Trash is Universal

March 25th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

The weather today was a little cooler and we had a little drizzle at the beginning.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman and waved to Salinas Construction.  We realized that we haven’t seen any evidence from the McLitterers.  Perhaps they’ve moved on or are on vacation.  Time will tell.

We picked up a MOD Pizza box with a men’s hair brush. 20190325-3The box was empty and, well we won’t mention Chuck’s hair.  These were pretty much useless to us.  The brush is a Torino Pro.  It costs $25 on Amazon.

The pizza may have been box empty, but someone did leave us some rice balls. 20190325-5One for each of us.  They were kind of tasteless.

More rubber gloves. 20190325-10They appeared to be reaching for each other.

We found another gas cap. 20190325-9Run over near the Safeway Gas Station.

Minnie Mouse greeted us. 20190325-8That squeaky voice.  We put her in the garbage.

Peace and Love. 20190325-7And litter.

We found several strips of t-shirt material strewn along the side of the road. 20190325-6They were about the same size, so must have been cut for some purpose.  Perhaps for littering?

Hot Sugar! 20190325-4This is a window sticker advertising Hot Sugar Marijuana out of Spokane.

This was obviously reserved for us. 20190325-2

We found this sign rolled up and stuffed between a telephone pole and a pipe. 20190325-1We think Them did it.


March 26th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

This morning was cool and drizzling.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman.  On Sundays, we do not walk, but we saw a roadkill rabbit in the middle of 112th Ave NE.  Today, we were prepared to fling it, but it was gone.  It’s unlikely it recovered, so an animal must have removed it, either two- or four-legged.

A bunch of tire weights were lost. 20190326-5Someone is severely unbalanced out there.

We got to the Park-and-Ride early and there were only a few people queued for the bus.  We picked up a penny in front of them. 20190326-4They were probably all eyeing it but were too embarrassed to pick it up.  We’re not proud.

Also at the Park-and-Ride, we found more cans in the usual place. 20190326-3Party on, Dudes.

We found another errant hubcap. 20190326-2This one was obtained from Goodwill for $1.99.  We hadn’t thought of sending the good hubcaps to Goodwill.  We’ll start doing that.  This hubcap was a good one, other than it’s history of running away.

A map of the city with individual homes on it. 20190326-1It’s a good thing we found this before it fell into the wrong hands.


March 27th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This was a clear, chilly morning.  We walked fast because we had a flight to catch later in the day.

Another full pack of cigarettes. 20190327-13Cigarrillos Falsos.  These are for people who want the coolness factor of flicking cigarette butts into the gutter without the harmful side effects.

We found not one, not two, but six, count’em, six dog poop bags. 20190327-12These were all found along a two-block stretch of 112th Ave NE.  The trail led to the apartments.  Some people think their dog’s s**t doesn’t stink.

A can of Trader Joe’s Organic, Fair Trade, Wake Up Blend Coffee.  Can we have a few more adjectives? 20190327-11Yes, we can.  Medium-Roast, Smooth, Well Balanced, Africa Whole-Bean Coffee.

After the build-up, we eagerly opened the can. 20190327-8It contained something that looked like Cheerios.  Maybe this is what Fair Trade means.  “We traded coffee beans for Cheerios.”

By the way, Lisa’s still shopping. 20190327-10And littering.

Yep. 20190327-9Another rubber glove.

Deflated Love. 20190327-7

At the bus stop, we found food. 20190327-6Spray-on candy.

Unopened Creamy Beef Stroganoff and Swedish Meatballs. 20190327-5This is the new Russian-Swedish Fusion Cuisine.  At this point, it was cold fusion.

Yet another hubcap. 20190327-4This one was broken and ended up covering the bottom of a recycle bin.

Rum at the top of Norway Hill. 20190327-3Fancy bottle, but it was empty.

Smashed Born to Ride Bell.20190327-1Are motorcycle bells like cow bells so you can hear them approaching?  We normally have no trouble hearing motorcycles.

An appropriately-placed dog toy. 20190327-2

March 28th through March 31st 2019 – Out of town.

For the remainder of the week, we visited old friends in California and for the most part did not worry about trash.  One day we did go on a short walk along the road in front of their ranch.  We found a lot of trash buried in the weeds and had to turn back when our bags were full.

We found an old dog ball. 20190328-4Chuckit Erratic ball.

A California Glove. 20190328-2

A California Hubcap. 20190328-3

California Trash. 20190328-1All in all, it’s the same as we find in Washington.





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