Will Work for Trash

January 6th, 2020 – Safeway Route.

Traffic was back to normal today with school back in session and the Holidays over.  The Taco Time Tokus’ are back also.  20200106-1.pngOn the road right beside our house.  They are taunting us for sure.

On the brighter side, we found a dime.    20200106-2It may have been there a while.  We saw a cigarette butt and when we went to pick it up, there was the dime.  We’ll start paying more attention to the cigarette butts.

At the KinderCare, more toys.  20200106-9We tossed them back over the fence.  We didn’t want them, they were full of holes.

We found a small empty jar we assumed was pot related.  Uppercut Featherweight.  20200106-4But it was hair pomade.  Yikes!  $22 at Walmart.  Pot’s cheaper.

We found a knit glove.  20200106-8And matching sock.  “Guess the foot’s on the other hand now, isn’t it Kramer?”

A Nestle’s Kit Kat bag. 20200106-3 It’s been pretty windy lately, but it couldn’t have blown that far, could it?  

Someone’s in trouble.  20200106-7They get a parking ticket, sorry, infraction.  Then they missed the $35 deadline, so now must pay $60.  To top it off, they lost the ticket and it clearly states to “RETURN THIS COPY.”  We’ve seen people leave a ticket under their windshield wiper.  Of course, the’ll lose the ticket.  “Sorry, officer, I didn’t see the ticket.  I was concentrating on the road.”

An interesting pot bottle.  20200106-12“Weird Science, Trophy Wife.”  Google couldn’t find this bottle, so perhaps it got pulled from the market.

“Bad Doors & T Bar.”  20200106-10And now, a bad tag.

We found this wrapper and were curious as what the product was.  20200106-6PASSPASS is “The Fun Mouth Freshener” from India.  It’s ingredients are listed as, “…herbal ingredients like Dry dates, Saunf [Fennel], Coconut, Saffron and Dhania [Cilantro] seeds, Melon seeds and Silver-coated cardamom seeds.”

But, then we found this video.

Thanks, but we’ll pass-pass.


January 7th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride Route.

Today was 50F, breezy and raining that turned to mist.  The company, Expedia, was located in Bellevue but relocated to Seattle.  They started shuttle service for their employees that runs along part of our route.  As a result we see about three or four buses per walk.  All we see these mornings are glaring headlights, but like the metro buses, we’ve give them a wave.  This morning at a stop light, an Expedia Bus was stopped and gave us a wave first.  It made our morning.  Ok, we’re easily pleased.

Someone left their Christmas Tree by the curb for disposal.  20200107-2They didn’t check the tree well enough.  That’s OK, we can use it next year.  But it did leave glitter all over our trash bags.

We’ve had a lot of rain.  20200107-6So, we weren’t surprised to see this guy float by.  Oh, no, don’t remind us.


At the park-and-ride, someone’s car got broken into.  20200107-1Remnants of a window.  Never leave anything of value in sight in your parked vehicle. The car was gone, presumably taken by the owner.  

But maybe the thief took the car.  In the parking lot, we found key ring.  20200107-7It had the Mexican flag on it.  A similar one is $8.00 on Amazon.  Maybe it belonged to the the owner whose car was stolen.  So, had he no further use for a key chain.

Then, another hubcap.  Or is it a wheel cover? 20200107-4This was a generic hubcap that looks like the Vector wheel cover on Amazon.  Only $33 bucks for four.

Then there was another lost lug nut.  20200107-5It went into our lug nut collection.

Even worse, we found a bearing and part of a bearing race.  20200107-3This is a major mechanical failure.  If these were all from the stolen car, the thief deserved it.


January 8th, 2020 – Safeway Route.

Today was 38F with no rain.  We got a few waves and headlight blinks and removed a rabbit from the road.  We didn’t find any money but did find a few tools.

A step drill bit.  20200108-1But the shaft was broken.  Not fit for the tool collection.

Also, a socket.  20200108-3A quarter-inch drive, 5/32-inch socket.  It’s in good condition, but we probably have about five of these we’ve found.  It went into our tool collection anyway.

Also, this small tool branded Yocan.  20200108-2Also broken.  This was at the top of the Tolt Pipeline, so we figured it had something to do with drugs.  After some research, we found it was called a Dabber Tool.  20200108-5

Five bucks worth of Dabber Tool.  XL?  Extra large?  It’s only about three inches long.

No reviews.  We should write one since we are the proud owners of a (broken) one.  But what’s it for?

According to this site, a Dabber Tool is,

“A pointed tool used in the dabbing process.  Dabbing tools are used to pick up a dab of cannabis concentrate, such as wax, shatter or BHO, and apply it to a heated surface on an oil rig pipe. “

We gave up.  There are way too many new terms in this definition to interest us in looking it up.  Is there really such a thing as an oil rig pipe?  And do people actually put it in there mouth?  It sounds pretty crude to us.  [get it?]

Ok, we couldn’t help ourselves.  This is a Bong.


This is an Oil Rig.

Sorry, we see they’re different, but we’re still confused.  Another 15 minutes of our lives we’ll never get back.

We found a jar of Ole Smoky Moonshine.  20200108-4It was about half full.  It turned out to be Ole Smoky Eggnog Moonshine.

We tried to get it open but the lid was stuck tight.  On the label was this.20200108-6It’s a good thing we couldn’t get it open.  The jar was heavy, so we discarded it in a nearby garbage can.

Eggnog Moonshine?  This is just plain wrong.  We’ve tasted authentic Mississippi corn and rye moonshine.  In fact, we inherited a family recipe passed down through generations, at least two, anyway.    20200108-7Copyright (c) The Broadus Family.  All rights reserved.  We better not hear of any of you leaking these secrets to Seagrams.


January 9th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride Route.

Today was colder at 34F, but seemed warmer than that.  No money, no roadkill, but we did wave to Salinas Construction and United Healthcare, two of our regulars.

It was kind of a boring day, probably because it was educational.  20200109-6Most of the balloons we find tend to be wiener-shaped.  So we think the universe is expanding along the from the ass of a wiener dog.  Call it the Expanding Wiener Dog Ass Theory.  It could explain a lot.

We found a useless electric power cable.  20200109-1Except for recycling.

“Tire Shine Spray”20200109-5We tried it on our shoes, but it just made them smell a bit strange.  Well, they normally smell strange, but this was a different strange.

The Taco Time Tokus’ hit Norway Hill again.  20200109-4

At the Tolt Pipeline, we found torn up pieces of paper.  20200109-2They were restaurant shift checklists from GIA Enterprises, a local McDonald’s franchisee.

Guess this ex-employee couldn’t handle the first two checklist items.  20200109-3


January 10th, 2020 – Safeway Route.

This morning was a quick, and another boring walk.  It was cold and threatening to rain, but held off until we got home.  We picked up the usual random trash, but didn’t see anything too interesting.

About the most interesting thing we found was an uncanceled postage stamp. 20200110-1But the glue was gone.

We did see a large Raccoon cross the street. 20200110-2 Alive, for once.


January 11th, 2020 – Riverside Drive.

Well, after a boring couple of days, today picked up a bit.  The temperature was 38 F with only a slight mist for most of the walk.  We found neither roadkill nor money.

What we did find, were gloves.  20200111-3

Well, and yes, poop bags.  20200111-4We really do prefer money, though.

Someone had a screw loose.   20200111-15An expensive one at $4.77 from Tacoma Screw.  “Hi, I’d like a replacement 5/16″-18 x 2″ Socket Head Cap Screws — Polished Chrome Plated, Coarse.”  “Certainly, here you go, sir.  That’ll be $4.77 plus tax.”   “What? That much?  Screw you!”

The folks living in the campers along Woodinville Drive have departed.  We’ve said before that we don’t mind people camping out along there unless they litter.    20200111-14One didn’t.  This is what we could drag out of the blackberry bushes.  There’s more farther in, but out-of-reach without serious scratches from the bushes.

As we reached the Bothell city limits, our turnaround point, we saw one of the campers had moved into Woodinville.  20200111-13About fifty feet into Woodinville, we saw a bag and decided to do the neighborly thing and pick it up.  You’re welcome, Woodinville.

Along with the bag, we found a tennis ball.  20200111-20It cleaned up nicely and is now in our ball collection.  Thank you, Woodinville.

A sock in good condition.  20200111-17But only one.  Too bad.

We found another type of “sock.”  20200111-16But only one.  Thank goodness.

Back in October, King County blocked vehicle access to the River Access road to keep people from dumping trash.  20191012-20

Today, we saw someone had ran through fifteen feet of blackberry bushes to create a new entrance. 20200111-18We didn’t go down the road to check for new trash.

A Seahawks Bic lighter.  20200111-12Empty.

Also, a Seahawks flag. 20200111-7It looks pretty beat up.  The Seahawks play the Packers tomorrow.  Hope these aren’t omens.

Another wheel cover, the second this week.  20200111-5Also broken.  Also recycled.

Ok, guys, the holidays are over.  20200111-8You did a great job of installing your signs, now take them down.

A homemade dope pipe.  20200111-11A glass tube and a plastic cigar tip banded together by a bandage.  Oh, and a worm.

Someone dumped a broken chair.  20200111-9

And someone took advantage.  20200111-10Whistler’s Mother.

We found an unopened can of beer.  20200111-6Well, Bud Light, anyway.

We picked up this sign by the freeway on-ramp.  20200111-1

A little later, we found a big piece of cardboard.  20200111-2We can make our own sign.  “We pick up trash whenever possible; but it still piles up.  Please help if you can.  Thank you.”



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