Butter Slime

Monday, June 13th, 2022 – Safeway

This morning we checked our “Whether” apps as in whether it is going to rain or not. Both apps showed overcast with no rain. It was a little cooler, so Janet decided to wear her rain jacket and Chuck did not. Chuck got wet and Janet did not.

We did not come across any roadkill and found no money, but we found a kind of tool.

A lynch pin. We have found several of these that are in various states of being run over, but this one is pristine, absolutely unused. Okay, it is not much, but we are grasping at straws here.

As we started on our walk on 112th Ave NE, we found someone had dumped a bunch of unsmoked cigarettes.

Upon further investigation, there was no tobacco in the cigarettes. Then we found the original carton. 200 Cigarette Filter tubes. We had never heard of these before but found a YouTube video about it. Evidently this is much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

Janet spotted a Fritos bag behind a large bush and sent Chuck in to get it.

After about ten minutes of fighting his way through the branches, the offending Fritos bag was collected along with a soccer ball and a small football, both tossed back over the fence. Two bottles, a beer can and an old sign.

The initial offering of the Ondine Apartments at Juanita Bay. “Live Free until 2013” which means the sign was probably placed in 2012, ten years ago. Forget plastic bottles and bags, it’s the damn real estate signs that are going to be our ecological undoing. We should have dumped it on their doorstep, but we tossed it in a recycle bin.

Later, on Norway Hill, we found another errant soccer ball by the side of the road.

It was eerily similar to the one we found behind the bush but had no obvious home and since we already have about five soccer balls in our ball collection, we left it at the nearby intersection with hopes the owner will find it. If we find it at the bottom of Norway Hill, we will be a bit miffed, to put it politely.


Someone does not know how the spell “Ours.”

We have found many lost gas, radiator and windshield washer fluid caps.

But this is the first time we found the whole windshield washer fluid cap and filler tube.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

Day two and it was a repeat of yesterday. No roadkill and no money, “whether” apps showed overcast, Janet wore her rain jacket and Chuck didn’t. The only difference is, Chuck did not get wet which suited him fine.

“Way to Go Gra!”, “Congrats!”

Graduation Season. But you should put the signs on a telephone pole or something. Not on the street. Congratulations.

We found a run over music binder in the street.

The day the music died.

But it didn’t die.

It was just maimed. And yes, we listened to the whole YouTube video too.

Someone ripped off his radio antenna.

Obviously not a fan of Don McLean.

In the park-and-ride, we found another pair of runover safety glasses showing they are not very safe at all.

However, when we got home, we were able to reassemble the glasses. We don’t know for sure, but that probably cannot be said for the guy wearing them.

Butter Slime?

Okay, we may not follow slime that closely, but we have made slime with our grandkids using Elmer’s glue, water and Borax powder. It works quite well. So today we find this Butter Slime. What is the difference? Well, butter, of course or so we thought. We searched for the ingredients to make Butter Slime and found this:

“How do you make a 3 ingredient butter slime?” Um, okay. We count five ingredients. And NO butter. But after further searching, we found this YouTube video.

We painstakingly watched this video and counted nine different ingredients, and as the author states, a couple of times, “You cannot make butter slime without real butter.” But she is using “I can’t believe it’s not butter!,” not real butter. We have spent entirely too much time on Slime. Just stick to the original Borax recipe with no butter.

The Van that was here the last couple of weeks,

was gone today.

Later in the day, we met the folks who own the property in the background and learned that the person who purchased the land was totally clueless of building requirements and was going to erect a small house on the property. It is only about thirteen feet at the widest, not enough to allow property clearance for a structure.

Ok, it is now week 4 for the moth motel.

Still no guests. From a fallen structure, we noticed the manufacturer’s name.

Scentry Biologicals. They use pheromone lures as bait. We think that is entrapment and the Gypsy Moths should get a lawyer.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

Today was a lot like yesterday and the day before, except we did remove roadkill from the street. A small bird and a crow. Yes, we know crows are also birds, but they, like ducks, belong in their own category. We also removed a very rare weasel, only the fifth we’ve removed. In comparison, we have removed thirty-three crows, seventy-seven small birds and two-hundred-and-forty-two rabbits. Details here.

We also found money.

Four pennies at a service station. Yes, it is not much, but enough to keep us from getting skunked this week.

When we first started walking, we found a lot of headless toy figurines, but that subsided. Now today, Tinkerbell.

She probably teased Tick Tock the Crocodile once too often.

Hopefully, it was not Peter Pan.

Thursday, June 16th, 2022 – 160th to 124th Street

Today we got a little rain, but nothing extreme. We removed a roadkill rabbit from the road, but did find more money.

A penny on the I-405 overpass and a rather beat up dime on the onramp. Eleven cents, we’ll take it.

Also, we found some tools.

Well, kind of. The bungie strap was missing one of its hooks, and the socket was in good condition, but was yet another 10mm socket. We recycled the bungie and the socket went into our socket jar with the other mostly 10-mm sockets.

While crossing the freeway offramp, we spotted a white bag a ways down where we would normally go on Saturday. We decided to investigate and see if we could collect it now.

It was a bag marked “DOC WESTERN WA WORKCREW.” We assume that “DOC” means “Department of Corrections.” We would think the workers would at least pick up the water bottle wrapper, but then again, these are probably not career-seeking jobs.

In the ditch along 116th Ave NE, we found more fresh trash.

McDonalds wrappers and wine cans and bottles. In all, we found four 14-Hands cans and two bottles. Plus one bottle of collegiata montepulciano d’abruzzo, $13. These litterers are stepping up in their trash. The 14-Hands is only $11.

We found a few other random items.

A Nike headband in the middle of the street where nobody should be jogging.

A pair of reading glasses for a one-eyed reader. So is this considered a pair of glasses or just a glass?

Finally, this.

It is about six inches in diameter by two-and-a-half inches thick and appears to be a compressed stack of aluminum foil. Google was no help, but it looked like it should be recycled, so we did.

Friday, June 17th, 2022 – 100th Ave NE

This morning, we removed two roadkill crows from the streets. That makes three this week, so far which may be a record. We also found another penny.

What kind of a penny-ante week is this?


to another graduate litterer. Yes, it would deflate us also.

Then, there was the patriotic litterer.

Not a proud moment.

At Safeway, we came across an abandoned baby carriage.

Except that it had obviously been used by a homeless person. Chuck tried to get Janet to push him home in it, but she told him where to go, and it wasn’t home. We walked it around to the dumpsters and wrestled it into one. Chuck thought it was a shame.

We saw the aftermath of a terrible accident.

It must have been a hit-and-run because we didn’t see any other cars around that showed any significant damage.

It’s Friday, time to see what has accumulated in Chuck’s vest pocket.

Half a Costco membership card and a Safeway gift card. We checked the balance and, score! It has a thirty-three-cent balance. A littered bag of confetti. You are supposed to remove the confetti from the bag before throwing it but thank you for tossing the whole bag.

A part of something  with a magnifying glass. After some research, we found it was part of a fancy toenail clipper.

From the review, it appears the magnifier was tossed on purpose.

Continuing, a dented, metal Sharpie pen, and applicator brush with nothing to apply and a baggie with something black and hard in it. Upon further investigation, it smells like black licorice which Chuck cannot stand. It and the contaminated baggie went into the garbage.

Then, there were two notes.

One looks to be notes from a wellness seminar. It notes two websites, Jainuplift.com and soundstrue.com. We took a quick scan of these sites but didn’t see anything about Spiritual Littering.

The other note is a shopping list for someone with a new pet.

We may be biased, but the “poop bag thingy” is especially important.

Saturday, June 18th, 2022 – Riverside Drive

This morning was overcast, and we needed our flashlights for part of the walk. We did not find any roadkill but found more money.

Yep, another penny. Remember, a penny a day keeps the… Well, it really doesn’t keep much away.

But we did find a tool.

Unfortunately, it had been well run over and got recycled.

We picked up some clothing.

A scarf that will end up at Good Will and a shoe, to boot. There was only one shoe, so it ended up in the garbage.

We need to tell these guys that their ash pipe is full.

Good luck emptying it.

Another McLitterers’ mess.

We really liked it better when they got the white plastic bags. The paper ones disintegrate when they get wet.

Someone must be getting ready for the Fourth-of-July Parade.

We won’t tell them that the parade route does not come down this street.

On the freeway offramp, another plastic bottle with yellow liquid in it.

We imagine it takes a lot of coordination to drive down the freeway at 60 mph and fill the bottle.

At the park-and-ride, a couple parked and did the wrong kind of riding.

Maybe this fell off their car?

Sometimes, you have other things on your mind.

That finishes our walk week. Our take:

  • 17 cents in change.
  • 33 cents on a discarded Safeway card.
  • 1 sign from 2012.
  • 1 pair of one-eyed reading glasses.
  • 1 jar of slime.
  • 1 headless fairy.

Have a great week.

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