Bristle While You Walk

Monday, May 24th, 2021 – Safeway

Well, the winter weather insists on overriding spring with light rain and breezes. We wore our rain jackets for the first time in a few months. Disappointing.

We found a beanie hat discarded by someone who thought winter was over.

The fool! More cold weather is on the way.

Not sure we like the brand: Beautiful Disaster.

Of course, it probably depends on who is wearing it. But, still, if one were meeting a blind date, would this hat instill confidence?

Another pair of errant sunglasses.

We didn’t find the missing lens. We figure this is, yet another person disgusted with the return to winter and tossed his sunglasses.

We found a Washington State University cap.

So, did they lose it or toss it? It probably depends on who you ask. There is a big rivalry between the University of Washington and Washington State University. We will find one of our UW friends and see if they will actually wear the cap. We are thinking not. Probably why we found it.

Well, here is something we have not seen in a year, a robot lawn mower. Last year in the morning darkness, we dubbed it the zombie cat.

It does not look nearly so intimidating in the daylight.

“This side down”

We found this piece of plastic in the construction area on Juanita-Woodinville Way. After wasting too much time investigating it, we found it was part of a system to secure the large steel plates on road construction sites.

As a favor to those who read our blog, you can learn more about this on YouTube and waste your time also.

Nearing home, we found a sock with something in it.

It contained three empty Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey mini-bottles. Guess they knocked the socks off the guy.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

A warm comfortable morning with no rain. No money either and two roadkill, a mouse and a rabbit. At the park-and-ride, we found a six-pack of beer cans.

Five empties and one full for us. We really appreciate it, but this is a bit early for us to imbibe. We dumped the beer. We felt bad, but it was Bud Light, so not that bad.

We found another tool.

A nice 8mm deep socket. We should open a store. We already have Bungees-R-Us. We need to open “Sockets-R-Us.”

We recently downloaded the PlantNet App and saw an interesting plant.

It is called a “Red-hot poker.” Makes sense. We didn’t touch it.

We uncovered a long-buried Blu-Ray disc case.

“Kissing Cousins.”. It’s probably a remake of the 1964 Elvis Presley movie, “Kissin’ Cousins.”

However, this video stars Raven Alexis, an adult movie actress, so we figure in this version, they may do a bit more than kiss.

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 – Safeway

This morning, there was a Super Blood Moon with a total eclipse. Here is our photo of it.

It was probably spectacular somewhere.

Well, this is not good.

At the Tolt pipeline parking area, we found a broken condom. No, we don’t want to know the rest of the story.

Monday, we found the pair of discarded sunglasses with a missing lens, so we recycled them. Today we found the lens.


We also found a discarded and well runover set of headphones scattered along the road.

The brand is HMDX. According to their website they sell for about twenty-five dollars. We did not find this version, but they have newer versions.

This certainly looks like a step up to us. NASA is probably ordering some for the next moon mission.

As we walked down Norway Hill toward home, we came upon this.

Some miscreant dumped several large bags of trash by the side of the road. This person epitomizes the irresponsible of society. Take no responsibility and let someone else clean up their mess.

Okay, to be fair, the culprit did place the bags between two “No Dumping” signs.

Bothell needs another No Dumping sign. We reported it to the City of Bothell.

Meanwhile, the TV set we reported to the City of Kirkland remains by Juanita-Woodinville Way.

This is the three-week anniversary since we reported it. We are taking bets as to whether the Bothell trash bags get picked up before the Kirkland TV set. Any takers? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Thursday, May 27th, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

This morning we awoke early and hit the road about 5:00 am. We know, sick, right? It rained during our entire walk and we arrived home soaked. Water, water everywhere…

But we did find money.

One penny. It’s not the amount of money, it’s the principle of it. At least we were not shut out this week. But we would be a lot more principled if we found a five-dollar bill. Just saying.

On the freeway offramp, we found a hubcap and a head cap.

Both were very dirty, we left the hubcap next to the trashcan at the bus stop. We will try to wash the head cap and send it to Goodwill.

In addition to all the trash and cigarette butts we rescued from being washed down the storm drains, we found some odds-and-ends.

Someone threw a gutter ball.

Even though it was in great condition, there is a possibility it came over a nearby fence. We didn’t feel like hauling it home, so we tossed it back. We picture the homeowners finding a strange ball in their yard and tossing it over the fence. And so it goes. By the way, the score for a gutter ball is zero.

We did find another tool, a nice, sharp drill bit.

At least it was not another socket.

Also, another lug nut.

At least this one had loosened, so there was no broken stud involved. Well, maybe the guy driving the vehicle, but the wheel stud did not have a problem.

When we first started walking, we would periodically find a piece of this spring steel. We thought it might be part of a steel-belted radial tire that was disintegrating. But we found they were bristles from street sweepers.

Since then, we have been collecting them at a rate of two or three a week, but today, we hit the motherlode.

A street sweeper must have had a major failure. We collected a six-month’s worth in a day, and we probably missed a bunch.

Whoa! We are sitting on a gold mine.

Make that a silver mine. Okay, it hasn’t sold yet.

The City of Bothell Rocks!

Yesterday, we found the several bags of trash dumped on Norway Hill and we reported it.

Today, one day later, it is gone. To the workers of the City of Bothell, Thank you. Anyone who accepted and lost our bet from yesterday, text us and we will let you know where to send the money. And, no, the penny we found does not count.

Friday, May 28th, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

Today there was a slight mist, but much dryer than yesterday. And we found more money.

Okay, we are a little more principled than yesterday, but still.

Another gutter ball.

This one made it to the storm drain. Still counts zero as a gutter ball, but because this is the second gutter ball in a row, you count the score of the last gutter ball and add it to this gutter ball for the total score. Zero.

It’s been a while, but today we found a pair of men’s underwear.

We didn’t look too closely, but they were probably soaked with rain, from yesterday. At least we hope that is why they were wet. It is garbage day, so we dumped them in a nearby garbage can.

A post-pedicure sandal on 100th Ave. NE.

After a nice pedicure, you would think they would not litter their cheap sandal. If only we could match a toe print to the perpetrator. The FBI should maintain a database of toe prints.

We found these together.

Ensign Red Canadian Whiskey. This looks like a teacher was teaching the kids the word “drink.” He must have been demonstrating it also.

Saturday, May 29th, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

This was a clear, beautiful morning and we hardly needed to use our flashlights. We didn’t run into any big messes and completed our 7.5-mile (12-km) route in almost record time.

We found some significant money.

Within a hundred feet of each other on Woodinville Drive, we found a dime and two pennies. We spent a few minutes looking for more, but that was all we found. Then, farther along, across from the apartments, we found another dime that looked like it had been there a while. The last two pennies were on Brickyard Road. A total of twenty-four cents. We are much more principled than last week.

We thought we found another package of unsmoked cigarettes.

However, when we got them home and took a closer look, they are billed as cigars. The cigarettes are wrapped in paper and cigars are wrapped in a tobacco leaf. These look like cigarettes wrapped in brown paper, but from their website, the tobacco is “encased in a homogenized tobacco wrapper“. So, that is what they do with all the cigarette butts.

Two balls.

Another Nerf golf ball and a well-camouflaged dog ball. No wonder the dog lost it. The golf ball had a chunk taken out of it and got dumped, but the camo-ball is in our ball collection. We went back later to take a better photo of it, but we couldn’t see it.

We also found a pair of well-camouflaged pants.

They were only about two feet long, so they wouldn’t fit either of us. They were stretchy, but not that stretchy.

Two hubcaps.

Actually, a Toyota wheel cover and an Audi hubcap. Both were damaged and we recycled the Toyota wheel cover. But we once owned an Audi, so we kept the hubcap for our collection.

Another stolen meal pack, this time from Gobble.

Here is a photo from their website.

We took a quick look in the box, but we didn’t see any bowls or a cutting board. It was also in sitting in the sun and was very aromatic. According to the shipping label, it weighed eighteen pounds, and there was no way we could carry it. We left it for a neighbor to take care of. Right.

When we started our walk this morning at 5:20 am, the temperature was 44°F (6.7°C). As we approached the park-and-ride, the temperature had increased to 52°F (11°C) and we were getting thirsty. In the distance, across the parking lot, we saw a mirage.

Like all mirages, as we approached, it disappeared. All the bottles were empty. Nature can be so cruel.

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