Paving Over Our Profits

Monday, May 17th, 2021 – Safeway

Another week, another beer can. As Seattle area weather tends to do, we were shown a beautiful spring week last week and after a sigh of contentment, dunked into cool, overcast weather. The beer was so good in the 72F weather yesterday.

To underscore the point, someone was evidently very disgusted with the turn in the weather. We found a tossed picture.

A scene of a field of flowers titled “In Celebration of Spring.”

Today, we did need to remove a roadkill rabbit from Norway Hill, but to brighten our day, we found a nice, shiny penny.

It was not run over, just sitting in the gutter awaiting our arrival. Again, the money pressure is off for us this week. We hate to say it, but we are starting to like Mondays.

We found a Wiffle ball in the gutter on Juanita-Woodinville Way on our way toward Safeway.

On our way back, in the bushes, we found two more. A kid learning to bat? Janet tossed all three balls back over the fence without a miss.

Chuck is so proud of her.

We found some automated flat-tire nails.

The automotive industry needs to keep up with the technology. Where are the automated tire repair systems? And yes, we picked them up. We probably would have stepped on them on our next walk.

We found a delivery truck’s manifest tag.

This delayed our walk while Janet meticulously searched the area for lost boxes or even loose bottles of wine. Chuck was unimpressed. If it were IPAs, he would have felt differently.

Earlier in the repaving project along Juanita-Woodinville way, several access covers were removed and left by the side of the road. We suspect they will be replaced once the paving is done.

In the meantime, they make a very nice flower planter.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 – Park-and-Ride

The weather this morning was cooler and breezy. We found trash blown into the fences and bushes. One was a clean plastic bag that Chuck placed in his recycle bag for use on a later walk. As we were walking toward the freeway bus stop, a gust of wind blew the bag out of the recycle bag.

We started after it, but it blew across the onramp and stuck in the bushes. We’ll reacquire it on our Thursday walk.

We found relatively few cigarette butts today.

The reason was, they paved over them. Works for us, but that is an expensive way to get rid of cigarette butts.

The broken picture yesterday was joined by a vacuum hose and a hose rack.

And a “Free” sign. Let us guess how many takers there will be. Let’s see, our estimate is, oh yes, none.

So, what is the message here?

I love you as much as a twenty-dollar bill in Monopoly money. The photo of the big moon is better.


Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 – Safeway

It was colder yet this morning at 42°F (5.5°C). We backslid and layered up our clothing again. It is supposed to be like this for the next few days. Welcome to the Puget Sound.

Other than the usual trash, there was little of interest. We did find another wheel cover in front of the 7-Eleven.

The symbol in the center looked like an ‘H’ so probably a Honda. However, it could have been an ‘M’. In that case, it could have been a 1955 La Monda.

But probably not, the hubcaps don’t look the same. Either way, we placed it in the 7-Eleven recycle bin. The hubcap, not the La Monda.

It’s still here.

It has been fourteen days since we reported this to the City of Kirkland. They need to take some lessons from the City of Bothell who are very responsive.

Thursday, May 20th, 2021 – 160th to 124th Street

It was still chilly this morning with a very light sprinkling of rain, but nothing serious. But we did find another penny.

Another shiny one, not run over at all. Folks, we appreciate the money, and we are not demanding minimum wage for our TrashWalking, but two cents for eight hours of picking up trash? At least toss in a quarter or two.

Okay, we did find a nice pair of work gloves.

But, we don’t know any pubs that accept gloves as payment for beer.

Maybe here is the problem with the lack of money.

What’s with this? They are going to pave the other side if Juanita-Woodinville Way today, so they sent a sweeper down to clean the grooved pavement. It probably swept up a bunch of coins, leaving nothing for us.

As we continued on our way, it passed us heading in our direction and emptied its sweepings along street.

There could be some significant money in that pile. We’ll bring a sieve with us tomorrow.

This is kind of sad. Near the apartments on 112th Ave was a car with this note in the window.

Cheer up, on the bright side, nobody broke his window.

Friday, May 21st, 2021 – 100th Ave NE

Today was very much like yesterday, but more boring. We did find money.

Another bright, shiny penny. Okay, someone is just toying with us.

A tossed deck of cards.

Tarot cards base on the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.” There are supposed to be 78 cards in the deck, but we only found about half of them.

The artwork by Godfrey Dowson in 1979 was based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that existed in the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s. Yet another journey down the Internet rabbit hole.

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 – Riverside Drive & Brickyard Road

At the beginning of the pandemic, people were scrambling to acquire exercise equipment. Now that the pandemic seems to be winding down, people are getting rid of equipment.

More equipment.

Even the cat’s exercise equipment is being dumped.

Even more equipment?

We don’t think this is what they mean by “pumping iron.”

Even more exercise equipment. Someone left their padded bicycling pants near the Sammamish River bike trail.

Wonder it the rider knew they were wearing them inside-out?

We found yet another utility knife under the freeways.

It’s a Craftsman brand, little dirty, but otherwise in good shape. We now have five found utility knives. We find a lot more damaged ones, but only five useable ones.

On the freeway ramps, we picked up over 100 packing air pillows.

There were more along the freeway, but we don’t venture too far from the ramps. These were unused bags, so a vehicle probably lost a roll. Or perhaps they just didn’t want them anymore and felt it was ok to dump them. After all, they are advertised as biodegradable.

Please be patient.

But an expert litterer.

On Norway Hill, we found this piece of paper and let Google translate it for us.

It concerns a Norwegian law of 1978 that protects cultural monuments. We have no idea why Johnny and Darlene need to be protected by the Norwegians; we just report on these things.

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