Memories of Arch Rock

Monday, April 26th, 2021 – Safeway

Whew, compared to Saturday, today was bliss. No rain, moderate temperatures, and intermittent sun breaks. Anywhere but Seattle it would be intermittent rain. But here, rain is the norm in the winter and spring.

Okay, we are fine with folks having some outdoor recreation.

But in the median of Juanita-Woodinville Way? Really?

Near Safeway, we found three bottles of Hobble Creek Whiskey.

But wait. It is not blended whiskey.

It is Grape Wine with natural flavor and caramel color. It fooled us. And probably the partakers.

Someone left us a cigar.

Creamy Irish Fusion. It was very aromatic and made our garbage bag smell really good. No, not so good that we wanted to smoke it.

If you are a regular reader, we find lots of lug nuts. Some have loosened and fallen off and for some, the stud has failed. However, behind Party-For-Less-Store in the Safeway parking lot, for the first time we have found eight lug nuts together.

And the wheel, the tire, and the hub. No hubcap, though. We left the wheel and the lug nuts.

Nearby, we found a dash cam that had been run over, perhaps by the errant tire above.

After some forensic sleuthing, we discovered that there was a micro secure digital card in the camera. We thought it would be interesting to see what took place. Unfortunately, the card was damaged when the camera was runover, and is unreadable. Now, if we could get the NSA involved…

Okay even if we could not retrieve any video from the dash cam, it was still a very nice walk. And to top it off, the baby goats were back in the field close to the road.

They’ve grown a bit since we last saw them. But they were still curious of the weird folks on the other side of the fence. We get the same looks from passing cars. And yes, we’ve been mooned by a goat before.

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

Another nice walk today. No money, but no roadkill either, so it was a trade-off. We also found little of interest.

Along Juanita-Woodinville Way, we spotted a lost bungee cord.

It was very small but useable. Unfortunately, it must have been accidently dumped with our other trash because we could not find it when we returned home. We should have bungeed it to our bag.

At the Park-and-Ride Golf Course, down-hill par 3 drain hole, we found two golf balls about five feet apart.

The hole (drain) was large and should have been easy to sink. At least ask for a gimme. Anyway, they are both in our ball collection.

Oh, good grief!

Yes, these signs were posted by a bunch of scammers, and yes, we collected them and left them in the parking area. So, why hasn’t the Metro cleaning crew picked them up? Whoa! Perhaps one of them purchased the Ferrari and is now above picking up the trash. Still, it’s your job. Ours is to leave the trash. And we don’t get paid much.

We did save someone from a nasty flat.

Or flats, as the case may be. It’s too bad people don’t get nailed for littering while others get screwed.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 – Safeway

Yet another comfortable day with no rain. Also, no money and no roadkill. Overall, another pretty boring walk.

But evidently someone had some excitement.

A condom wrapper at the bottom of the Tolt Pipeline Trail. But thankfully, no condom. Makes you wonder what happened to it, but don’t think too much about it.

Today we found a ransacked Dinnerly food box.

We found the box with some contents and about a half-block later, the rest of the contents with, weirdly a laptop CD drive on the left.

Based on the contents, we are pretty sure this was the One Pot Tex-Mex Chicken & Rice.

The bell pepper was the identifying ingredient. It was outside a condominium community that recently installed security gates. Before you order food delivery, think about the gates. Obviously, the delivery person left it outside and someone decided it was fair game to waste.

And more food.

Bagel and cream cheese in a baggie. However, we were not very hungry after finding the One Pot Tex-Mex Chicken & Rice.

Near the Safeway parking lot, a dog ball.

The Safeway parking lot is not a good place to exercise your dog. Just saying.

Trout Reefers.

“This package is not child resistant.” Well, duh, it is made of thin cardboard. So how do the trout smoke them?

We picked up a disposable lighter.

Okay, we find a lot of these. What makes this one special is, it’s the first one we’ve found that is not empty. Yes, we lit it to check it out. And yes, Chuck burnt a hole in his rubber glove.

We found some chemical masks.

A gold (AU) mask and an oxygen (O) mask. Not what we envisioned an oxygen mask to look like. Hey, don’t give us any grief. We just find stuff and report on it.

Thursday, April 29th, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

Construction has started in earnest along a stretch of Juanita-Woodinville Way NE that we walk every weekday. The work is to start at 7:00 am and normally, that would not be a problem except for potentially Thursdays. On Thursday, we walk along J-W Way away from the construction to 124th Street then back on the other side of the street. This morning we kept up our pace and made it back through the construction zone at 6:50 am. That’s cutting it close. We’ll need to keep our Thursday speeds up for the next seven weeks.

At the Park-and-Ride, the traffic control crew was forming up in the parking lot.

We thought about going over to hobnob and compare vests or something, but there were a LOT of them, and they worked for Granite Construction. We were only two and our vests were donated by Salinas Construction, the Paving Team, no less. It might have ended badly, so we kept our distance.

We checked the Salinas Construction Website, and they have a photo of their crew.

They all had vests on, some like ours.

We checked out the Granite website About Us page.

President, Senior VPs and VPs and not a vest among them. Not our style, we’ll stick with Salinas Construction, thank you.

This week seems to be sticking with a food theme.

We found unopened celery stick snacks, sauces and Fat-Free, Chocolate Milk. No, we didn’t eat it. Now if there had been hot wings and beer with the celery sticks, but Chocolate Milk?

Yesterday, we found an HP laptop CD player with the second batch of food that was dumped from the Dinnerly box.

Today, a desktop power supply. An Antec 500W Earthwatts supply. We found one refurbished for $185 on EBay. Sure, Antec is a good brand, but you can get a 500w power supply on Amazon for $40. New.

But today was not all about construction and food. We found a very nice tool.

A utility knife, and in very good condition, and yes, we count it as a tool. Twelve dollars on Amazon. Well, that is with ten new blades. This only had one used blade. We probably should have left it.

Friday, April 30th, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

Today started out nice, then a very light rain began that continued through most of our walk. We removed a roadkill rabbit from the street but did find some money. On 100th Ave NE, just north of Safeway, Chuck found a quarter.

Then, he looked across the street to tell Janet, but she was taking a photo of something. She was finding more money.

She found three quarters, two dimes, three nickels and two pennies, $1.12. Adding Chuck’s quarter it came to a total of $1.37. Not bad for a day. Heck, not bad for a week for us.

At the end of 112th Ave NE where the road construction is going on, we found that one of the traffic control guys left his stop/slow sign behind the guard rail.

We thought, we have our vests on and it might be fun to use the sign to control the traffic for a while. But we decided against it. Most of the people driving by here at 5:40 am know us and, there was no construction going on at that time.

A few weeks back, we put some signs at a corner on Juanita-Woodinville Way. Then, a few days later someone lost a very large sofa cushion nearby, so we drug that over and placed it on the signs.

Today, the cushion was gone!

But, of course, the signs were not.

We found another tool.

Surprise! Another wayward socket.

More distracted driving on 100th Ave NE.

We found a large, heavy piece of rubber near Safeway and left it in a recycle bin.

We had no idea what it was and used Google Lens to search for it. Google found it immediately. It is the end cap for a speed bump. We hate those things, especially when they place them diagonal to the direction of travel. Actually, the faster you go with these types of speed bumps, the less jostled you get. It’s the wide, high, and gentle speed bumps that will launch your vehicle at high speed. Give it a try. Of course, you may need your shocks replaced more often.

Finally, today we found an old Kodachrome film slide. It was dark and we couldn’t see what it was.

However, when we got it home, we could hold it up to the light and get a reasonable photo of it. It looked like a picture of the Washington coast with a highway below, but we don’t know of a rock arch. Okay, what about Google Lens. We fed the image to Google and it nailed it.

The image on the left is from the slide we found. The one on the right is a photo from 2017 of Arch Rock on Mackinac Island in Michigan. We don’t know when the photo was taken, some slides have a develop date stamped on them, but this one did not. However, according to this site, the cardboard mount design was used between 1995 and 2000.

So, the photo was taken on or before 2000. Isn’t the Internet great?

Saturday, May 1st, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

Today was a pleasant walk at a temperature of 50°F (10°C). We removed a roadkill snake, a rabbit, a squirrel and a bird. We also found more money.

Two separate dimes. But that’s not all.

A one-hundred-dollar bill.

Well, part of one, anyway. The area is about 2.5 square inches. The area of a U.S. bill is about 16 square inches. That should make this worth about fifteen bucks. Wonder if we could convince a bank of that?

Someone lost their mirror in the bridge going into Bothell.

There were pieces of it on the walkway next to the bridge so the person must have hit the guardrail with the mirror. Must be a new driver. Experienced drivers know guardrails always win in these situations.

Okay, not being too judgmental, someone started mowing a “lawn.”

The person got no further than three feet into it and gave up. What a wuss. We would have gone at least five feet. But maybe we are not as smart as him.

The roadkill snake was in the gutter with a ping pong ball.

It probably thought the ball was an egg and went after it but got run over in the process. It happens. No, we don’t think it was interested in beer pong. At least not anymore.

We found more tools.

Another utility knife and a nice tool kit case and a cheap tool. The utility knife is a Lewis three-way knife. We didn’t know what a three-way knife was and tried to Google it. Nada. The manufacturer was the Flash Manufacturing Company in Newark, NJ, but there were no websites for the company.

We used Google Maps Street View to take a look at the company. This view is from 2007. So this is a vintage Lewis Three-Way Knife. The price just went up.

We found a ring.

Again, we used Google Lens to identify it. It is a Flashing LED Bubble Ring. We couldn’t get ours to flash but it does rattle. We think a car tire turned it off for good.

Wonder how many black eyes these things have caused.

“Ha, Ha, I got my vaccine and you didn’t.” Wham!

Under the freeway, we found a McCafe cup and a McDonalds bag knotted up, the trademark of the people we have dubbed the McLitterers.

When we opened it, it was the McLitterers. Two clean platters and a bag with two sets of plastic utensils, six butters and two syrups, all unopened.

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