The Tale of Two Purses

The TrashWalking Week of October 10th, 2022

We are trying a new format this week, a week-at-a-time instead of day-by-day. This way you will not know if we sneak a day off now and then.

Last week, we saw that a neighborhood was planning to update their sign. This is a capture from a few months ago.

Here is the sign today.

They were successful. Nice job.

Later, we passed our newly painted Norway Hill sign.

The combination of forest fire smoke and marine layer fog combined for an ethereal effect. Although improved, we think our sign needs some more work.

We found a coveted tree were dogs line up to use it.

Yes, Kirkland dogs are hoity-toity.

Oh, deer! Encounters with wildlife.

A mother deer crossed the road and after we passed, its faun hesitated. We continued and eventually the faun crossed and was reunited with deer mom.

Then, there was this stare-down between Janet and a raccoon.

After several tense seconds, the raccoon won, and Janet backed down. Don’t blame Janet; the raccoon was wearing a spooky mask this close to Halloween.

Apparel finds this week. A guy is walking down the street.

“Whoa, this pair of sweatpants are grey and very mundane, I’m getting rid of them. And this hat is also grey and very mundane, I’m getting rid of it.”

“This pair of pantyhose are grey and very mundane; I’m getting rid of them too.” What? A guy with pantyhose? It happens.

But wait, these are very cool.

Spidey pajamas! A bit small perhaps, but still.

There’s more.

These are pretty colorful. Perhaps the mundane guy would be interested?

Someone’s blood pressure medicine.

Probably stolen and discarded mail. This really makes our blood boil.

We found a safety device.

It is a combination pepper spray, seatbelt cutter and, window breaker. Chuck figured it must be empty and squirted it at a tree about ten feet away. It hit the tree but there was a blowback that caused Chuck to choke for a few seconds. It is definitely still active.

We have a flair for Trash Walking.

Or is that flares? In this case, we do have a flair for flares.

Warning! Children and the faint-of-heart, avert your eyes.

As we were walking down Juanita-Woodinville Way, we came upon a full box of granola bars and a packet of masks.

We figured that someone’s car got ransacked. “What, granola bars? That’s wussy food, get rid of it. And masks? We are so over that, toss them. Wait, what, a purse? What’s in it?”

“What the heck? Toss it out! Toss it out! And what’s  the pink nail file for?” And to make matters worse, the bottle contains “Astroglide.”

Okay, another utensil on the road.

Yes, a spoon. You know we’ve found several forks and spoons in the road and have come to believe the forks because they are straight-forward whereas the spoons seem to point in general directions. And we do not speak with forked tongues.

We found China. No, not the country, like the place settings.

This appears to be the lid of a Currier and Ives Blue Sugar Bowl and Lid. Thirty-six dollars at this site, but this is only the lid, so it should be worth at least five bucks. Okay for ten bucks, and we’ll toss in four pounds of sugar. You supply the bowl. Let us know.

We did find some money.

A single penny in the gutter near Safeway and thirty cents at a car vacuum cleaner at a service station. Janet frequently checks the vacuum place, and of course the Dairy Queen drive thru, and they sometimes pay off. And yes, Chuck found the single penny. But it was shiny.

Then later, a dime.

It was just lying there like someone meant for us to find it.

But we also found REAL MONEY. Someone lost a coin purse.

When we got home, we counted $9.52 in coins, and an Orca bus card. No identification, though. We found the coin purse on Amazon for $10.50 and the Lemon is a case for Apple AirPods, another $12.80. So, we are talking nearly thirty-three dollars. We are not counting the AirPod charger which is still there. We will try to track down the owner through the Orca card, but we are not holding out much hope. This is certainly much better than the other purse we found this week. We are not trying to track that owner down.

We found more tools this week.

Two tie-down straps and a 3/8th-to-1/4 socket adapter. Nothing too exciting.

In addition to the granola bars, we found a paper plate in the middle of the road.

It had refried beans on it covered with plastic wrap. Refried beans are meant to be mashed, but not by leaving them in the street.

A couple of liquid containers.

An unopened RockStar energy drink and an opened and refilled water bottle.

Last week we talked about the car with the unregistered front plate on the rear.

Today, the plate was gone.

There’s something fishy going on here.

We see a lot of missing cat posters. We keep our eye out for them, but we do have a lot of coyotes around that help keep the rabbits in check. However, they probably mistake a cat for a rabbit now and then. In the last couple of days we’ve seen several printed lost-cat posters taped to just about everything. Today, they escalated their search with two-by-three-foot signs.

Whoa! A one-thousand-dollar reward. That is a serious reward.

Checking out Chuck’s vest pocket, nothing too exciting.

A Pacific Pride gas card for a 2015 Chevy Silverado. We don’t think our Toyota Highlander would pass for a Silverado. A Barrier Audi car wash card. Nope, our Highlander would not pass for an Audi. A Quality Inn room key card which has nothing to do with our Highlander.

The Zuru XShot is another expensive Nerf gun. The round pin is a cartoon character from the PC game, Tunic. Below the pin is a lens from a pair of glasses, a badly-runover box opener and an almost full carton of cigarettes. No, they are not Chuck’s, he doesn’t smoke. Another melted dope pipe. No, Chuck does not do that either.

A not-so-scary kid’s scary ring and one JBL ear bud and a photograph of some apricots. “We were so poor one thanksgiving my dad showed me a picture of a turkey.”

That wraps up our walking week. Our take:

  • 90 Blood pressure tablets.
  • 41 Cents. Slightly better than last week.
  • 7 Articles of clothing.
  • 2 Flares.
  • 1 Purse with good stuff in it.
  • 1 Purse with bad stuff in it.
  • 1 China lid not from China.
  • 1 Plate of extra-smashed refried beans.
  • 0 Cats worth $1,000.

Have a great week and remember to use in-private browsing when appropriate.

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