Stolen Street Lines

Monday, June 20th, 2022 – Safeway

We started a new week on an overcast day that turned fair, after our walk, of course. We removed a roadkill squirrel and found some money.

One-dollar-and-two-cents. Two pennies and a car wash token. Okay, the TrashWalking judge rejected the token but confiscated it. He probably needed a car wash, the bastard. So, we only found two cents today.

Heading out down 112th Ave NE, we found someone stole the lines.

Really? What’s the going price on the hot street line market?

We picked up a dog toy.

It is designed to bounce erratically. The dog probably refused to chase after it, and rightly so, we might add.

We found a plastic treasure box.

It was empty, but originally, it apparently had twenty bucks worth of toys in it. Not worth it to us, mind you.

The McLitterers are becoming a regular again.

Two clean platters, and unopened utensils, butters and syrups. They must have very dry personalities.

Another condom tossed out along 145th Ave NE.

So, is this called defensive driving?

We found a bird of another feather.

Or is it feathers of a different bird? Oh, you know what we mean.

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

Today we had a little mist, but not bad. We removed a very desiccated roadkill rabbit, but we couldn’t count it because by the Trashwalking rules, at least half of the roadkill by weight must be present. We could almost tie a string to this one and fly it like a kite, but we sailed it into some nearby bushes instead. However, we did find some money.

A very nice dime, only slightly run over. It was in great condition and not desiccated at all. Well, any more than normal.

We picked up a lot of random trash along the way, mostly single bottles or cans.

But along 112th Ave NE, three Tanqueray Rangpur Lime Gin and Soda cans and five packs of horseradish sauce. So, is this like tequila and salt? You take a taste of horseradish and down a can of gin and soda? New to us, but we are quick learners. Then at the park-and-ride, some beings left a very large mess. The photo above only shows a small amount of it. We filled a bag and dumped it at the bus stop trash container. There was no change left among the trash. We looked.

Earlier, while running errands, we passed the freeway onramp and spotted what looked like a screwdriver and made a mental note to pick it up on our walk.

A pair of cheap scissors, well run over, not worth much. But the scissor part could look like a movie monster:

Edward Scissors Man.

Okay, now we are into week five of the great Gipsy Moth Hunt.

Or entrapment. Still no guests at the inn. Maybe a little paint and cheery wallpaper?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

Today, we took a quick walk, since we were embarking on a short road trip, so perhaps missed a few things. No roadkill and no money, but did find a very clean cap.

A pink LA Dodgers cap. Doing some research, as of today, the Dodgers are 44 wins and 25 losses. The Mariners are in a different league and are at 44 wins and 26 losses. Almost identical records. So why toss the Dodgers cap? Oh, it’s pink. No, we are not sexists. And before you argue, think about the color.

We also found a very colorful USB cable, only partially pink.

One end has been run over but may be salvageable. We’ll see.

We will be travelling for the next couple of days and will not walk over Norway Hill where the weeds have outgrown us.

The weather is becoming warmer so the mowers may be on the way. We will see.

Warning: Mini travel log follows. We travelled to one of our favorite local places, Hood River, Oregon. We met up with our favorite cousins for some hiking, beer, and fellowship. Cousins were travelling north from Oregon while we travelled south from Washington. We met up at Multnomah Falls on Interstate 84.

In the past, the area was crowded, but not overly so. This time, to our surprise, we needed to get a time-limited permit to enter. After much confusion, we were able to get the permit which cost us a whole two dollars. There goes our lunch money.

Hood River is a town on the Columbia River Gorge and a home for windsurfing and some very good breweries. We participated in both. We watched some windsurfing and sampled the breweries. Full Sail, Double Mountain, pFriem, Ferment, and Everybody’s. Some of the breweries had good views of the windsurfing, too.

We also hiked to the top of Beacon Rock on the Washington side of the river. As we were leaving town, we got a shot of Beacon Rock from the freeway on the opposite side of the river.

It’s the big rock behind the tree and is the core of an ancient volcano. The trail to the top is a mile long and climbs 848 feet. It has some great views of the Columbia River Gorge and many switchbacks.

After our hike, we treated ourselves to a beer and lunch at Everybody’s Brewery in White Salmon, WA. We had a great time and enjoyed our respite from TrashWalking.

We did find one piece of trash along the Beacon Rock Trail.

Now we just need to find out who Auntie is and convince her that Chuck is Ethan.

Saturday, June 25th, 2022 – Riverside Drive

This morning was sunny and a bit too warm, but we are not complaining after the last cold six months. We removed a bird (probably a pigeon) and another desiccated rabbit from the road that did not make one crow happy, and did not find any money. But we did find a ring.

Similar rings range from nine to seventeen-hundred dollars on the Internet. We are guessing this one is closer to the nine-dollar end.

We also picked up a tool.

A Diablo Saw blade, sixty dollars on Amazon. It’s used, but still in good shape.

A tennis ball.

But this one is about the size of a golf ball. Is there golf tennis? If so, is it called Guinness?

We picked up some clothing.

A flaming neck gaiter and an arm band. We use some of the neck gaiters we find. We’ll try not to get these two items mixed up.

A discarded wrapper.

No comment.

We also found this empty wrapper.

Plan B Next day “emergency contraceptive.” Wow, fifty bucks at Walgreens. A condom is a lot cheaper. It is unknown if this and the previous photo are related.

When we came back into town from our Hood River trip, we saw a life vest on the offramp and wondered if it would be blown into traffic and get shredded before we could pick it up.

But it was still laying where we saw it. It was bulky to carry home. The other option was to wear it, but that would make us look weird, more so than usual. It will end up at Good Will.

At a bus stop near a Jacksons Food Store, we went into a gully to pick up some trash.

Seven “reusable” bags. And there is a bag for trash at the bus stop. Pigs.

Another shell casing along Juanita-Woodinville Way.

We added it to our collection of shells we have picked up.

A cleanly cut-off muffler.

It looks like someone’s catalytic converter may have been stolen and muffler and tailpipe dropped off.

While we were gone, someone sprayed graffiti on several things.

We cannot make out the words, but XIV is added. Must be the guy’s IQ.

That wraps up our shortened walk week. Our take:

  • 12 cents.
  • 1 Feather of a different bird.
  • 1 Pink cap.
  • Several beers with good company at Hood River.
  • 1 Guinness ball.

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