Lock Your Lugnuts

Monday, January 16th, 2023 – Safeway

Starting our week, Janet had another tax class this morning, so we set an alarm for 4:45 am. Of course, we both awoke before the alarm and got up at 4:30 am, the earliest walk we have ever done. There was a light mist, and we only got a little wet.

Even though we were early, and traffic was light because it was the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, we still got several honks and waves including one van that we’ve noticed twice before. The driver turns on the map lights and waves at us through the windshield with an illuminated hand.

Unfortunately, we cannot quite make out the name on the van.

We started the week out with a money find.

A penny at a service station. We have found a few coins at this location and no, we will not tell you where it is. Only a penny, but at least we will not get shut out again this week.

We also found a tool of sorts.

Another “locking” lug nut socket. As we have pointed out before, these lug nuts are not really locking, they just require this special socket to tighten or loosen them. And judging from the number of these sockets we’ve found, they are not very secure.

At the bus stop where the trash can was overflowing last week, the can had been cleaned up, but someone filled the void.

Hopefully, this is not someone setting up their household in the bus stop. This must be the dining room. We can’t wait to see the kitchen.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 – Park-and-Ride

There was a very heavy mist for most of the walk and we got soaked, but the weather remained mild. We found no money and no roadkill.

We did get a date, though.

Actually, a whole bag of dates. It was mostly unopened except that some critter put a hole in it. Probably a crow looking for a hot date, but they were cold. Anyway, it ended up in the trash.

Then we found an unopened pack of Orbits.

Janet may use this, but Chuck is not a gum chewer. He can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and our walks are already too long.

At the park-and-ride, we came across an old rag and an orange t-shirt.

We put the rag in the trash bin, but the t-shirt looked to be in good condition, so will be washed and sent to Goodwill. The shirt was from the Marks and Spencer Collection of London. We will notify them. They can use it in a marketing campaign: “Our fashionwear has been seen at the Brickyard Park-and-Ride in Bothell of Washington, USA.” Of course, we copyrighted the photo.

Also, at the park-and-ride, a toilet.

Great. The toilette for the folks setting up house at the bus stop yesterday got delivered to the wrong bus stop.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 – Safeway and 100th Ave NE

Today was moderate rain through the entire walk, but dark and dreary. Again, no money and no roadkill, but we did find a ball.

Super Bouncer.

Well, not anymore. It was found outside the KinderCare so we tossed it back over the fence. It didn’t bounce.

One of our pet peeves.

Signs. Real estate, pressure washing, and cub scouts. All are set out and then are left to slowly collapse into litter that we are obliged to pick up. One of the most prolific sign litterers is Inglemoor Vikings Sports. Every year they plaster the neighborhood with multiple sign-up signs but never remove them. Do they have an Inglemoor Littering Squad?

Along our route today, we scored another full can of Coors Beer.

Okay, it was only Coors Light, but still. When we arrived home, we had a half can of Coors Light and a bag with a half can of beer. It was leaking so we popped the tab, poured out the beer for the slugs and recycled the can. Not a big loss, we don’t drink Coors Light anyway.

Thursday, January 19th, 2023 – 160th to 124th Street

What a difference a day makes. Someone should write a song. The morning was lighter with no rain, but colder at 34°F (1°C). We wore our heated gloves, so our fingers, though not toasty were comfortable.

Again, no money and no roadkill. Early on, we found two parts of a 4-3/4 ton shackle.

To be clear, the shackle could handle a load of 4-3/4 tons, it did not weigh 4-3/4 tons. But it did weigh a little over two pounds which was a load to carry. It also costs eighteen dollars. We’ll hang onto it in case we ever need to lift an elephant. A large elephant.

Today is the day we pick up the road along the freeway and overall, it was fairly clean.

Only three 14Hands wine bottles, not like the nine we tried to bowl with last week. Wait, perhaps this was a spare.

There was the spot someone parked and smoked cigarettes.

We didn’t count them, but there were approximately thirty cigarette butts here. Who does that? “Hey, let’s just hang out here and smoke a couple of packs.”

Whoa. Here is a woman playing it safe.

Empty boxes of four pregnancy tests. Or maybe she wasn’t playing it safe.

Friday, January 20th, 2023 – 100th Ave NE

Today it was warmer when we started out, but we opted for the heated gloves again. Better safe than painful. We didn’t find any roadkill but did find some serious money. Okay, relatively speaking.

Janet found four pennies at her secret drive-through and Chuck found three pennies at a bus stop. Add to that two quarters on Simonds Road for a total of fifty-seven cents.

A good day given our recent history.

Near Safeway, we found a lost toy.

Unfortunately, it had been run over and the top of its head ripped off. Probably not something to return to the kid.

Our first urine bottle of the week which was welcome.

Wait, that did not come out right. The bottle was not welcome, but what was welcome was that there was only one urine bottle this week. So far.

We picked up three articles of clothing today.

A bandana, a t-shirt, and a pair of booties. The t-shirt is branded CV Sciences, a company that makes various CBD products. CBD is supposed to be the good part of marijuana, though we imagine a lot of folks would argue the definition of “good” when it comes to marijuana. We often find booties that workmen use to keep from tracking dirt into a house. Most are thin and obvious throw-aways, but this pair was more substantial and reusable. Twenty bucks a pair on Amazon.

It’s Friday, time to checkout Chuck’s vest pocket.

Four credit cards which is a record for a week. All of them were still valid, but probably already cancelled. We used to call the bank to let them know, but it was a waste of our time, unlike picking up trash.

A remote-control cover with instructions on programming the remote, but no sign of the remote. A single sunglasses lens with no sign of the rest of the sunglasses. A used XBOX Gold subscription for one month, used and expired, and a laminated picture of some cookies. We don’t know.

A BIC pencil, empty, a MFUSED vaping device, a sticker of a motor scooter and an unopened bite-sized KitKat bar. A rusty chain, another fake one-hundred-dollar bill, and a GoodCook reusable straw that looks to have been used as a dope pipe. It’s reusable, you idiots.

Finally, though difficult to see, a jewel just to the upper-right of the sunglasses’ lens.

This might be worth more than any of items in Chuck’s pocket. A phone app identified it as diamond. However, it is relatively heavy at 0.14 ounces (20 carats), so we doubt it is a real diamond. Also, upon further examination, there are scratches on the face.

Okay, so the KitKat bar is probably worth the most.

Saturday, January 21st, 2022 – Riverside Drive

This morning was cold at 30°F (-1°C) and it seemed to get colder during the walk. It was also Twilight Zone Strange for a Saturday. There was relatively little trash, much of it frozen. We did not find any money and removed a frozen crow from the road.

It was such a weird day that we didn’t take any trash photos. However, there were a couple of unusual things.

Along Woodinville Drive, a vehicle hit a guardrail with such force that it was destroyed. The guardrail, we don’t know about the vehicle. This may be a good thing for us.

These are two earlier photos of the guardrail with some abandoned signs. The No Parking signs have phone numbers on them, but when we called to report them, we got an automated recording explaining how to find where your car got towed. The second sign is an abandoned low bridge sign that was left from some work last year. We emailed the company that did the work but got no answer. The abandoned signs are among the rubble. Perhaps when this gets cleaned up, the signs will too.

Heading toward home along 112th Ave. NE, someone’s wheels got stolen.

They left the lug nuts, though.

That’s it for the week. Our take,

  • 58 Cents.
  • 7 Mikes Hard Lemonade cans.
  • 4 Articles of clothing.
  • 4 Missing wheels.
  • 3 Balls.
  • 3 14-Hands wine bottles.
  • 1 2-pound shackle.
  • 1 Urine bottle.
  • 1 Fake diamond.
  • 1 Frozen crow.

Have a great week and remember, locking lug nuts may not be such a bad idea after all.

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