When it Hanes, it Pours. Pair #19.

We returned from Janet’s family get-together at Suncadia near Cle Elum and Roslyn.  I envisioned the reunion like a vaccination when I was a kid.  A lot of worry and trepidation and then, that wasn’t so bad.  In fact, unlike the vaccination, it was actually very enjoyable.  Except for the worry and trepidation at the beginning, of course.  It was a wonderful get-together and, speaking for myself, a great time was had by all.

Suncadia is mainly a golf resort but has a system of bicycle and walking trails.  Janet and I walked a lot, but since we were on vacation, resisted the urge to pick up trash of which there was very little.  We acted for each other like an AA sponsor.  When one of us felt the urge to regress and pick up some escaped plastic bag, the other would intervene by pointing to a turkey vulture or eagle soaring in the sky.  Then we both felt guilty about not picking up the bag.  Later, as we continued to pass the SAME bag several times, we created a major guilt complex.  When we get back, we will walk our normal routes twice each day as penance.

While on one of our walks at Suncadia, we passed 5,000 miles lifetime total as tracked by our Garmin trackers.


Our lifetime according to Garmin started in January 2016 when we received the trackers from our son as a Christmas gift.  As Janet points out, that is equivalent to one pair of underwear every 278 miles, or a pair every 2 months.

July 10th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

Today was warm for our walk, about 57F, but there was a nice cooling mist during most of the morning.  There was a lot of trash, probably because we missed a couple of days.  We did not see any of our honkers and found nothing to fling.

We did have a nice surprise.


One of the neighbors who messily celebrated the Fourth thoroughly cleaned it up.  We will check the other street tomorrow on our other route.  We found a Flip.


Or is it a Flop?  The lame LimeBike made it another 200 feet down the street.


The healthy one stayed put at the top of the hill.  On the onramp to the freeway, we found another tool for my “Found” tool set.


13 mm wrench.  After we got home, I couldn’t find the wrench.  I normally put things like this either in my pocket or in my recycle bag for later retrieval.  I inadvertently placed it in my garbage bag and needed to retrieve it from the garbage can.

We got a very nice thank-you from a bus driver exiting the Park and Ride.


Found yet another Toyota hubcap.


There are some complaints on the Internet about Toyota hubcaps coming off too easily.


A geometric tagger forgot his paint.

July 11th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

It was another warm morning, but without yesterday’s mist.  We got a wave from Mr. Handyman as he was stopped at a red light and got a honk from the Seattle bus driver.  There was a lot of small and not-so-small trash.  We peeled a very flat crow off the road and flung it.

The main find of the morning was #19.


I let Janet get these.  She obviously needs a lesson in positioning the undies more tastefully.  Hanes, for the record.

An old motorhome has appeared in the neighborhood.


It has expired plates and has been tagged for a parking violation.  We found a Great Wolf Lodge towel that will be washed and sent to Goodwill.


Rolling the towel so it does not take up so much room in our bag.

We had another nice surprise from the second fireworks home.


Also cleaned up. We thought we had something to fling.


But, it was a dog’s toy.  We left it in the yard.

Another dime bag
Happy Birthday to a 96-year-old.

Other miscellaneous takes:


A “Parking Sucks” card, half a bristle, a crushed shell, a penny, a tire weight and an interesting piece of hardware.

July 11th, 2018 – Park and Ride Route.

This was another warm morning with clear skies and moderate trash.  We got a honk from Mr. Handyman.  We found a bristle, a dime and a nickel.

We found another hubcap, VW this time.


Also found another pair of sunglasses.


These are in good shape, unlike most we find.  We came across a scissor, then found its partner in a bit later.

20810712-3Unfortunately, the partner scissor had been run over by a car.  I understand they mate for life.

I climbed down the gully where we have found beer cans and Gatorade bottles half filled with water and cigarette butts.


Seven Gatorade bottles in one month.  This guy is out of control.  While in the gully, I tangled with a blackberry bush.


The bush won.

July 13th, 2018 – Safeway Route.

We got out of the house early today so missed our usual honkers but did receive a drive-by near Safeway.  The trash today was fairly light, and we flung a small bird.  The LimeBikes remain unmoved, but we saw a coyote near the lame one on the Tolt Pipeline Trail.

We passed these sad-looking balloons.


They look like we feel after our Saturday walk.  We found the missing part to yesterday’s scissors.

Together Again.

Somebody is messing with us.  We pass the “beer gully” five times a week, and for a month after we cleaned it out, two beer cans were tossed.  Yesterday, we cleaned up the gully.  Today,


a new beer can.  We didn’t see any Gatorade bottles, though.  We passed a crow keeping a wary eye on us.


And these guys owe us big time:


July 14th, 2018 – Riverside Drive.

We missed our Saturday walk last week and we paid for it today.  We picked up a lot of typical trash, cans, bottles, McDonalds debris, etc.  We also found a few first-time items for us.  This was one of our longer walks, clocking in at 8.37 miles in just over four hours.

We flung a rabbit, a snake, two unidentifiable small animals and, a first for us,


A bat.  The rabbit we flung was on our way into Bothell.  The crows were having breakfast, so we decided to get it on the return trip.


On our way back, the crows had left so we removed the rabbit.


Yesterday, I mentioned to Janet that we had not found any needles for a while.  So, today,


we found two needles.  Janet said, “we haven’t found any $100 bills in a while.”  Then, we found a bag filled with cabbage!


The wrong kind of cabbage, though. We did find a dime and a nickel.

We also found a bag with a small pizza box with a piece of pizza in it, a pot pipe and a lighter from a local pot shop.


Yet another serial McLitterer bag.


Of course, this being the Riverside Drive walk, we found wine bottles.


There was also one other, but it was smashed on the side of the road.  Because of the heavy amount of trash, we left some trash under the freeway and retrieved it later with the car.


Whoever is building the cairns has been busy.


Two more cairns.  And finally, the contest of the week,


Name that roadkill.

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