Up Butt Coconut

December 17th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

The weather was good this morning and we had a guest walker! 20181217-7Our niece, Anna, walked with us and picked up her share of the trash.  Anna is a runner, so she showed extreme patience walking with us.  When we returned from our walk, exhausted, she was raring to go off to the gym.

We found this list of names. 20181217-4We wonder what’s special about Hailey?

Yet more rubber gloves. 20181217-2

Someone tossed an almost-full pack of cigarettes. 20181217-1Natural American Spirit Cigarettes by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.  The company’s website talks about cigarette littering and they have teamed up with TerraCycle recycling company to recycle cigarette butts.  TerraCycle has a sign-up for the program, but at that site, this message is displayed.20181217-9Only old smokers are allowed to recycle cigarette butts?  What’s up with that?

We found a lost, lost cat sign.20181217-6

We also found a Seahawks sticker.20181217-5The way they played yesterday, someone probably tossed it in disgust.

We found these chair cushions along Juanita Woodinville Way.20181217-3Someone’s going to have a hard time sitting down.  Get it?

Anna, thanks for keeping us company this morning.  Next time bring Doug.  We’ll send him into Gatorade Gully.


December 18th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

This morning’s walk was very wet for most of the walk.  We got a delayed honk from a car and waved to Salinas Construction.  On yesterday’s walk we saw a mess at the bottom of the Tolt Pipeline, but did not have the time to pick it up.20181218-9There were a lot of Styrofoam packing peanuts scattered around.  We got it cleaned up but it took nearly ten minutes.

Today we found several Bud Light cans for some reason.  Maybe they have a sale going on.  At the Park and Ride, we found these. 20181218-3We were able to get all the six Bud Light cans but couldn’t get all of the bag.

At a drain on the opposite side of the Park and Ride, we found another Bud and a plastic bottle attempting to escape into the Puget Sound. 20181218-5We rescued them.

We found two squash, 20181218-1one squished.

We found these at a bus stop. 20181218-2Broken glasses and super glue.  The glue must not have worked.  Or maybe they had their eyes glued on something else.

We found another rubber glove.20181218-4It’s blurry because we were rushed by an approaching bus.

We found another nearly-full pack of Natural American Spirit cigarettes. 20181218-6They’re organic.  Perhaps if they added some artificial flavoring to them…

And we found some tape. 20181218-8Just in time for Christmas.

We went into Gatorade Gully and came out with these. 20181218-7Two Gatorade-Butt Bottles and another six-pack of Bud Light cans.  If this keeps up, we may need to rename Gatorade Gully.


December 19th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

This morning was dry and a bit breezy.  We got honks from Mr. Handyman and another random drive-by.

We found someone’s dental guards. 20181219-1This is something we can sink our teeth into.

We also found their flosser.  20181219-3Their going to be foul-mouthed.

An assortment of gloves. 20181219-2

We found the Stig’s helmet at a bus stop. 20181219-4He was probably out test driving the bus.  We left it for him.  Some say he picks up trash during pit stops.  All we know is he’s called the Stig.


December 20th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

Today, it rained for our entire walk.  We got a honk from two random cars.  We saw a what looked like a piece of black tape in the gutter, 20181220-1it turned out to be a women’s thong.  20181221-4She certainly couldn’t have got her panties in a bunch.

We also found a bag at the freeway off-ramp.  20181220-2It was empty except for two unused 12-guage shotgun shells.  Evidently, they didn’t bag anything.

We also found this. 20181220-4An appropriately-placed inappropriate object by an appropriately-named irresponsible pet owner.


December 21st, 2018 – Safeway Route.

This morning was clear and cool.  We waved to Mr. Handyman who was stopped at a light and got a light-blink from a Seattle bus.  There was a lot of wind yesterday afternoon that resulted in a lot of small trash, especially by Safeway where we found receipts and food wrappers.

We came across a blown-down nest. 20181221-5There are some homeless wasps out there.

We found more toys outside of the KinderCare fence. 20181221-7A xylophone and a cupcake tin that we threw back.  Yes, that’s ice in the cupcake tin.

This was inside the fence of the KinderCare.  20181221-6It probably wished it could go down the rabbit hole.

We found a ball not near the KinderCare. 20181221-8 It’s now in our ball collection.

20181221-9Another rubber glove.

Cheetos! 20181221-1We’re set for lunch.

We found an egg whites box near Safeway. 20181221-10Cage-free egg whites?

As we approached home, we found this. 20181221-3A 7Up-Butt Bottle.  Up-Butt bottle?



December 22nd, 2018 – Riverside Drive.

This morning was clear and cold, and we got one random honk.  We also flung a small bird off the road.  We started our walk and our normal time of 5:30 am and found a lot of stuff along the way, some that we couldn’t carry.  So, we went back with the car and picked up the excess.  By the time we finished, it was 10:30, five hours later which, we think, is a record walk time for us.

One of the first things we picked up on our walk was a box of fruit juice. 20181222-16It was mostly full and with the straw, it wouldn’t empty easily.  So, Chuck decided to step on it figuring it would rupture and empty itself.  Instead, the straw tilted up squirted organic, crisp apple juice on him.

Someone near some apartments on Riverside Drive has been smoking and tossing their cigarette butts down the storm drain. 20181222-18What the hell are these people thinking.  Or maybe they are incapable of thinking.  Or maybe they are oblivions?  Did I mention we hate cigarette butts?

From the Candy Department, we have, 20181222-20Creamy Strawberry Candy.

We also have, 20181222-11an unopened roll of Life Savers.

From the toy department,

Dime-sized lion
A nerf ball and part of a sippy cup
Small truck

And Balloons. 20181222-13We’re sure whoever left the one on the left meant it for us.  The lion was staring out at us from a thicket of blackberry bushes.

From the clothing department, 20181222-1Gloves!  None of them matched.  Well, except for the latex gloves, of course.

We also found a toddler’s sock. 20181222-4Hanes.

From the beverage department, we found a lot of bottles and cans including these. 20181222-17

We have always found a lot of Mikes Harder Lemonade cans on our walks.  But lately, we are seeing other flavors like this Mikes Harder Cranberry Lemonade.  The other day, we picked up a Mike’s Hard Mango.  It’s difficult to consider a mango hard.

Not to be outdone, Red Bull is branching out. 20181222-12Silver and Orange Editions.  By the way, the pull tabs on Red Bull cans are the hardest to remove.

We found more stolen mail. 20181222-6This was in the bushes near the apartments on 112th Avenue NE.  It was totally waterlogged and found it postmarked from August.  Everything we found was junk mail, so it got picked up with the car and recycled.

We walked past this scene. 20181222-9The truck had a cover over the bed.  It looks like someone opened the tailgate see if there was something worth stealing then thought better of it.  We would too.

We found a Ford hubcap. 20181222-7It was half buried, so it had been there a while.

We passed this sight that we discussed last week. 20181222-15I told you painting a sign on the grass was a bad idea.

We found someone’s credit card. 20181222-19

This is a great find for those last-minute Christmas gifts we still need to buy.  Actually, we shredded it.

It’s a good thing we saw this. 20181222-3That was a close call.

We also came across this in the road. 20181222-14No, I’ve already used that joke.  And, no, I don’t speak with a forked tongue.

On the way down the hill, we found a present from the McLitterers, 20181222-21with the usual stuff inside.

Then, near the end of our walk, we saw a can in a ravine along the driveway of the apartments on 112th Avenue NE which led us to this. 20181222-5There was a total of five McLitterer bags, but we could only reach three.  So now we know where the McLitterers live.

One of the things we needed to go back with the car for was a heavy piece of vinyl along Riverside Drive. 20181222-22We started to roll it up during the walk, but is was covered with white, wet paint.  So, we laid it out flat to dry and made the trip back with the car.

Later, on our “cool-down lap” down 112th Avenue NE we came upon this. 20181222-23Notice the vinyl on top and the puddle of white paint in the gutter.  White paint was dripping down the sides of the trailer too.  Also, there was trash on the sidewalk.

Previously, we had seen a trailer on Riverside Drive.  Checking the video of last week’s walk, we got a picture of the trailer.20181222-24We have been passing it for several weeks and figured someone was living in it since there was always fresh trash beside it.  Notice the black vinyl on the top.  Painting it white was not a very effective way to disguise it.




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