Rest Stop Competition

Monday, October 19th, 2020 – Safeway

Well, the week started off well. Early in our walk, we found a vodka bottle with about two inches of vodka left.

Maybe we’ll find some orange juice and have Screwdrivers for breakfast!

They also left us a beef stick for lunch.

Okay, half a beef stick, but we’re willing to share.

To go with beef sticks, two cans of Coke.

They were unopened but punctured. We can split a quarter can of coke.

Walking down 112th Ave NE, we heard the stampede of some migrating animals and almost got trampled.

Ok, it could have been freeway noise and we couldn’t have been trampled, no feet. But we could have been badly slimed.

Another face mask sealed in a Ziplock bag.

This one was inside a McDonalds bag. Is McDonalds giving out masks instead of toys with their Happy Meals? That would explain why we find so many bagged masks. They should brand it the McMask.

Another VW emblem for our car parts collection.

It’s beat up, but we’ll keep it.

Thank you note.

“Thank you for supporting IHS [Inglemoor High School]” and Gourmet Latte! We hope you love the Golden Viking drink as much as we do. Make sure to take a picture of yourself with the drink to send to our Instagram. Have an amazing day!” We checked out their Instagram page. No selfies drinking coffee. Not even of themselves.

We picked up a USB-powered travel air freshener.

Now if we find one of those USB power banks, we can keep our garbage bags smelling minty fresh. This is definitely a step up from those Little Trees air fresheners we usually find.

On Juanita-Woodinville Way, we picked up two condoms on the sidewalk, one stuffed back into the wrapper.

Then, about a mile farther down, a third condom. We walk this distance in about 22 minutes, depending on trash. So, how long did it take this couple to walk this far?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 – Park-and-Ride

We had a cool walk this morning, it was wet, but we didn’t get rained on. No money and no roadkill.

The park-and-ride was a treasure trove. Well, maybe not to you, but to us. We try to not pick up trash at the park-and-ride at the request of a Metro worker a while back. So, we put a time limit on the trash we see. When it gets a week old, we pick it up. Last week, we saw another P&R party site.

This week, we wrapped it up in the supplied box and hauled it to the nearest recycle bin.

We also picked up a water bottle.

“First Washington. The sport of science, technology and teamwork.” We envisioned a game between mathematics students and physics students to see who can solve a differential equation quicker. But it’s a group to get kids involved in science and technology through building and competing with robots. It sounds like a promising idea to us. Well, until they take over the world with robots.

Finally, at the P&R, we found a Ziplock bag with a stack of cards in it.

We didn’t open it until we arrived home. It was a one-inch thick collection of business, rewards, and gift cards. A few membership cards had two names and one was unique. We were able to contact the person through the Internet and reunite him with the cards. His car had been broken into and whoever did it stopped at the park-and-ride, took what they wanted and dumped the rest.

We found an unused balloon.

At least it looked unused. Uh-oh! Did the guy from yesterday run out of condoms?

We found two hats today.

An Under Armor cap in very good condition and an Arnoligis cap in very bad condition.

After closer examination, it was not an Arnologis cap.

It was a “Yarnologist” hat. So, is this someone who studies the history of knitting or a master of telling tales? Or maybe both? It could be a guy telling stories about ancient Egyptian Shendyt-making. Just saying.

In the 7-Eleven driveway, another needle.

This one is slightly different from the ones we normally find. So, are they shooting up Slurpee drinks now? Just the thought of it makes our blood run cold.

We often check a steep gully where people toss cans and bottles. When we see five cans, we journey down the bank to collect the containers.

We retrieved eleven bottles and cans. The haul used to consist of mainly Bud Light cans with an occasional odd brand. Now it’s a mix of Bud Light and Coors. The gully’s going downhill.

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 – Safeway

Today was a little cooler but dry and made for a comfortable walk. And we found money.

A beat-up penny. That makes cents. Or one cent, anyway.

An empty Kirkland tissue box with strings attached.

Costco must be out of face masks.

Across from Safeway, a wrapped package was left at the crosswalk.

A Hot Reuben Sandwich. Well, not anymore.

Thursday, October 22nd 2020 – Park-and-Ride

Today was dry with a temperature of 35° F, the coldest day of the season so far. We suited up in full in our cold-weather gear and ventured out. And it was worth it.

A whole quarter. We haven’t found this much money for over a month. Things are looking up.

And we found another lug bolt.

It’s not worth much, but we lugged it home anyway.

At the park-and-ride, we found a duffle bag with a sleeping bag, some socks and two road-crossing flags.

These days the catch phrase is, “Stay Safe.” This guy took it to heart.

King’s Hawaiian Sweet Mini Sub Rolls.

This guy ate two and tossed the rest. Guess they won’t be contacting him for a product endorsement.

We wrapped up the walk with a ball.

Nice and clean. No dog slobber or anything.

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 – Safeway

Although it was 5°F warmer this morning than yesterday, it felt colder. There was a slight breeze with more humidity and started raining lightly toward the end of our walk.

But this warmed our hearts. Yesterday we found a quarter.

Today, we found two more. One in a service station parking lot and the second a block away by a strip mall. We’re up to seventy-six cents this week for only ten hours of walking. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

We love these.

Someone left us an unopened package of Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies. Wait, make that Milano Dark Chocolate Cookie Crumbs.

Someone tossed their stadium seating pad.

Not condoning littering, but we don’t really blame him. So, where can you use these in the pandemic lockdown? Okay, you could use it at a picnic on the picnic table bench. Alone.

We passed the scene of a bad accident.

Not a big accident, but a bad one. We didn’t see the other car, but we hope nobody was injured.

We found a book at a bus stop.

“A Visit to the United Nations.” It may take a few bus transfers to get you there from this route.

Okay, this is Déjà vu all over again.

We found another pair of men’s underwear near an intersection where we found twenty pairs over a matter of months. We doubt this is the same culprit unless he changed from tighty whities to boxers.

Saturday, October 24th, 2020 – Riverside Drive

This morning was about the same as yesterday at 39° F and, yes it still felt cold. However, as we proceeded on the walk, our bodies warmed up, so overall it was a comfortable walk.

What a difference a week makes. We found even more money today.

A nickel and three pennies making the total of eighty-four cents for the week.


Another pair of men’s underwear, these on Riverside Drive. This is the second pair this week. So, is the eighty-four cents Hazardous Duty Pay?

Illegal dumping.

During this week’s walks over Norway Hill, we saw four piles of dumped lumber like the one on the left, plus random scattered pieces. Today, we found two more piles along Riverside Drive and Woodinville Drive. In all, we estimate there were over sixty pieces of wood complete with rusty nails. Someone had some work done and paid to have the wood hauled to the dump. Hope he didn’t pay much.

We found a CD of hymns.

From the index, it had eleven unidentified tracks on it, only three and a half were playable. His CD got runneth over.

We picked up another linchpin.

It looks like this linchpin had been lynched.

We found a key lockbox.

According to the copy on the website, “No tools necessary.” This may be a false claim.

This guy definitely needed a tool to open it.

At the park-and-ride, we found the cat owner’s answer to littered dog poop bags.

A littered bag of used cat litter.

A half-eaten bag of Chinese food.

Kathyrn had it delivered by Uber Eats. Wonder if she also called them to dump it on Brickyard Road for her?

The bicycle rest area that was installed last week on Riverside Drive joined the Rest Area Free Coffee Program.

And not to be outdone, it appears Woodinville Drive is in the process of installing their own bicycle rest stop.

Overall, this was a good week. Eighty-four cents and no roadkill. Well, there was the two pair of underwear.

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