Ironman of Norway Hill

Monday, July 26th, 2021 – Safeway

To start a new week, we found what appeared to be roadkill. It was run over many times and was a mess.

The helpful road crew pointed it out to us with a large arrow. We retrieved what we could and it turned out to be a bag of pork chorizo.

From the warning label, these guys did everything they could to make this lethal – not refrigerated, left open in the air, run over by cars. Okay, that last part was ours. We carefully carried it to the 7-Eleven dumpster.

So here is the conundrum. This was dead raw meat found in the middle of the street. Is it considered roadkill?

We also started the week with two money finds.

Two pennies in two different areas. We think the TrashWalking Karma is boding well for us this week.

We found an elementary school book.

Book Review: We found the book mildly engaging, but the focus on greed is an all-too-obvious reference to the likes of Jeff Bezos. And the cat doesn’t look anything like him. Two stars, only because this is a level seven book, otherwise, one star.

We found an unopened Coke can.

This is not a rare find for us, but the can was empty and there was no sign of damage that would empty the can. Perhaps this is a new Coke Ultra Lite?

Someone had a feast at Safeway.

Turmeric pills and Red Chile Chicken Enchilada with Mexican Style Rice. We looked up the Turmeric and it looks to be a healthy supplement, and vegan, to boot. The Chicken Enchilada, not so much.

Going over Norway Hill, more McDonalds trash.

Again, scattered for the best spread. The Mr. Hyde of the McLitterers.

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

Okay, this works for us.

Two cents. The week is starting off well for us.

Another drug dime bag.

This one was decorated with emoji smiley faces. After taking the drug, pick the one you most feel like. We are guessing you are feeling like the second guy on the third row.

An unopened package of hair highlights.

Chuck should try them.

We found yet another Washington State Lottery Scratch-And-Lose card in the park-and-ride.

But, wait. This one is unused. Nothing has been scratched. We are dead set against the lotteries because, as someone smarter than us pointed out, they are a tax on the stupid.

But we couldn’t resist, we scratched the card.

And we got a winner. Well, kind of. It paid out five dollars, the price of the card. But for us, it is pure found money. We can live with that.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 – Safeway

Well, alright, then. We found a beer can.

Something was rattling around in it. After some shaking, a dime and a nickel fell out. We are on a good money roll this week. We did remove a roadkill snake from the road.

We found a dirty shirt.

Dirty in that it was soiled, not that it had some racy verbiage which would have been interesting. It is a ho-hum Nike shirt that will be washed and sent to Goodwill.

Someone purchased a pie at Safeway and, inexplicably, left it by the parking lot.

Oh, wait, “No Sugar Added.” That probably explains it. They say it is “as American as Apple Pie.” But not without sugar. That’s like communism or something.

Someone lost a half box of lock nuts.

We need to keep the nuts locked up, not running around loose like these.

Across from the 7-Eleven as Chuck was crossing the street, a woman stopped, rolled down her window, and asked, “Where’s your wife?”

Chuck pointed down the street and said, “She’s ahead of me.” The woman said, “Okay,” rolled up her window and drove off. Evidently she decided that Chuck is not a wife-killer, only chopped liver. Thank you for your support.

Thursday, July 29th, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

And the week just keeps on rolling.

A dime today at the bus stop. Keep it coming, folks.

This sign is interesting.

“Outside our doors” is crossed out, okay, more concise. A note that appears to say “Changed. Put back on me.” Then, “Kingsgate Kirkland Library. Added to wall later.” You would think the library would have a more literate sign: “No Donations Accepted” would do.

Another lug nut with a sheared-off stud to add to our collection.

We found a tool.

And not a socket, a real tool. A Husky screwdriver in very good condition, not run over once. Of course, it is a flat-head screwdriver and most all the screws we find are Phillips or some other odd head. Still, good for opening paint cans. Try that with a Phillips.

Against a fence near the freeway, we found some long-buried items.

A pair of very disintegrated sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses and case. The only thing worth keeping were the reading glasses that, when cleaned up were in pretty good condition. The strange thing is there are no markings of any kind on them. Most likely counterfeit. We hear there is a big black market in reading glasses.

Down a side street, we saw what looked like some flowers on the sidewalk. We decided to investigate.

As we took a photo, a voice yelled, “Take them.” A guy was tending some flowers on the porch. We thanked him, but declined. Nice gesture, though.

“Mirror, mirror, on the ground, who’s the fairest couple in construction vests around?

… okay, your vision may be a bit cloudy, we’ll try again. “Mirror, mirror, on the ground, who’s the only couple in construction vests around? Must be a dud.

Near the 7-Eleven, we saw a guy walking his dog.

And we watched while he concentrated on his phone while the dog did its business. After the dog was finished, the two of them continued their walk. Perhaps we will post the video on YouTube.

Friday, July 30th, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

Keep it up, folks. More money today.

A quarter. We have found money every day this week with a current total of five dollars and fifty-four cents. And we still have Saturday to go.

At the bottom of the Tolt Pipeline, someone abandoned a bicycle.

We checked the social media sites and found no report of a stolen bike, and it remained there through the day. If it is still there on Monday, perhaps we will take it. We could get a bike rack, some saddlebags and, of course, a light. How does sound?

Near Safeway, we found a weird toy elephant.

Perhaps it has lock-trunk? Whoa, we never knew there was such a thing.

Tangled up in love. Hey, TMI. Is this some kind of kinky elephant activity?

Also, near the Safeway, we found a beer can in the bushes.

It had something in it and when we shook it, over twenty slugs came tumbling out. They were either dead or recovering from a night of drunken debauchery slugfest. Some kind of slug kinkiness.

Welcome to Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom of Sex. Okay, we added the last part.

We found a car key in a parking lot.

It looks like a copy of a Toyota key from a lot. We’re only guessing, and no, we are not going to try to find a Toyota that matches. Now if it were a Lamborghini key, a different story.

We found a discarded bag used for dispensing pills.

The evening pills were gone, but the night pills remained. We checked out the usage of the pills: Parkinson’s disease, restless legs syndrome, nerve pain, anti-diabetic, and high cholesterol. They missed the athlete’s foot, though.

We found another drug dime bag.

The dime bags are getting smaller. “Why in my day, a dime bag was slightly less than a pint.” Yes, and ice cream bars were a nickel. We are getting old. And no, we have never bought a dime bag in our life.

We found a nice souvenir bag, “Faux leather made in China.”

We may start carrying it with us to keep our faux money in on bad days. We checked out Ruby Falls on the web. It’s in Chattanooga Tennessee and looks to be an interesting destination. So, what else is there? We visited the top attractions in Chattanooga site. Okay. The top attraction is Ruby Falls. There are some interesting pass-through visits, but we would probably keep moving, picking up trash.

Saturday, July 31st, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

Our ideal walking temperature is 55°F (13°C), today was it was 70°F (21°C), very warm. However, it was overcast, and the sun never made it through, so it was warm but not unbearable. However, we missed last Saturday and there was a massive amount of trash. It seemed to be more than double. At our normal spot at the apartments on Woodinville Drive, we dumped seven bags of garbage and recycle. Normally it is two or three. Woof!

We removed three, count them, three roadkill rabbits and one fat rat from the roadways. However, we found more money.

And there you have it, twenty-eight cents today making it a full walking week of finding money every day. We think that is a record, not to mention a total of five dollars and eighty-two cents for the week. Ka-Ching!

The first thing of note we found walking down the hill to Riverside Drive was a lost hubcap.

Toyota, of course and in very good condition. We left it in plain sight propped against a signpost. While running an errand at the end of the day, nobody claimed it, so we picked it up and it is on its way to Goodwill.

Several months ago, the Iron Man of Norway Hill appeared. Since then, folks have been adorning it. A few weeks back we found a bow tie. What the heck.

At least, he now looks sophisticated, kinda.

We did find a couple of tools today.

Yeah, well another socket, but also a framing square. This is the first framing square we’ve found. Obviously, the road is not square.

Now this is something we should look into.

Sneaker cleaner? Who’d of thunk? Our shoes are a mess and the before and after pictures are compelling. We need to investigate this. We may have needlessly been embarrassing ourselves for several years.

We found a pack of blackberry seeds.

Really?? Was this left by Johnny Blackberryseed? Who plants blackberry seeds in this area? We are thinking the Chinese are somehow behind this.


A “car-nivorous” blackberry bush we’ve been keeping our eye on. It’s the Chinese, we tell you.

Toward the end of our walk on the freeway offramp, we found a Respiratory System Chart.

Great, just what we needed to be reminded of. Let us tell you what you can do with your larynx.

On our Thursday walk, we have started picking up trash down a road adjacent to the freeway offramp. We saw a bag of trash on the freeway side of the fence and made a mental note to pick it up on Saturday when we walk the ramp.

We picked up the trash we saw, but under the tree, we found someone had been living there at one time and had left a mess. It was more than we could handle today and left it for a future adventure.

Someone got kinky at the park-and-ride.

“2 PC. Vinyl Garter Belt Fishnet Stockings and G-String.” Twenty dollars. It states, “Drip dry, do not Iron.” Well, we would hope not. We don’t like the smell of burning rubber.

And what is with the “2 pieces?” There are four items in the description, so it must mean two sets. Is this a his and hers thing? Chuck could make it work…

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