April 1st, No Fooling.

April 1st, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This morning was cool but comfortable with no rain.  We did not see either of our regulars.  Also, for April Fools day, no one played a trick on us.  But maybe we didn’t notice it.

By the KinderCare, we found two escaped toys. 20190401-7We threw them back over the fence.  By rights, we could have kept the toss ring because it was out-of-bounds in the street.  It had not been run over, but we could not think of a use for it.  Janet’s suggestion of a collar for Chuck failed the over 50% majority requirement.

We did have a use for this. 20190401-9A ratchet tie-down strap.  But it had been run over several times and was useless.

We did find a tail light lens that was in perfect condition. 20190401-8It doesn’t fit anything we own, so got recycled.  Fortunately they are not too expensive.

Gloves. 20190401-4A rubber glove and a matching pair of work gloves.  The work gloves were dirty but in good condition.  They are headed for Goodwill.

Spread out along our route, we found three Pokémon trading cards. 20190401-3It looks as though these players got released instead of traded to another team.

Another ball for our ball collection. 20190401-5It was not too badly beat up.

Finger massager. 20190401-6We could use one of these.  After a morning of pulling pop tabs off beer cans, our fingers could use a good massage.  Wonder what the QA department for Trojan is like?

We got another penny. 20190401-2While we do appreciate people dropping pennies for us, some larger denominations would be nice.  Let’s face it, this is really penny-ante.

But wait, we know today is April Fools Day.  But it’s also National One Cent Day.  On this day in 1787, the first United States one-cent coin was minted.  Instead of dropping pennies for us, convert them from an 1787 value to today and start dropping dollar bills.

We picked up a little cigar container. 20190401-1It even says it on the package.  Little Cigar.  It’s about the same size as a cigarette.  So what’s the difference between a cigar and a cigarette?  It turns out the main thing is a cigar is wrapped in tobacco, mainly leaves and cigarettes are wrapped in a nontobacco material, mainly paper.  This site has a comparison chart between cigars and cigarettes.  They are missing a row.  They need to add,

Produces Litter? Cigar = Yes; Cigarette = Yes.


April 2nd, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

This was another cool morning, but not uncomfortably so.  We flung a rabbit and a bird.  We got a late start and missed the bus with which we try to cross Juanita-Woodinville Way.  We try not to push the walk button because it has an automatic 35-second delay and we get across in about 10 seconds.  However, a girl pushed the walk button and we crossed with her.  She had left the Park-and-Ride and was on her way back because she accidently remote-started her car and was returning to turn it off.

In yesterday’s entry, we pointed out that we find pennies that are not worth much.  20190402-10Today we found a dollar bill.  Thank you!  Yes, and a cigarette butt.

We found two balls. 20190402-2A ping pong ball that had a dent in it.  Trash.   The ratty tennis ball was near a yard, so we returned it.

Two balloons. 20190402-1The orange balloon was only half inflated, so we did the humane thing and put it out of its misery.  The other balloon was a large Mylar balloon.  We couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be and didn’t see any lettering.  We wrapped it up and put it in the trash by the bus stop.

Three rubber gloves. 20190402-5

Someone lost a spare tire. 20190402-7It was too big for us to carry.  We’ll see if someone picks it up.

Irresponsible pet owner. 20190402-12

Do not want. 20190402-6We don’t care.  Do not litter.

A baby chick with bunny ears. 20190402-9There’s a very confused kid out there.  At least the parents are teaching them to litter.

A Fuzzy. 20190402-4Opposite of a Sharpie.

We got a scarf for the Goodwill. 20190402-11

Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food. — Hippocrates20190402-8It turns out this does not appear in any of Hippocrates writings.  Wonder how many of these packages the company had printed?

The highlight, or lowlight, of today’s walk. 20190402-3The McLitterers made an appearance.  This is sloppy for them.  Normally the bag is neatly tied up, but the contents are the same.


April 3rd, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This morning was a warm 50F with a little drizzle.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman.  We didn’t fling anything this morning but did see a raccoon that had probably been wounded by a car and crawled into a ditch to die.  It looked very peaceful.  The trash was very light, but we had the usual items.

Dog poop bag at the Tolt Pipeline. 20190403-5

Rubber glove. 20190403-3

We found some minibottles by the side of the road. 20190403-2This has to be an expensive way to buy alcohol.

We got some Duck Tape. 20190403-4In case we find a broken duck.

We heard that iRobot now makes a robot lawn mower.   20190403-1This one’s self-powered.


April 4th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

This morning was cooler than yesterday, but still comfortable.  We got honks from Mr. Handyman and a white SUV and we waved to Salinas Construction.  A pedestrian passed by Janet just as she was removing a roadkill rat off the road.  As she picked it up by the tail, the tail fell off and the rat dropped.  The pedestrian helpfully nudged the rat off the road with his foot.

We found a baseball in good condition. 20190404-5It was near a baseball field, so we tossed it back over the fence.

We didn’t find any rubber gloves today, but the irresponsible dog owner didn’t disappoint us. 20190404-1

To go with the poop bag, we found a dog toy20190404-3You put dog treats inside and let the pooch chew on the toy and work to get bits and pieces of the treats out of the toy and into the carpeting.  I guess that’s what Roomba is for.

We saw a pair of ducks in the ditch. 20190404-4And we forgot our Duck Tape we found yesterday.

We went into Gatorade Gully again. 20190404-2The guy is branching out.  We didn’t open the Core Power Elite Chocolate Shake to see if it had cigarette butts in it.


April 5th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

We had a slight drizzle for our morning walk and as usual for a Friday, we had light traffic and light trash.  We saw Mr. Handyman as he pulled out of his neighborhood, but did not hear a honk.  We found nothing to fling, but did see a dead crow along the road.  It was nothing to crow about.

We got a bungee cord. 20190405-3It was only slightly runover.

Rubber glove. 20190405-4

We got a La Marca Prosecco lantern at a bus stop. 20190405-2Thanks, but we’ll hang onto our flashlights.

At the end of February, we saw a traffic sign that had broken but was being held up by a tree branch. 20190405-5Today it was down.  Beware of falling signs.

Our favorite signs are back. 20190405-1Fortunately this year they placed them sparsely.  Last year they plastered the area with them including seven over Norway Hill.  Over time, as each of them fell, they got harvested.


April 6th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

This morning was cool and rained during our entire four-hour walk.  We flung a very flat rabbit and another opossum.  No babies this time.  Much of the trash we picked up was waterlogged and our bags got very heavy.  We left everything under the freeway in a big bag we found and went back with the car to retrieve it.

About half-way through our walk, a lady pulled over and thanked us for picking up.  She gave us a coffee card for Caffe Ladro.  She said she didn’t know how much was left on the card.  So some Caffe Ladro coffee is in our future.

At the Sammamish River Park, we found another wine bottle. 20190406-14Only one, so the guy got stood up again.

Another rubber glove. 20190406-16Only one for the entire walk.

Also another tennis ball. 20190406-12 It was in bad shape and ended up in the garbage can.

What is with water these days? 20190406-5Smart Water.  Overachieving Water.  Where’s the water of average intelligence and drive?

A pair of sunglasses in bad shape. 20190406-13Literally.  They were shaped very badly.  It’s okay, the sun wasn’t out today.

Truth or Dare Censored Gum. 20190406-7Each stick of gum has a Truth-or-Dare challenge.  Some parents are concerned about it.  This particular version of the gum has blanks in the instructions. 20190406-17After completing the challenge, they want you to share the results on social media.  Thanks.  We’ll pass.

Glutinous Rice Balls. 20190406-2Synonyms for Glutinous: sticky, gooey, viscous, gummy, gluey, mucilaginous.   Sounds yummy.

A rare Gatorade Bottle. 20190406-9No cigarette butts in it.

We found a dope wrapper along with the receipt. 20190406-4Harmony Farms AK-47 strain of marijuana from the Mary Jane pot shop in Kirkland.  The price on the receipt of $45 for one gram.  The price of gold today is, $41.56 per gram.  Enough said.

We retrieved two hubcaps. 20190406-8Neither were salvageable and ended up in the recycle bin.

Flawless and Brilliant… 20190406-6 Litter.

We picked up four dog poop bags. 20190406-1They were all in the same location at the bottom of the Tolt Pipeline.

We don’t know what this is. 20190406-15

It’s about eight inches square.  Google Lens identified it as a work of art by Gary Hume.

20190406-18Estimated value about $10,000.  Maybe we should frame our find.

Someone dumped a No Dumping sign. 20190406-3

We found part of a smashed e-cigarette that was still glowing. 20190406-10It was still lighting our trash bag at the end of our walk, so it is now lighting our garbage can.  Reminds us of the end of the Terminator II movie. 20190406-19We’ll be back.















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