Love, Flirt, Peace

Monday, October 3rd – Safeway

No walk today since we were driving back from Bend, Oregon.

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 – Park-and-Ride

After our weekend in Bend, we returned to another beautiful walking day. It would have been better if we had found some money, but no money, no roadkill and very little of interest.

Very close to our house, we picked up a pair of sunglasses. They were in great condition, but were Sound Transit, Seattle’s Metro, giveaway swag. With all the billions they are spending on light rail, you would expect something like Tory Burch sunglasses.

We did find a couple of pairs today. First, another pair of lug nuts.

Although found several blocks away from each other, they appear to be the same. Lot’s of loose wheels around.

Then, a pair of bicycles.

The first one appears to be stolen and abandoned. The second seems to be a freebee. We’ll keep an eye on them, we are too old to be riding bicycles up hills, but we could ride them to the bottom and leave them there.

Some neighborhood camaraderie.

A revive-the-sign party for a neighborhood on Norway Hill. An acquaintance of ours recently repainted the Norway Hill sign. Perhaps that sparked this.

That’s it. A boring day.

Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

Wednesday is not starting out any better. No money and no roadkill. But, the weather was a bit different, there was a very light mist due to the marine layer. The roads were slightly damp, but we could only notice the moisture in the beams of our flashlights. We would like more, given that the rest of the day remained cool.

The first thing of interest we found was more stolen mail.

Nothing of importance except for the $2300 rent check, nothing worth tracking down. Yes, we are getting lazy.

We found two balls on our walk.

A pink breast cancer golf ball and patio light party ball. We kept the golf ball and recycled the party ball. After all, what can you do with a single party patio ball?

We found a tool, a first for us.

A micrometer. It had been run over and the dial face was cracked. But it was probably still accurate to within a half inch or so.


Or Cheerios.

We didn’t know what this was, but using Google it is a “Ridbiker Motorcycle Motorbike Shift Pad Shoe Boot Cover Protective Gear (Black )”

Well, that didn’t help. However, after some more investigation, it appears to be a protection for your boot/shoe when you shift gears on a motorcycle. Well, not this one, but one that is not lost.

Another car/truck part, we think.

It was small and heavy but appears to be some kind of tailgate assist, but we really don’t know and, actually don’t care. We don’t like the way we are sounding lately. Perhaps we need a vacation. Perhaps Italy.

On the way up the hill, Janet called Chuck over to her side of the road to remove a major pile of trash from the “Hill.”

Two halves of a plastic easter egg. We could have ignored it, but a man needs to have his territorial dignity. Bunny ears would have helped.

Finally, at the top of Norway Hill at the Tolt Pipeline, a pair of women’s underwear.

We will see if they get into the underwear wing of the Trash Walking Museum.

Thursday, October 6th, 2022 – 160th to 124th Street

Whew, finally we found some money today.

Ok one penny, and it’s Canadian. But at least we won’t be shut out this week.

Another pair of lug nuts.

There are a lot of loose wheels out there.

We seem to be finding more and more of these.

Water bottles with yellow “water” in them. Okay, it’s urine. We are tired of these. We do wear rubber gloves and dump the liquid out, but it is still like where’s the disinfectant?

Another neck gaiter.

This one is from Wilcox Construction and somehow, we seem to recall picking up another of their neck gaiters, but our memory is not as good as it used to be, and Chuck’s memory has never been good. Anyway, we looked at their team on the website and didn’t see any one of them wearing the neck gaiter. And their “team” did not look like any of the actual construction workers who would wear a neck gaiter. They should at least include some photos of their “team” on a construction site. “Hey, who’s the guy with clean clothes and a neck gaiter?”

Friday, October 7th, 2022 – 100th Ave NE

Woo-Hoo, more money.

A green quarter. It really isn’t green; it was reflecting a traffic light. But even if it was green, at least it’s not Canadian.

We found two tools.

Another Allen wrench and a socket. The socket is a special socket to remove “locking” lug nuts, so it is useless for the four lug nuts we found this week.

Happy Birthday!

But the balloon didn’t look very happy. In fact, it looked downright deflated.

On Simonds Road, we found a belt used to tie down truck loads.

The belt was four inches wide and about twenty feet long. We wrapped it up and put it in our recycle bag. It was heavy but we were determined to haul it back home. Then we found a Toyota hubcap and decided to leave both on a street corner. Later we stopped and picked them up with our car. Both appeared to be in good condition, but they will probably end up in the recycle bin. Unless we find a Toyota-driving trucker.

It’s Friday, time to find out what’s in Chuck’s vest pocket.

Actually, very little since we only had four walking days to accumulate stuff. A list of someone’s gifts which is sad because there are none. Half an eraser that looks like it would cause more harm than good if you tried to erase something. It should be called a smudger. A single sunglasses lens, and it’s not even prescription.

In the middle, a small, wooden bunch of grapes. An unrecognizable round emblem, possibly part of an earring and part of another earring with a fake pearl and butterfly. No, they don’t match.

Someone lost a Halloween candy corn fingernail and we’re still four weeks out from Halloween. She probably absent-mindedly bit it off.

Finally, a fancy zipper tab that you grab to pull the zipper open or closed. We didn’t know the name of it, so we consulted Wikipedia. Well, duh! It’s called a pull tab. Wait. What are those things we have been pulling off beer cans? Well, they are now known as “Stay Tabs.” This is very confusing because we pull the stay tabs off.

Saturday, October 8th, 2022 – Riverside Drive

Finally, the end of the week. We missed last Saturday and there was a lot of random trash to be dealt with. We found no money but did remove our first roadkill of the week: a rat, two crows, and a squirrel. There was another roadkill on the I405 southbound onramp that was too flat to reasonably retrieve, so we’re not allowed to count it. It was probably an opossum, but that is just a guess.

We found an unopened can of Rockstar.

It was slowly seeping beverage due to wounds received when tossed. We put it out of it’s misery by pulling off the stay tab. This is going to take some getting used to .

We found more garments today.

On the left, we think is kind of a scarf/headwrap, but we are not sure. Another pair of women’s undies. “Love Flirt Peace” is printed around the waistband, but what is the priority? Finally, a cap that was probably a good find before the mowers found it. It looks like this one. A waste of twenty-five dollars.

Yes, another urine bottle.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

We found a tiny football.

We thought it was foam rubber, but it is stitched vinyl with some padding. It will go into our ball collection.

Do you have pesky neighbors who put up unneeded no trespassing signs?

No problem, just toss it down the nearest gully.

This looked strange.

A license plate with no registration tags which means it is probably a front plate. According to Internet sources, there is no current record of this plate, so it’s retired. A clever way to save money, until it isn’t.

A good camouflage job.

We’ve probably walked by this boot dozens of times and missed it. We should have kept walking. The old reprimand states that a rolling stone gathers no moss. But we can’t say this is a good look.

That wraps up our abbreviated walking week. Our take:

  • 26 Cents. We should go back to Bend Oregon.
  • 4 Lug nuts.
  • 2 Bottles of urine.
  • 2 Pairs of underwear
  • 1 Camouflaged boot.
  • 1 Candy corn fingernail.

Have a great week and remember to always wear clean underwear. You don’t know when you might accidently lose them.

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