but possibly drivable until we saw it from the side. The back wheel shouldn’t be turned like that. We followed the tire track across the road to the intersection with Brickyard Road. It appears that the car was travelling along Woodinville Drive and tried to make a high-speed turn onto Brickyard, ran across the sidewalk and plowed into a wooden retaining wall. It was at the corner where the curb is ramped for wheelchair and bicycle access or the damage would have been much worse.

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