The Mowers Struck Again

August 19th, 2019 – Safeway Route.

This morning was overcast and warm.  We removed a roadkill rabbit and squirrel.  We got several waves, but Mr. Handyman was a no-show.  He is our longest continuous greeter and we’re starting to get worried.  We may try to get in touch with him.  No, of course it’s not stalking.

We did find more money this morning.  20190819-14A penny and a quarter in two different places.  Keep it coming, folks.

We found some toys, not near the KinderCare.  20190819-19A cat with a hole in its stomach.  That is kind of gruesome.  Perhaps a toy roadkill?

An interlocking doll?  20190819-15We’re guessing there are others that interlock with each other, but this is the only one we found.  It is probably the missing link.

Then there’s this.  20190819-6What is it with bunnies being hatched from eggs?  It’s just weird.  A rabbit is a mammal and a chicken is a fowl.  How did this come to be?  A chicken and a rabbit meet in a bar…  No, we won’t go there.

We found a pair of gloves.  20190819-8

One black and one white.  Maybe someone was doing a Michael Jackson imitation.  


We picked up part of page 3 of 3 of an Epic. 20190819-17Three pages?  Not exactly the Iliad or Paradise Lost.

These were together on the side of the road.  20190819-5The lighter was empty so might as well toss the rest of the cigarettes.

A few weeks ago we talked about the trees being planted and removed.  20190809-9

Today, all the trees were gone.  20190819-12They were planted on the city’s right-of-way along Juanita Woodinville Way.  Perhaps the city got involved.

At the top of the Tolt Pipeline, someone left a half-dozen pastries. 20190819-2 Bet you dollars to doughnuts they didn’t leave them for us out of the kindness of their heart.

We also picked up a price tag someone tossed. 20190819-1Tommy Hilfiger, $195 from Macy’s.  It turned out to be for a jacket. Nice jacket, but it doesn’t seem worth the price.  Some of the features include,

  • Logo at left chest and back collar
  • Tommy embroidered flag on chest
  • “Hilfiger” logo on back of collar

Ok, we get it.  $20 for the jacket and $175 for the privilege to advertise for Tommy Hilfiger.

Another e-butt. 20190819-13

We thought we found a Seattle Seahawks emblem.  20190819-10But it doesn’t look like the normal logo.


It’s facing the wrong direction, for one thing.  It looks more like the Serrano Seahawks. 20190819-11Serrano Intermediate School is located in Lake Forest, California just off Interstate 5.  Maybe someone set their GPS wrong and ended up in Lake Forest Park, Washington?  It’s only about 1200 miles away just off Interstate 5.

There were three accumulations of trash today.  20190819-7The one on the left included a Gatorade bottle and assorted litter including some used bandages and gauze.  The one in the middle was a half eaten pastrami sandwich, bag and condiments.  The ants were chowing down on the sandwich.  On the right is some McTrash including artfully strewn french fries.

More underwear.  20190819-18A lady’s camisole from the Loft.  At least we think it’s underwear.  It’s hard to tell these days.

Someone is putting in a driveway access to their backyard.  20190819-4This doesn’t look good to us.  Bet it won’t look good to the city either.  He did dig up a lot of buried trash that we collected.


August 20th, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

This morning was about 8F cooler than yesterday which made for a comfortable walk.  We did not see any roadkill but did get a few waves including Salinas Construction.  At the Park-and-Ride, we crossed the street just as a lady was waiting for the light to change.  She thanked us for our work and said she sees us all the time.

We’re on a roll!  More money.  20190820-7Ten cents.  We almost missed this, but we stopped on a dime to pick it up.  No, please hold the applause.

A tie-down  became untied.  20190820-11It’s not much good without the ratchet end, so we recycled it.  The guy who lost it is probably saying “Dang, now what is the ratchet good for?  Recycle.”  This may be wishful thinking on our part.  He may have said, “Toss it.”

We had a ball. 20190820-4But we saw where it probably came from and put it back.  As we were returning it, we found another under a bush.  People need to keep track of their balls.

Another pair of glasses making a spectacle of themselves.  20190820-6

Nada. 20190820-2How much do we pay these guys to monitor these insect traps?  Hopefully they’re paid by the moth.

We found another tool.  20190820-9A Husky utility knife.  But it had been run over and was useless.  We tastefully did not show the guts in our blog.  It got recycled.

Really?  20190820-1Full Garbage and Recycle bins.  Is that a plastic bag in the blue recycle bin?  Okay, they could have dumped it down a gully on the hill.  We’re okay with this.

We found another littered sales tag. 20190820-3$31 for a Classic Twill Hat.  We didn’t know what a Twill Hat is, but it appears to be a common baseball cap.  Wait a minute, on the Champion site, this cap is $25.  This litterer paid $31.  Perfect.  We love it when litterers get their just rewards.

We find a lot of lug nuts.  20190820-5We haven’t counted, but probably have about 25 of these in our collection.  That’s a lot of loose wheels out there.

Then there was this.  20190820-10It’s a balloon like those used to make animal toys by clowns.  Unfortunately, we cannot think of anything to say about this that would be appropriate for our blog.  Or for clowns.


August 21st, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Just after we left the house this morning, it began to mist and soon turned into a moderate rain.  It rained off and on during our walk and we returned home soaked.  We got a few honks including one bus and several random waves.  No roadkill, but we did find Money.  20190821-3Yep, a shiny penny.

Yes, not much, but near the Safeway gas station, a lady waved at us and thanked us for picking up trash.  She then gave us a gift card.  20190821-120190821-2A twenty-five dollar Amazon card!

Thank you very much.

It made the wet walk worth it.

The KinderCare kids are rebelling again.  20190821-7We keep threatening to keep the toys, but then we would need to haul them back home, so we toss them back.

Great.  20190821-4Celebrating the worst of both worlds, LSD marijuana.  Actually, false advertising.  No LSD, only marijuana.  It gives a whole new meaning to the Green Acres TV show theme song.  Guess “Green Acres is the place to be.”

We picked up a half-used role of aluminum foil. 20190821-8More doper paraphernalia.

Another tool for our found tool collection.  20190821-6A not-so-rare 3/8th inch socket.  But didn’t appear to be run over at all.

Someone had an emergency!  20190821-5They opened a packet of Emergency Drinking Water.  $0.35 for an eighth of a quart or $0.70 for a cup of water.  Let’s jump in our wayback machine and ask our ancestors of the early 1900’s about buying water for this price.  Let alone Emergency Water.  Well, unless you’re crossing a desert in a covered wagon, of course.


August 22nd, 2019 – Park-and-Ride Route.

Today was overcast, but with no rain.  We didn’t find any money and removed a roadkill squirrel.  We timed the bus perfectly so we could cross Juanita Woodinville Way with  the bus.  However, some folks crossing the street had pressed the walk button, so we got a free crossing with the signal.

Since we had rain yesterday, the walk was relatively free of cigarette butts having been flushed down stream into the Puget Sound.  We did find the cap of a King County-issued Hypodermic needle. 20190822-8But we didn’t find the rest of the needle.  Probably stuck in someone’s tire. 

A spark plug and a lug nut.  20190822-7The spark plug was broke and lost its ability to spark.  The lug nut lost its wheel.  Hopefully the wheel did not lose the car.

A Nike sock. 20190822-3Only one, so it could be a sock puppet.  We generally toss these.  Maybe we should start keeping them and produce a sock puppet opera.

If you watched this all the way through, you are more of an opera lover then we are, but it does pick up at the end.

Someone left us two signs to harvest at the 7-Eleven bus stop. 20190822-4We sliced and diced them and dumped them in a recycle dumpster.  There is a method to slicing these up.  We will provide a tutorial to help all of our followers recycle downed signs.

The City of Bothell issues flyers advertising the Imagine Bothell Public Hearings agenda of upcoming city council meetings.  20190822-5Hopefully one of the agenda items is to Imagine Bothell without littering the Notices of Public Hearings.

We found a puck lock Weather Cover. 20190822-6We had no idea what a puck lock was let alone the puck lock weather cover.  We now know that the Weather Cover is $8.00.

Malicious Litters.  20190822-2These are not the McLitterers.  This McTrash was purposely strewn  about 50 feet along the road.  “Gee, Ma, aren’t you proud of me?  You taught me well.  It is a true legacy that I can pass on to make a mark on the world”.  Wrong.  Janet and Chuck will pick it up and rub you into oblivion.  At least the McLitterers tie up their bag.

Near the top of Norway Hill, we found a small white capsule that was an Apple AirPods case with only one airpod20190822-1The full set was about $150.  We picked it up and as we were walking away, a girl approached and mentioned she was looking for her missing airpods.   We gave it to her and she was very grateful, but we said there was only one.  She said she only lost the one and has the other.  We’re not sure how that can happen.


August 23rd, 2019 – Safeway Route.

Today was much like yesterday, overcast and comfortably cool.  We didn’t find any money, any roadkill and none of our regular honkers.  We did get a random honk from a very large pickup truck that could do battle with a Klingon Battle Cruiser.

We did find a very nice baseball cap.  20190623-3Chuck has worn the nondescript, blue baseball cap that we found four years ago and it is showing its age.  We are keeping our eye out for a replacement, and this one looks pretty good and is a decent $25 cap, but we can’t be identified with the New York Yankees.  Off to Goodwill.

A Teacher Book Sale.  20190623-9We’re not sure what this means.  Is a teacher selling books?  Is it a book sale for teachers?  If it’s the books with the answers in the back, we’re all in.

Someone from Jack in the Box is trying to compete with the McTrash guys.  20190623-8Not bad.  Points for matching trash.

We spotted what we thought was a McLitterer.  20190623-11But it was normal McTrash.  Only one platter, not tied and scrambled eggs.  Our McLitterers are much more organized.  Are we actually praising our McLitterers?  Please say it isn’t so.

At Gatorade Gully, there was a visible coke bottle.  20190623-2With cigarette butts, of course.  There’s probably more down the hill, but we won’t go down without more evidence.

We found a bow, or maybe a bow tie.  20190623-4This is a Kabu Pink Heart Bow from Build-a-Bear.  $3.00.  The parent company also runs the Hello Kitty franchise.

More losers.  20190623-7Wait, we rechecked for the winner on line.  Nope, still losers.

We found a neoprene vest from Wilson, probably lost from a boat. 20190623-6 The strange thing is Wilson does not seem to produce these.  This may be a Wilson knock-off.

Okay, end of another week.  20190623-1And another week without a tenant.  Perhaps this is an insect laundering scheme”?

Campaign Button. 20190623-5Clinton?

We found the lock that goes with the cover we found yesterday. 20190623-10Even though it is branded AL VAN, it is really a Slick Locks product.  The lock costs $32.50, the spinner around it is $18 and the weather cover from yesterday is another $8.  In all, they lost almost $60 worth of lock.  For that price, they should have kept it locked up.

We picked up an emoji stress ball20190623-12It looked quite stressed and was leaking some sticky gel.  It went into the garbage so it’s now distressed.


August 24th, 2019 – Riverside Drive.

This morning was a nice day for our walk and we were moving faster than usual.  Then we found that the City of Bothell had mowed the weeds again and uncovered a lot of trash.  It turned into one of our longer walks.

This was about the worst spot. 20190824-5In addition to random beer bottles and cans, a large sheet of plastic was shredded by the mower.

The mower also uncovered a CD.  20190824-18Unfortunately, it had been hidden a long time and was delaminated and unplayable.

At the Sammamish River Park, we found another wine bottle and a bunch of litter in the parking lot.  20190824-15

Bag o’ Weed. 20190824-16

Russian Cream Cigars and Dama Marijuana. 20190824-17Strangely, we found very little normal litter in the parking lot.

Rather than talking about gloves and poop bags every day, we’ve decided to show a summary at the end of our walk week.  20190824-2


Someone left us some bread.  20190824-4It was from the Regent Bakery and Cafe. It seems like a nice place, but we still didn’t eat the bread.

We picked up a collapsible water bottle from the Woodinville Water District. 20190824-6Next time, please toss it out in Woodinville, thank you.

On our Saturday walk, we pass the Wine Valley Siding Supply.  Today, we saw this in the side of their building.  20190824-8Looks like they’ll need some siding.

Another lug nut. 20190824-14The wheel stud sheared off this one.  Last week we picked up wreckage of a car that ran off the road.  Perhaps it lost a wheel?

Railroad spikes.  20190824-10We imagine these were uncovered during the recent road work on Woodinville Way and placed here by the workers.  They were too heavy to carry, so we left them and will pick them up later with the car.

A dime bag with 4:20 on it. 20190824-94:20 has long been linked to marijuana.  It started with a group of high school students that met every day at about 4:20 in the afternoon to smoke pot.

We uncovered a small skull.  20190824-13It may be a rat or a squirrel.  Who knows, it may even be the remains of some roadkill we removed.

We’re shocked! Someone tossed a Makita Battery  $57 on Amazon. 20190824-11Again, it was heavy, so we stashed it with some other large trash and will pick it up with the car.

No need to go to the dump to get rid of some old wood.  20190824-12Just dump it by the side of the road.  It’ll disappear in, oh, ten or twenty years.

Finally, we pulled a Rite Aid bag out of a bush.  20190824-1It contained a gum container, an empty water bottle, and empty vodka bottle and four syringes.  A diabetic who needs to get drunk to give himself an insulin shot?















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