Oyster Shooters

Monday, May 2nd, 2022 – Safeway

We started the week with a very wet walk. It was warmish, overcast and raining. We got soaked, but we are used to it. No money and no roadkill, and really not much interesting to find.

We did find a tool.

Sort of. Someone tossed out a spray nozzle that appeared to be in good condition. Guess they didn’t need it because of the all the rain.

An ELF BAR vaping device.

5000 puffs for $20 then toss it out the window. This one is Pineapple Coconut Ice flavor, and it did smell good. They also have a Cuban Cigar flavor. Wonder what it smells like, an ashtray?

Today we picked up two Mike’s Hard Lemonade cans.

We have been picking up ten to twenty a week, then abruptly it stopped. We have not found any in two weeks. We don’t think this is the same litterer. These were together in a paper bag and in an area we normally don’t find Mike’s cans. This guy is a poor impostor.

Then there was this.

An empty Testosterone Cypionate Injection bottle. All sorts of thoughts went rapidly through Chuck’s head. Then he read, “For intramuscular use only.” That was comforting.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

Today’s weather was a lot like yesterday, warmish and overcast, but not raining. Okay, maybe only a little like yesterday. And better still, no roadkill but Chuck almost stepped on a rabbit, if that counts. We did find some money.

The coin on the left was near the 7-Eleven. It looks like a dime but is really a penny. We need to have some lessons in proper coin exposure. The one on the right is better exposed but is still only a penny. We need folks to start dropping more coins like last week. You need to stop dropping this penny-ante stuff.

At the park-and-ride, a nice pair of gloves.

Someone probably dropped them while loading the bike on their vehicle. We scooped them up and the guy can find them at Goodwill in a few weeks.

We have a guitar player who plays for handouts at the freeway offramp. We had the suspicion that he was living in a forested area near the park-and-ride. Janet pointed out a car in the park-and-ride that she thought she saw him drive off in one day.

Today we saw him walking up the street, into the park-and-ride and get in the car. We continued on our way and saw his tracks exiting the forest.

Hey, unless we find something interesting, walking is pretty boring so we need something to occupy our minds. Well, there are all the folks that wave and honk at us along the way, that keeps us occupied and we appreciate it.

Also at the park-and-ride, we found a parked electric scooter.

At first, we thought it was abandoned or stolen. Wheels is a company that rents these by the month for $90. For that you get the scooter delivered and can ride it as much as you want. So this may be a bus-riding commuter’s rental. Interesting idea. We might be interested, but it doesn’t appear to have anywhere to attach garbage bags.

While driving over Simonds Road, we spotted some trash that is a little farther up the hill than we normally go. Today, we wandered up to the spot and spent several minutes pulling old cans out of the bushes and generally cleaning up the area. One thing we found was the top of a hypodermic needle.

Next to it was a wrapper for an alcohol wipe. It is good to see the druggies are practicing good hygiene.

We found a valid credit card.

It was a Citi Executive Business Card and had Patrick’s company name on it. When we got home, we looked up the company, located in Portland and called their 800 number. We asked to speak to Patrick and the receptionist asked what it was in reference to, and we explained we found his credit card. She asked us to wait. When she got back to us, she said “Patrick is in a meeting, but I texted him and he said he already canceled the card and we can discard it. Get it discard? We find a lot of credit cards we cannot track down, so this one was disappointing because he didn’t need it back. We said we would shred it and put it in our shredder. It got stuck and we spent about twenty minutes to finally force it through.

As a good friend keeps reminding us, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

No money today but did remove a roadkill rabbit. The Elf Bar guy replaced his vaping device.

Lemon Mint this time. We are still looking for the Cuban Cigar flavor.

A half tool.

We never find the winch part of these, and when we do, they have been run over and flattened. One of these days…

Someone living on a shoestring budget lost his shoestring.

A Rubik’s Cube.

It’s made of foam rubber, but someone tried to solve it anyway.

Thursday, May 5th, 2022 – 160th to 124th Street

No more money today but did require the removal of a roadkill rat. This walk includes our newest adopted street that normally rewards us with multiple cans and bottles of 14 Hands Wine, that we assume is a guy attempting seduction. You may recall that last week there were three different piles of 14 Hands bottles and cans and one pile of Truly Seltzer cans with a condom. Today nothing. Perhaps the 14 Hands guy has retreated in shame. We have no problem with that.

We’ve found these in the past.

Several ULTA Beauty Store security tags. These must not be very good or easily bypassed. We put them in our recycle bag and continued on. We eventually heard a very slight beep from one of them. If this is what they do, it’s no wonder they are stolen so often. Now if they contained firecrackers…

In the ditch along 116th Ave NE, Chuck was walking through weeds that shoot their seeds when touched.

Is this another “Birds and Bees” story? Chuck felt so dirty.

We found a nice umbrella.

Great. And no rain today. It might have come in handy in the ditch.

These always make us wonder.

A 9-mm shell casing in the road along 160th by the school. Don’t people know this is a no-shooting zone. Or is that only when children are present?

Someone’s Science Award.

Wait, make that a Science BS Award. “Use this for 1 free point on your Formative/Practice Grade.” What is a Formative/Practice Grade? And it’s not free if you must earn an award for it.

Near the 7-Eleven was an empty two-pack 7-Eleven pregnancy test carton.

Well, that one didn’t take. Let’s try again.

Kroger drinking water.

“From a Municipal Source.” A water faucet? A toilet? And water has a best-used-by date?

We took Friday and Saturday off from walking. We visited a friend’s cabin on the Hood Canal. At low tide, we went down to the beach and gathered some oysters for dinner.

We ate a few oysters raw at the beach and the rest got grilled in the shell. We had a great time.

We did find time to check out Chuck’s vest pocket.

A Port-Pocket tag: “Easy Access for Clean Embroidery”. We watched several videos for Port Authority Items that talk about a port pocket as a feature but never explains what it’s for. We still don’t know.

A leaking gel pen. That is not its marketing name, but it is what it is doing. A 7-Eleven lighter in a baggy. When we find something like this, we think it is drug-related, but we don’t really know. Another rusty utility knife blade that should not be in Chuck’s pocket. A conduit locknut. Pink and Black hair bands, the black one still has hair in it.

So, that wraps up our walking week. Our take this week was,

  • Two cents.
  • A roadkill rat and rabbit.
  • Testosterone.

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