A Good Samaritan

Monday, May 31st, 2021 – Safeway

Today was another pleasant day to walk. Like the start of last week, we found no money but removed some roadkill. Two squirrels. It is Memorial Day, so traffic was light.

In normal times, there is a big bike ride called the “7 Hills of Kirkland,” though as we pointed out in the past, some of the hills are in Woodinville and Bothell. But do they listen to us? NO. Part of the route coincides with our walk over Norway Hill (IN BOTHELL!) This year, because of the pandemic, it is a virtual event where the riders ride any route and track and log their miles over the week. However, there was an increase in bike traffic over the hill.  We enjoy the company.

We encountered the aftermath of a huge wreck between a semi and a convertible.

It was a nasty scene and we moved on. Hopefully, the authorities will clean up the mess.

We picked up a piece of paper.

Once again, down the Internet rabbit hole. These are the instructions for an online game.

The sponsor sells Fragrant Jewels, candles and jewelry online.

This video explains the basic concept.

Sign up to purchase the product and dissolve “Bath Bombs” and candles to find hidden rings to solve a puzzle. And guess what? Buy more product to get the next goal. So, it’s a profit deal.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

Today the temperature started out at 56°F (13°C) and reached a toasty 64°F (17.7°C) by the end of our walk. Time to start wearing cooler clothes.

It was an uncomfortable walk, but we were rewarded.

We found a penny, which is not worth much. But remember, “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.” Even then, it’s not worth much.

Here’s looking at you, kid.”

We picked up two sunglass lenses, one on either side of Juanita-Woodinville Way, but no sign of the frames.

But wait, perhaps these are the new style of sunglasses, double monocles.

Great, the designer probably got the idea from wearing masks. Let’s wrap a few more bands around our heads.

We did find a couple of tools this morning.

A drill chuck key, run over and not good for much of anything but recycling and a nice pair of pliers, hardly run over at all. The pliers are in our Found Tool Collection. The chuck key got recycled. The piece of metal, not the other Chuck.

On Simonds Road, we saw a not uncommon sight.

It was dumped, stolen mail. Typically, we sort through the mail and toss the obvious junk. If there is something important, we return the mail to the address if it is in our area. However, this time there was a piece of certified mail.

The perpetrator ripped the envelope open but found nothing of interest. We put the letter, something about owing some money to the Tucson Mall, into the envelope and returned it to the Post Office. They thanked us and took it as if it was a routine matter. At least they didn’t try to charge us for additional postage.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 – Safeway

Today was another warm walk like yesterday, and like yesterday, we found another shiny penny.

That’s two cents so far this week. With that and an additional $2.14 we could buy a Tall Caffè Americano at Starbucks, plus tax, of course. To be clear, a Tall Caffè Americano is Starbuck speak for a small regular coffee. The Starbucks beverage sizes are,

  • Small = Tall, in Italian, it should be piccolo.
  • Medium = Grande, Italian for great.
  • Large = Venti, Italian for twenty, presumably twenty ounces.
  • Extra Large = Trenta, Italian for, you guessed it, thirty. But, of course, in Starbucks speak, this is thirty-one ounces. Go figure.

We dare you to order a Trenta Espresso. We’ll even give you a day to drink it. Don’t worry, you won’t fall asleep.

Another “New Driver” magnetic sign.

This is the third one of these signs that we have found in the last three weeks. Hope they teach driving better than designing their signs. Or perhaps this is the part of the driver education that teaches how to properly litter.

We found another neck gaiter.

It had a repeated cartoon face on it. This time, Google Lens failed to help identify it. On the first attempt It did show images of purple scarfs and neck-gaiters, but we were interested in the face depicted on the gaiter, so we zoomed in on faces and Google came back with zilch. It should come back with some kind of guess, even an evil Smurf.

The dumped TV is still in place a full four weeks after we reported it to the City of Kirkland.

Who knows, perhaps they are waiting for a new TV series to start. We hope they are not waiting for the return of Gunsmoke.

If you want to run down your own Internet rabbit hole, and you even remember Gunsmoke, check this video out.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

We picked up a lot of trash today, mostly random small stuff, but also a small bird and a squirrel. But among the trash were more pennies.

Three, to be exact. We’re feeling pretty good on the money front, but we could feel a lot better.

At the apartments at the end of 112th Ave. NE, someone had their own street party.

A bunch of random cigar, pot and snack wrappers. One of them was an Old McDonald’s marijuana bag. And they left a small amount for us. So, we can make, what? Half a brownie out of it?

In addition to the pennies, we did find a couple of tools.

A pair of scissors behind a bus stop. They had been there a while. They were not too beat up but were pretty stiff. Kind of like we feel coming back from our walks. The other was a punch. It had been run over multiple times but only had superficial scratches. We were pleased as punch. No, we do not care if you think that was a bad pun. We can roll with the punches.

Found at the exit to the park-and-ride.

So, someone had an intimate encounter at the park-and-ride and tossed the condom as they were leaving. We imagine the narrative while waiting for the light to change. “Wow, that was nice. Whoops. Honey, can you remove this? I need to keep both hands on the wheel.”

Friday, June 4th, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

It was a bit cooler this morning and overcast, so we needed to use our flashlights in some of the darker places along the route. We removed a roadkill squirrel from the road but did find some money.

Along 100th Ave NE, Chuck got ahead of Janet by about a block and stopped to let her catch up. He glanced down in the gutter and found a dime hidden in a patch of weeds growing out of the cracks. So, wait for it… Chuck stopped on a dime. Don’t roll your eyes. What do you expect for a dime?

We came across two hubcaps today.

The first was early in our walk at the end of 112th Ave NE. We left it and will pick it up on tomorrow’s walk when this location is close to the end of our Saturday route. The VW hubcap was within two miles of home so we carried it until we passed an available recycle can out for pickup.

We found this strange can on our walk.

An unopened Vimto can. The first thing we noticed was the label is in French.

According to Wikipedia, this drink originated in Lancashire England. But it was found in the U.S. and printed in French. French is Greek to us, so we don’t know what kind of drink it is. The label seems to have a stylized wiener dog on it and the word Petillant. So, is this a drink for pets?

Another thing is the can is not the standard 12 ounces, but 11.2 ounces. What’s the deal with that? Some kind of gram-ounce roundoff issue?

And finally, the can was empty. It was unopened, and we could not find any damage to the can that could explain how the liquid escaped. The Wikipedia article noted that Vimto is 113 years old. Guess that could give it time to leak out through the seals in the can. They must have invented pop tabs also. So many questions.

“They’re Baack.”

The return of “The Gypsy Moth Trappers”, Season 3, Episode 1.

The story of the dozens of Gypsy Moth Trappers continues, a miniseries documenting the life of the Gypsy Moth Trappers, their successes and failures, their loves and losses and their constant struggle with pheromone addiction. The saga continues.

Saturday, June 5th, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

This morning was overcast and breezy, threatening rain our entire walk. The city’s mowers had come through taking a much wider swath of the weeds uncovering a lot of random trash for us, but fortunately, there were well-spaced trash bins and dumpsters available.

At one point we came across a large plastic car part, probably part of a wheel well.

We discussed what to do with it. It was not heavy, but very bulky. We decided to carry it about three blocks to the dumpster at the apartments. Just as we started off, a white van stopped and the driver asked if we wanted him to take our trash.

He explained that he sees us every Saturday morning. We asked if he could take the wheel well and he said sure.

We handed it to him, and he asked if we wanted him to take more, but we declined and thanked him. We can remember only one other time in our six years of walking that someone offered to off-load our trash. A good Samaritan.

We did remove a roadkill snake today and found more money.

A nickel and a penny within five feet of each other on Riverside Drive and another penny on the freeway off-ramp for a total of seven cents today and twenty-one cents for the week. A quarter per week seems to be the normal find for us these days.

Early in our walk we found four balls.

The two golf balls and the baseball were in ditches along the road to Riverside Drive. The Tennis ball was on the street near the Sammamish River Park. All were relatively clean and in good condition. We added them to our overflowing (literally) ball collection.

And apparently someone had a ball last night.

This was in the parking lot in Bothell where we unload our trash. We don’t recall finding two condoms together before. Someone being extra careful?

Vodka minibottles.

Ten Platinum 7X and one Smirnoff. “Fred, if you had been a little flexible, we could have just purchased a single large bottle.”

The type of mowers the city uses to clear the weeds are called “flail mowers” and work by bludgeoning the weeds.

They also mangle anything else they encounter such as these motorcycle parts that were hidden in the weeds.

“Bikers Against Child Abuse.” Well, their bike parts got abused.

And an abused spoon.

No, we did not add it to our flatware collection as it is no longer flat, it was recycled.

We have a couple of tire pressure gauges that are probably thirty years old. We decided to order an newer precision gauge and it arrived this past Wednesday.

Of course, today we found a tire gauge at the park-and-ride.

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